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#409 IZ2209: more than one -b not always accepted defect new normal
#411 IZ2211: Missing quotes in function RemoveHostFromList() in script defect closed normal
#412 IZ2213: Tight PVM integration does not work defect new normal
#414 IZ2217: daemos/common/procfs.c failed to compile Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#416 IZ2223: Tightly integrated interactive parallel job killed when a task fails defect new normal
#417 IZ2225: Need test to verify category string is correctly created enhancement new normal
#418 IZ2226: Testsuite needs relevant performance test for scheduler dispatch times with resource quotas enhancement new normal
#419 IZ2228: Installation fails on extra-secure servers defect new normal
#421 IZ2236: execute node of a job via DRMAA patch new normal
#422 IZ2237: Global load values can't be used in dynamic limits enhancement new normal
#423 IZ2242: Inadequate job_info messages for resource quotas with parallel jobs defect new normal
#424 IZ2244: installation of pe make broken Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#426 IZ2248: add -u <user> to scheduler category only if there is a resource quota for the user defect closed normal
#427 IZ2252: make qstat verbose about waiting job because of active rqs enhancement new normal
#428 IZ2255: parallel jobs can exceed resource quotas if resources are allocated from multiple queues defect new normal
#430 IZ2259: SGE does not work if primary group is not in local files defect new normal
#431 IZ2271: setpgrp fails in script if run too early defect new normal
#432 IZ2281: qstat -f -ext does not show status line description defect new normal
#433 IZ2286: INHERIT_ENV and SET_LIB_PATH should be removed defect new normal
#435 IZ2298: array job accounting or scheduling problem Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect closed normal
#436 IZ2304: NFS write error on SGE trace files defect closed normal
#437 IZ2305: No test exists for uninstallation of gridengine enhancement new normal
#438 IZ2310: 3rdparty/qmon/Xmt310: FTBFS with lesstif 0.95.0 defect closed normal
#439 IZ2311: man page errors patch closed normal
#440 IZ2319: Patch required to build qtcsh defect closed normal
#441 IZ2322: Cleanup spoolb library usage for spoolinit and spooledit defect new normal
#442 IZ2330: qsub -ar should accept not only AR-id but also AR-name enhancement new normal
#443 IZ2331: Unexpected selection order with $fill_up and -masterq defect new normal
#444 IZ2332: Enhance PE slot allocation to support multiples of N enhancement new normal
#445 IZ2333: need a csp test for windows enhancement new normal
#446 IZ2335: load_avg data missing from "qstat -f -xml" Dave Love <…> defect closed normal 8.0.0d
#447 IZ2340: Reporting should use the setFetchSize() on ResultSet enhancement new normal
#449 IZ2355: Checkpoint filter in RQS enhancement new normal
#451 IZ2359: -version or -info switch for clients patch new normal
#452 IZ2360: sge_conf sentence for execd_params in wrong location defect closed normal
#453 IZ2361: Local exec host configuration will only load when global configuration is changed defect new normal
#454 IZ2362: "qstat -f -xml" returns the sum of used and total slots in slots_total Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#456 IZ2365: qstat: inconsistent date formats defect closed normal
#458 IZ2368: scheduler crashes on applying rqs for queued job defect new normal
#459 IZ2379: manpage of qconf uses "fname" and "file, all should be "fname" defect closed normal
#460 IZ2380: stdin for "qacct -f -" and commands like "qconf -Aq -" enhancement new normal
#461 IZ2381: qhost -h global does not report global values only enhancement new normal
#462 IZ2384: More than one wildcard in a resource quota gives confusing output defect new normal
#463 IZ2385: Remaining time in qstat-display enhancement new normal
#464 IZ2386: Slow scheduling with many queue instances enhancement new normal
#465 IZ2388: Job specifics including scripts should be archived for better administration/debugging/tracking. enhancement new normal
#467 IZ2393: qrsh -inherit should access the 'rsh_command'-cache more persevering defect closed normal
#469 IZ2398: scheduler internal host caching does not regard short hostnames vs. fqdn hostname defect new normal
#470 IZ2399: Add a qprobe command. enhancement new normal
#471 IZ2402: need way to coschedule jobs that share data enhancement new normal
