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#874 IZ494: Need additional debug output for GEAdapter execd config process new task high
#889 IZ572: Evaluate all equals/hashCode methods new task high
#907 IZ604: sdmadm memory usage too high new enhancement high
#909 IZ607: Thread may not terminate if its interrupt flag is cleared new task high
#910 IZ610: JVM memory/file descriptor monitor new task high
#913 IZ620: A hmacc user role has to be created new enhancement high
#916 IZ639: Enhanced error message in case of a MissingResourceException in I18NManager new enhancement high
#925 IZ680: Introduce differentiator for autodiscovered/added and removed/destroyed resource events new enhancement high
#926 IZ681: RP junit tests need a cleanup new task high
#927 IZ683: expose loaded modules description per jvm new enhancement high
#941 IZ715: JVM with cloud service hits file descriptor limit new defect high
#860 IZ74: intelligent crash recovery feature new enhancement normal
#861 IZ92: enhance shutdown functionality new enhancement normal
#862 IZ131: Heartbeat mechanism new enhancement normal
#863 IZ132: hedeby recovery system new enhancement normal
#864 IZ148: document the current decission making process new task normal
#865 IZ208: Evaluate a tool for checking resource bundles new task normal
#866 IZ225: need 'sdmadm add/remove/modify_slo' new task normal
#868 IZ296: we need -format switch that will format the cell in the table new enhancement normal
#869 IZ298: Preserve comments and formatting in XML configuration files new enhancement normal
#870 IZ313: improve output of usage >> options for commands using table output new task normal
#871 IZ396: Provide parallel install managed host framework new enhancement normal
#873 IZ459: allow list of jvms when starting up new task normal
#875 IZ499: Need scriptable interface for modifing the configuration new enhancement normal
#877 IZ522: resource provider ignores administrative removal of resource new defect normal
#878 IZ524: wrong setup of jmx server in qmaster results in dropping of jgdi connection new task normal
#879 IZ529: The component state is not defined in the spec new task normal
#880 IZ530: NPE if nossl host is contacted from ssl host new defect normal
#881 IZ535: Mac OS must be case sensitive to install master host new defect normal
#882 IZ541: Not clear error message when execute add ge adapter command as NOT SDM admin user. new task normal
#883 IZ549: Error messages that are not helpful enough new task normal
#886 IZ557: Uninstall problems for managed hosts new defect normal
#890 IZ575: Need junit tests for GEAdapter new task normal
#892 IZ580: install master host and install managed host commands fail when system name specified as enviromental variable but not as -s global argument new defect normal
#893 IZ581: Install and startup of two equal managed host install with diff. pref. types new task normal
#895 IZ589: Two default systems can coexist and one may mask the other new defect normal
#901 IZ597: set_bootstrap_config_property fails with implicit preferences type feature new defect normal
#902 IZ598: remove_bootstrap_config fails with implicit preferences type feature new defect normal
#905 IZ602: "sdmadm sdj -j <VM_NAME> -h localhost" can result in JVM process left running new defect normal
#906 IZ603: Corrupted user mode install because of path expansion for automounted directories new defect normal
#908 IZ606: MaxPendingJobsSLO produces needs for held pending jobs new defect normal
#911 IZ615: GE adapter internal error handled in different for START and RELOAD operation new defect normal
#912 IZ616: External script startup errors are not reported new defect normal
#914 IZ624: GE service stays in RUNNING state if connection qmaster is lost new defect normal
#915 IZ630: Cache in Hostname class is useless new task normal
#917 IZ641: GE Adapter must reject unresovlable host resources new defect normal
#918 IZ648: "UndeclaredThrowableException" when registering/unregistering listener to Configuration Service new defect normal
#919 IZ653: JVM startup fails when started under sdmadmin user account with not-helpful message new defect normal
#921 IZ658: Enhance usability of mod_component CLI command new enhancement normal
#922 IZ661: Resources located in the GE adapter that become unavailable are not reported correctly and cause error at service restart new defect normal
#923 IZ671: sdmadm update_keystore command does not change ownership new defect normal
#924 IZ678: Host resource can get stuck in ASSIGNING state new defect normal
#928 IZ691: -sort and -oc switches fail after ui commands were executed when unknown column was given as parameter new defect normal
#929 IZ693: sdmadm mc prints invalid error message when parsing a numerical XML attribute new defect normal
#930 IZ697: sdmadm suc does not find newly added service new defect normal
#931 IZ698: Enhance resource filters new enhancement normal
#933 IZ703: root base directory in hedeby packages should be changed new defect normal
#934 IZ704: problems with cloud sim host when host resolves hostname to long one new task normal
#935 IZ708: sdmadm mvr -r res -s service to non-existing service does not return with error new defect normal
#936 IZ709: show_blacklist prints name of resource instead of ID new defect normal
#937 IZ711: Restart of service can cause that ERROR resource is released by service new defect normal
#938 IZ712: MaxPendingJobsSLO reduces the quantity of a need too early new defect normal
#939 IZ713: Resource is not moved despite there is a need for it new defect normal
#940 IZ714: Connection pool does not consider the max idle time for open connections new defect normal
#872 IZ449: Remove hostname extention for pid files new task low
#876 IZ517: we can use a service tag api that is bundled with java 6 for our ST support in SDM new enhancement low
#884 IZ552: Global command line option -l not working correctly new defect low
#885 IZ553: Ignored options in managed host install using user preferences new defect low
#887 IZ560: JVM refuses to start with message "Fork of jvm executor_vm failed: {1}" new defect low
#888 IZ564: Unhelpful error message with wrong permissions on bootstrap dir new defect low
#891 IZ578: Add GE adapter service cli command should have table output new defect low
#894 IZ588: gridengine adapter does not support permanent request slo new defect low
#896 IZ590: commands show only table headers as output new task low
#897 IZ591: Missing -s option for show_service new task low
#898 IZ592: System allows to add services to unmanaged hosts new task low
#899 IZ593: Service is not tested when resource is blacklisted for it. new task low
#900 IZ594: sdmadm add_resource command does not allow -r parameter with host list new task low
#903 IZ599: NPE while executing show_blacklist command new defect low
#904 IZ600: Unhelpful error messages when executing startup_jvm new defect low
#920 IZ657: Modify component command allows to configure components with wrong configuration type new defect low
#932 IZ702: Wrong error message when wrong value for cs_url paramater is set new defect low
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