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#701 IZ3090: source code contains a mass of not needed #INCLUDES task new normal
#702 IZ3092: expose requested shell through an environment variable enhancement new normal
#703 IZ3093: add X11-forwarding to builtin interactive job support enhancement new normal
#705 IZ3099: all clients segfault when run against a 6.2u3 server defect new normal
#706 IZ3100: in interactive jobs, tty or pty handles Ctrl-Z wrongly defect new normal
#707 IZ3101: qconf -aattr overrides list attributes in queue instances defect new normal
#708 IZ3111: need means to set the jsv command timeout defect closed normal
#709 IZ3112: memset: wrong order of arguments patch closed normal
#711 IZ3114: qsub -sync jobs that exit immediately after a failover are not removed defect new normal
#713 IZ3116: JGDI failed with setting reportVarialbes defect new normal
#714 IZ3118: Delegate Kerberos credentials for built-in rsh/rlongin methods enhancement new normal
#715 IZ3119: drmaa_init() can cause the application to exit defect new normal
#716 IZ3132: Job validation behavour changed since 6.0 / 6.1 Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#717 IZ3134: When a job specified in another jobs -hold_jid failes with any non-zero exit code the dependent job should exit enhancement new normal
#718 IZ3135: Execd installation succeeds even if there is execd already running on the same port defect new normal
#719 IZ3137: qrsh jobs mysteriously hang defect new normal
#720 IZ3143: Request multiple slots without using a PE enhancement closed normal
#721 IZ3144: Array job using multiple job scripts enhancement closed normal
#722 IZ3146: resource reservation is broken with SGE calendar defect new normal
#723 IZ3147: BATCH and IMMEDIATE QUEUES concept need to be clarified in man pages Dave Love <…> defect closed normal 8.0.0b
#724 IZ3148: jobs do not always go to the least loaded host defect closed normal
#725 IZ3149: need to include Hadoop integration feature new normal
#726 IZ3150: need Java binding for JSV feature closed normal
#727 IZ3153: if multiple parallel environments are being requested, it's not easily possible to delete one feature new normal
#728 IZ3155: queue slot information need to be enhanced when using exclusive scheduling feature new normal
#729 IZ3156: error message: config file is not available on exec host enhancement new normal
#730 IZ3157: qhost fails to recognize user defined complex resources defect new normal
#732 IZ3159: Array jobs: allow multiple ranges, correct delimiter handling enhancement new normal
#733 IZ3160: submit(1), qrsub(1), hostnameutils(1) ignored by makewhatis defect closed normal
#734 IZ3161: allow specification of comments for queue states enhancement new normal
#735 IZ3162: Suspendable flag for jobs: -s y/n enhancement new normal
#736 IZ3165: inst_sge -bup/-rst does not support BDB RPC spooling and local qmaster_spool_dir defect new normal
#737 IZ3166: Prolog/Epilog for a parallel job which runs on all nodes enhancement new normal
#739 IZ3171: Why not call ant directly in build.xml? defect closed normal
#741 IZ3175: Empty boolean resource request becomes 0 when using JSV defect closed normal
#742 IZ3177: "max_unheard" parameter not working as expected defect new normal
#743 IZ3180: qsub/qlogin segfaults on ~/.sge_request defect closed normal
#745 IZ3188: Scheduling parallel jobs should allow regular patterns in pe names also for new jobs enhancement closed normal
#746 IZ3189: sge_qmaster crashes with message from sge_smf_contract_fork() defect closed normal
#747 IZ3190: qrsh hostname: commlib error on linux defect closed normal
#750 IZ3195: GUI installer does not kill install script when pressing the cancel button defect new normal
#751 IZ3201: qrsh ignores -o and -e defect new normal
#752 IZ3202: -noshell and -shell no should be made synonyms enhancement new normal
#753 IZ3203: qconf -aprj should accept project name defect new normal
#755 IZ3207: Forced deletion of job does not unsuspend job in "slotwise preemtion state" defect new normal
#756 IZ3208: Slotwise preemption is ignored if calendar suspends/unsuspends qinstance defect new normal
#758 IZ3210: Slotwise preemtion configuration for new host part of a hostgroup is ignored defect new normal
#759 IZ3211: Deadline (-dl date_time) option's behavior in combination with (-now yes/no) inconsistent defect new normal
#760 IZ3212: default_duration INFINITY in scheduler shouldn't start backfilling defect new normal
#761 IZ3213: Password needs to be quoted when adding local admin user defect closed normal
#762 IZ3214: manpage queue_conf does not fully describe "slots" notation defect closed normal 8.0.0b
