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#447 IZ2340: Reporting should use the setFetchSize() on ResultSet Sun arco new enhancement normal
#515 IZ2561: need predefined multi-cluster query arco new enhancement normal
#516 IZ2562: ARCo should give the option to automatically install a database arco new enhancement normal
#1257 IZ316: Severe-error mails should also contain the arco configuration Sun arco new enhancement normal
#394 IZ2165: job modifications with qalter are not reflected in the ARCo database Sun arco new defect low
#425 IZ2246: Changing column name does not update the graphic view Sun arco new defect low
#638 IZ2918: Exporting to PDF fails if the modified existing query hasn't been saved arco new defect low
#420 IZ2235: Username label in Simple Query is confusing Sun arco new defect lowest
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