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#17 IZ165: Combine the objects JC_Type and SU_Type cleanup new task normal
#28 IZ222: qrsh: move info from environment variables to job object cleanup new enhancement normal
#31 IZ241: job fields JB_job_identifier_list and JB_user_list cleanup new enhancement normal
#32 IZ242: job field JB_qs_args cleanup new enhancement normal
#39 IZ256: optimization of search for objects cleanup new enhancement normal
#40 IZ257: communication model of interactive jobs cleanup new defect normal
#46 IZ277: error messages for file access cleanup new defect normal
#49 IZ290: handling of job names cleanup new defect normal
#56 IZ306: primary key functionality for cull lists cleanup new enhancement normal
#59 IZ323: enable hashing for all cull data types cleanup new enhancement normal
#60 IZ332: use of boolean and object data type cleanup new defect normal
#61 IZ334: cull functionality not available for all data types cleanup new defect lowest
#69 IZ397: enhance and use libs/gdi/sge_usage cleanup new enhancement normal
#72 IZ405: event protocol: no JATASK_DEL event sent for last task cleanup new defect low
#73 IZ406: join adminhost, submithost, exechost, local configuration cleanup new enhancement normal
#74 IZ407: manop and user objects could be joined cleanup new enhancement normal
#76 IZ411: overlapping functionality of sge_times and sge_profiling cleanup new enhancement low
#107 IZ624: Overflow not handled if large time interval parameters are used cleanup new enhancement low
#113 IZ647: qmod switch cleanup cleanup new enhancement low
#114 IZ649: Cleanup of qmaster setup code cleanup new task normal
#115 IZ650: Unify timed event handling cleanup new task normal
#144 IZ859: JAPI Needs Its Own Error Codes Sun SunOS cleanup new enhancement low
#163 IZ976: fix library dependencies cleanup new defect normal
#165 IZ995: place const date in readonly memory cleanup new enhancement normal
#169 IZ1018: code does direct output to stderr cleanup new defect normal
#170 IZ1024: validate functions for all object types and lists cleanup new enhancement high
#175 IZ1049: Abolish queue instance version based mechanism for collision detection cleanup new enhancement normal
#178 IZ1056: spooling framework needs callback to free clientdata cleanup new defect normal
#204 IZ1303: cleanup profiling initialization and cleanup cleanup new defect normal
#214 IZ1377: Some GE libraries doesn't free memory at shutdown cleanup new defect normal
#222 IZ1432: Propagating feature set information no longer needed cleanup new defect normal
#225 IZ1457: event master cleanups cleanup new defect high
#232 IZ1499: Enhance recomputation of consumables cleanup new enhancement low
#244 IZ1593: commlib: replace (vsn)printf to char * buffers by dstring cleanup new defect normal
#247 IZ1613: existing values in scripts/ break staging for many people cleanup new defect normal
#258 IZ1707: sge_follow in case of a remove order might create a task cleanup new defect normal
#260 IZ1716: errorprone: pthread_once() should not need be run before GET_SPECIFIC() cleanup new defect normal
#282 IZ1836: qmaster packs two sigkill in one packbuffer for one job Sun cleanup new defect normal
#284 IZ1843: qconf -cq should be renamed Sun cleanup new defect normal
#299 IZ1896: Cleanup of daemons/sheperd/sge_fileio.c/.h cleanup new task normal
#385 IZ2123: Change sge_strdup() arguments cleanup new enhancement normal
#386 IZ2124: sge_passwd code needs a cleanup Sun cleanup new defect high
#434 IZ2295: sge_exec_job is by far too long and complex cleanup new defect high
#485 IZ2474: event master should allow all job related events be selected based on common job attributes cleanup new enhancement normal
#652 IZ2965: sge_peopen should be removed cleanup new defect normal
#654 IZ2968: cleanup incosistent definition of RM variable in install script framework cleanup new task low
#658 IZ2984: ensure proper call of SGE_EXIT Sun cleanup new defect high
#667 IZ3015: libs/sgeobj/sge_schedd_conf.c by far too complicated Sun cleanup new enhancement normal
#701 IZ3090: source code contains a mass of not needed #INCLUDES cleanup new task normal
#822 qmon image-related cleanup cleanup new task low
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