#764 IZ3217: "man host_conf" refers to 'cluster global "host" complex (see complex(5))' Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#765 IZ3218: showq client shows wrong amount of hosts defect new normal
#766 IZ3219: Parallel jobs failing randomly on solaris machines defect new normal
#768 IZ3224: qstat -j <jobid> should list start_time and/or wallclock time for running jobs enhancement new normal
#769 IZ3225: Wrong formatting \fs in man queue_conf defect closed normal
#770 IZ3227: AR shouldn't be scheduled to already disabled queues at time of submission defect new normal
#771 IZ3229: JSV specified in sge_request not consistently called for interactive QMON jobs defect new normal
#772 IZ3230: "qsub" crashes when user information is unknown defect new normal
#773 IZ3231: Checkpointing: Available pseudo variables nowhere listed Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#774 IZ3232: qmon removes slotwise subordination definition defect new normal
#775 IZ3233: slotwise preemption fails to unsuspend one job per host defect closed normal
#776 IZ3234: man queue_conf uses spaces for indention / unusual syntax defect closed normal
#777 IZ3239: -terse option in sge_request files is ignored Dave Love <…> defect closed normal 8.0.0d
#778 IZ3240: "qmod -cj" should work on submit hosts also defect new normal
#779 IZ3241: Job does not lock on exited with 100 error code when submitted using drmaa defect new normal
#780 IZ3242: SGE 6.2u5 "qconf -Arqs doesn't show all resource quota sets added. defect new normal
#783 IZ3245: Walltime estimation for qstat enhancement new normal
#785 IZ3247: *printf statements used without formatting patch closed normal
#786 IZ3248: Should not use adjusted load average for suspending jobs defect new normal
#787 IZ3249: PE mismatch between AR and the submitted job using it results in wrong allocation defect new normal
#788 IZ3250: Unable to submit job using advance reservation if h_rt is longer than 32999 seconds Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#790 IZ3252: Wrong ' coding in qstat manpage patch closed normal
#791 IZ3253: Wrong assigments of jobs; scheduler ignores resource requests defect new normal
#792 IZ3254: SGE Clients crash on SLES 11.2 64Bit defect closed normal
#793 IZ3255: qstat reports PE "only offers 2147483647 slots" when out of per-job consumable defect new normal
#794 IZ3256: qsub -p accepts anything as priority value Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#795 IZ3257: execd 'job exceeds job hard limit' message should include task id as well as job id. enhancement closed normal
#797 IZ3259: Manpage of qstat still lists Transfer queues Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#798 IZ3260: Prolog and Epilog entries should allow more than one script defect new normal
#799 IZ3261: Job submission fails with "no suitable queues" when requesting SGE complexes defect closed normal
#800 IZ3262: -t not available for qalter defect closed normal
#802 IZ3265: array jobs with PE and dependencies killing qmaster defect closed normal
#803 IZ3266: server side jsv throws error if job argument contains "," sign defect closed normal
#804 IZ3267: Bugfix for pathname expansion in jsv_get_param patch closed normal
#805 IZ3268: On Ubuntu 10.04 LTS libc version detection fails defect closed normal
#806 IZ3269: "denied: change consumable resource request" for virtual_free on 'running job' even though job is 'qw' Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#807 IZ3270: qalter with activated server side jsv throws misleading error defect closed normal
#809 IZ3272: Slotwise preemption slot usage controls (rqs, host complex) do not work properly defect new normal
#810 IZ3273: global sge_qstat "-u *" can't be limited by a personal ~/.sge_qstat "-u reuti" defect new normal
#811 IZ3274: man qsub doesn't mention [ command_args ] for job scripts defect closed normal
#812 IZ3275: entry ENABLE_BINDING at wrong location in `man sge_conf` defect closed normal
#813 IZ3276: qrsh -inherit should allow -q to select a queue out of the granted ones enhancement new normal
#814 IZ3277: SGE_BINDING missing at the end of `man qsub` defect closed normal
#815 IZ3278: PE entry "job_is_first_task" lowers number of tasks on slave nodes defect new normal
#816 IZ3279: Description of "job_is_first_task" in `man sge_pe` should be rephrased defect new normal
#817 IZ3281: consumable JOB handled as YES during scheduling, but correctly charged at execution time defect new normal
#818 IZ3282: Changed h_rt not effective for `qmod -rj` or checkpoint migration defect new normal
#819 IZ3283: -builtin- job startup method inherits $TERM from the execd and wrong owner of tty file defect closed normal
#821 Get graphical installer building dlove task closed normal 8.0.0a
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