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#1562 Dbwriter .SQLException: Subquery returns more than 1 row new defect sge
#168 IZ1017: qstat shows jobs running on an execd that has disappeared. new enhancement sge
#170 IZ1024: validate functions for all object types and lists new enhancement sge
#191 IZ1202: Need a means to find out jobs submission hosts new enhancement sge
#1071 IZ130: resource reservation test might not cover the intended test case new defect testsuite
#1077 IZ136: Enhancement for system_tests/scheduler/resource_reservation needed new enhancement testsuite
#1081 IZ140: Need test for #2345 new enhancement testsuite
#1083 IZ142: Need additonal change_levels for config parameters new enhancement testsuite
#1085 IZ144: open_remote_spawn_process does not handle "Connection reseted by peer message" new defect testsuite
#225 IZ1457: event master cleanups new defect sge
#1086 IZ145: Need test for array job environment with -t 1-N:N new task testsuite
#1095 IZ154: need test for Grid Engine IZ 2418 new task testsuite
#1096 IZ155: need test for Grid Engine IZ 2419 new task testsuite
#1097 IZ156: create testsuite test for intermediate accounting records new task testsuite
#1102 IZ161: drmaaj test: 1 of the JUnit tests is broken new defect testsuite
#1113 IZ172: Testsuite doesn't use settings from testsuite_host.conf file new defect testsuite
#1114 IZ173: Allow the definition of the log level per method new enhancement testsuite
#958 IZ17: testsuite install fails when default_domain is set new defect testsuite
#1124 IZ183: check SGE I18N messages for non printable characters new enhancement testsuite
#310 IZ1937: suborinated queue will not be suspended in special cases new defect sge
#1135 IZ194: reject access to CHECK_ACT_LEVEL in setup_functions new defect testsuite
#942 IZ1: Need the infrastructure to deefine more then one checktree new enhancement testsuite
#1147 IZ206: modification of additional configuration enhancement new enhancement testsuite
#372 IZ2078: Add scheduling and execution timeout for interactive and batch jobs new enhancement sge
#386 IZ2124: sge_passwd code needs a cleanup new defect sge
#434 IZ2295: sge_exec_job is by far too long and complex new defect sge
#1172 IZ231: Need SLO test new task testsuite
#1174 IZ233: Testsuite install_core_system test ignores ignore_fqdn setting new defect testsuite
#448 IZ2347: NFS problems with java aimk build new defect sge
#1175 IZ234: drmaaj tests have to be improved new enhancement testsuite
#457 IZ2366: incorrect / inconsistent sge_qstat behaviour (6.1u2) new patch sge
#1177 IZ236: ge_stop_and_free_resources does not wait for stopped service new patch testsuite
#1178 IZ237: Need a test for issue 2694 new feature testsuite
#1180 IZ239: reset hedeby hook does not fix properties of resources correctly new defect testsuite
#483 IZ2471: Sattr switch to qconf new enhancement sge
#1189 IZ248: Use unified method to leave testsuite menus with "OK" or "Cancel" new enhancement testsuite
#510 IZ2556: "failed receiving gdi request" due to message backlog with large qmake jobs new defect sge
#520 IZ2583: INT resources don't have integer behavior new defect sge
#1199 IZ258: parallelize sdm related steps new enhancement testsuite
#1200 IZ259: Need parallel start_remote_prog command new enhancement testsuite
#1202 IZ261: jsv_* tests might fail in 6.2 new defect testsuite
#1205 IZ264: path_alias test is not working! new defect testsuite
#1206 IZ265: Need path information for host specific tools new enhancement testsuite
#1207 IZ266: We need to extend test issue_554 new task testsuite
#560 IZ2691: make local spool directories default for execd installation new enhancement sge
#1213 IZ272: Need hooks for every phase of a test lifecycle new defect testsuite
#1215 IZ274: Hedeby test for issue 554 fails sporadically new defect testsuite
#580 IZ2756: Builtin qrsh kills slaves too early, no accounting written w/side effects new defect sge
#1219 IZ278: Need test for gridengine issue 2897 new task testsuite
#598 IZ2794: qmaster kills all running jobs because of job state 65536 new defect sge
#1220 IZ279: Need test for issue 2895 new defect testsuite
#615 IZ2842: listener threads get stuck in cl_commlib_receive_message new defect sge
#1229 IZ288: need test for issue 505 new task testsuite
#1232 IZ291: in automatic installation mode the install_core_system test doesn't register user passwords with sgepasswd new defect testsuite
#650 IZ2956: The getJobProgramStatus method should not return exception if job is completed successfully. new enhancement sge
#653 IZ2966: qsub -v "FOO=bar,baz" exports only FOO="bar" to the job environment new defect sge
#1237 IZ296: want to have distinst for test binaries new enhancement testsuite
#658 IZ2984: ensure proper call of SGE_EXIT new defect sge
#1240 IZ299: Running testsuite on a different host from the qmaster host new enhancement testsuite
#1243 IZ302: Unexpected password question causes buffer overflow in expect new defect testsuite
#679 IZ3047: JSV scripts should have access to qstat information new enhancement sge
#680 IZ3048: Enable a user-controlled limit number to limit a group of running jobs owned by the user new enhancement sge
#686 IZ3061: improve Ctrl-Z handling in builtin interactive jobs with "-pty yes" option set new enhancement sge
#691 IZ3073: execd does not start if env variable SMF_FMRI is set new defect sge
#1248 IZ307: appcert test report errors/warnings new defect testsuite
#1249 IZ308: Need syntax check for add_rqs and mod_rqs new enhancement testsuite
#1252 IZ311: Missing TS test for sdmadm uninstall_host command new defect testsuite
#1253 IZ312: set_config_and_propagate not working if execd has no local spooldir configured new defect testsuite
#1256 IZ315: Need host lock framework new defect testsuite
#740 IZ3174: Deleting several simple sleeper jobs with qdel can cause queues going to ERROR or corrupt BDB server new defect sge
#1262 IZ321: shutdown and cleanup (uninstall) option needed in TS menu new task testsuite
#784 IZ3246: sge_execd dies within a couple hours new defect sge
#801 IZ3263: Qdel With Array Task Dependencies Problem new defect sge
#874 IZ494: Need additional debug output for GEAdapter execd config process new task hedeby
#889 IZ572: Evaluate all equals/hashCode methods new task hedeby
#100 IZ584: qrsh jobs must support rescheduling upon resource shortage (exit 99 rescheduling) new enhancement sge
#907 IZ604: sdmadm memory usage too high new enhancement hedeby
#909 IZ607: Thread may not terminate if its interrupt flag is cleared new task hedeby
#910 IZ610: JVM memory/file descriptor monitor new task hedeby
#913 IZ620: A hmacc user role has to be created new enhancement hedeby
#916 IZ639: Enhanced error message in case of a MissingResourceException in I18NManager new enhancement hedeby
#925 IZ680: Introduce differentiator for autodiscovered/added and removed/destroyed resource events new enhancement hedeby
#926 IZ681: RP junit tests need a cleanup new task hedeby
#927 IZ683: expose loaded modules description per jvm new enhancement hedeby
#941 IZ715: JVM with cloud service hits file descriptor limit new defect hedeby
#139 IZ772: qstat/qselect shall consider load/utilization in -l selection new enhancement sge
#1639 darcs patch: typo in arch_variables breaks install_qmaster new patch sge
#1594 error writing object to spooling database new defect sge
#829 need copyright link in site footer new dlove task hosting
#1280 resource reservation failures assigned dlove defect sge
#826 sort out patch application accepted dlove task hosting
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