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#32 IZ242: job field JB_qs_args new enhancement normal
#31 IZ241: job fields JB_job_identifier_list and JB_user_list new enhancement normal
#29 IZ224: qstat -j redesign new enhancement low
#28 IZ222: qrsh: move info from environment variables to job object new enhancement normal
#27 IZ217: Please add job script and args to the accounting file new enhancement low
#26 IZ216: Acct file logs mapped user not submitting user new enhancement low
#25 IZ209: Summarize answer messages for array jobs new enhancement lowest
#24 IZ208: Summarize output in qstat and qmon for array jobs new enhancement normal
#23 IZ207: Summarize events for array task transactions new enhancement low
#21 IZ196: improve qconf -muser sanitity checking wrt access permission to default project new enhancement low
#18 IZ166: TMP/TMPDIR env vars with SGE_ prefix new enhancement low
#17 IZ165: Combine the objects JC_Type and SU_Type new task normal
#16 IZ157: Provide flexible selection criteria for jobs, -masterq new enhancement lowest
#14 IZ146: Failed migrate command leaves job running new patch normal
#13 IZ129: Bidirectional usermapping limits utility new patch normal
#12 IZ121: Capabilities to enhance the Event Client Interface new enhancement low
#9 IZ106: Define Grid Engine host/queue/... name space in docs new enhancement normal
#7 IZ76: Improve job logging and handling of log files new enhancement normal
#6 IZ75: Need additional means to request resources separately for master task and for slave tasks new enhancement normal
#5 IZ73: Generalize shell start modes new enhancement normal
#4 IZ61: Enhancements for ckpt/reschedule facility new enhancement normal
#2 IZ40: How to display list of accessible hosts for a user new enhancement normal
#1 IZ24: make qsub/qrsh .qtask-file aware new patch normal
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