#472 IZ2403: qmaster becomes unresponsive after drmaa_control release call defect new normal
#473 IZ2412: Flatfile QI directory deletion occurs outside of spooling framework defect new normal
#475 IZ2423: Why button doesn't say why defect new normal
#477 IZ2431: need a flag to disable connection timeout in commlib enhancement new normal
#479 IZ2454: qmod lacks means to select jobs by user feature new normal
#480 IZ2456: have hostname in qmaster/schedd pid files enhancement new normal
#481 IZ2462: changes to qconf/qmon for supporting CVS or change configuration management feature new normal
#484 IZ2473: qselect should be able to negate queries enhancement new normal
#485 IZ2474: event master should allow all job related events be selected based on common job attributes enhancement new normal
#486 IZ2482: sge_qquota not processed properly Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#487 IZ2488: Checkpoint cleanup after qdel of pending job enhancement new normal
#488 IZ2489: Wildcard operations should not fail - warn & continue enhancement new normal
#490 IZ2499: request new secure tunnel public key install patch closed normal
#491 IZ2506: Change default method to determine Linux libC version dlove enhancement closed normal
#492 IZ2507: "root" should be able to submit jobs for arbitrary users via DRMAA Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#493 IZ2511: Scheduler does not look ahead wrts calendar with disabled resource reservation defect new normal
#494 IZ2512: qstat returns invalid XML (invalid encoding) defect new normal
#495 IZ2530: execd: "ptf complains: Job does not exist" message in log file defect closed normal
#496 IZ2533: qconf -mrqs adds extra space and linebreak, which cannot be read back defect closed normal
#497 IZ2534: qquota output garbeld, important data missing defect new normal
#498 IZ2537: sge_sheperd waits forever at job start when automountd hangs enhancement new normal
#499 IZ2538: Using RQS makes scheduling by seqno to disregard some nodes defect new normal
#500 IZ2539: reprioritize disappears after sge_qmaster restart defect new normal
#501 IZ2540: qmaster failover should not change the state of any queue defect new normal
#502 IZ2541: missing admin user produces no error message defect new normal
#504 IZ2544: qmake should be upgraded to Make 3.80 enhancement closed normal
#505 IZ2547: qconf -mq parsing problem in queue override value defect new normal
#506 IZ2550: qrsh does not work with ssh in RHEL5 defect new normal
#509 IZ2554: qstat should have a header showing the range of listed jobs enhancement new normal
#511 IZ2557: Job reports need no per task information if supressing of individual accounting records is enabled enhancement new normal
#512 IZ2558: need the ability to modify advance reservations enhancement new normal
#513 IZ2559: need the ability to filter jobs in qstat by AR enhancement new normal
#514 IZ2560: need a separate configuration parameter to control the job report interval separate from the load report interval enhancement new normal
#515 IZ2561: need predefined multi-cluster query enhancement new normal
#516 IZ2562: ARCo should give the option to automatically install a database enhancement new normal
#517 IZ2570: shepherd dies after a sge_execd restart defect new normal
#518 IZ2576: repeated queue instance error reasons accumulate in qstat -j <jobid> output defect new normal
#519 IZ2581: DRMAA event client stops after qmaster restart defect new normal
#521 IZ2586: inst_sge should exit with non-zero exit status if -auto given with non-existant file defect closed normal
#522 IZ2592: RQS for unix usergroups broken defect new normal
#524 IZ2603: qsub option -q breaks -masterq defect new normal
#526 IZ2612: qhold should allow -h n defect closed normal
#527 IZ2613: qconf -kej does not wait for job termination before killing execd defect new normal
#528 IZ2614: Credential to limit access to qmaster by self compiled qsub/qstat/... enhancement new normal
#529 IZ2621: Need presubmission procedures enhancement closed normal
#530 IZ2623: ns are terrifyingly bad enhancement closed normal
#531 IZ2627: resource quota tester enhancement new normal
#532 IZ2628: Tasks held with array dependency may get deleted prematurely defect closed normal
#533 IZ2631: qhost should support host groups enhancement new normal
#534 IZ2632: add support for dynamic host groups enhancement new normal
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