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#139 IZ772: qstat/qselect shall consider load/utilization in -l selection clients new enhancement high
#168 IZ1017: qstat shows jobs running on an execd that has disappeared. Sun Solaris clients new enhancement high
#191 IZ1202: Need a means to find out jobs submission hosts clients new enhancement high
#457 IZ2366: incorrect / inconsistent sge_qstat behaviour (6.1u2) clients new patch high
#580 IZ2756: Builtin qrsh kills slaves too early, no accounting written w/side effects clients new defect high
#686 IZ3061: improve Ctrl-Z handling in builtin interactive jobs with "-pty yes" option set clients new enhancement high
#740 IZ3174: Deleting several simple sleeper jobs with qdel can cause queues going to ERROR or corrupt BDB server clients new defect high
#907 IZ604: sdmadm memory usage too high Sun cli new enhancement high
#1 IZ24: make qsub/qrsh .qtask-file aware clients new patch normal
#2 IZ40: How to display list of accessible hosts for a user Sun Solaris clients new enhancement normal
#24 IZ208: Summarize output in qstat and qmon for array jobs clients new enhancement normal
#48 IZ288: qtcsh should be able to submit jobs using qsub clients new enhancement normal
#51 IZ292: qmake should set task names clients new enhancement normal
#66 IZ366: need new accounting field for when a job was first eligible to run clients new enhancement normal
#71 IZ404: allow qalter to modify resource requests clients new enhancement normal
#93 IZ550: qstat should sort by job id not queue name clients new enhancement normal
#104 IZ602: have default path for -@ options files clients new feature normal
#120 IZ702: qmod -d/-e <CQ> output too verbose - might not scale Sun SunOS clients new enhancement normal
#148 IZ887: qstat/qstat -xml customizable format clients new enhancement normal
#150 IZ902: qsub should warn if -R y will be ignored Sun SunOS clients new defect normal
#151 IZ913: qconf -[m|a]attr should work with wildcards clients new enhancement normal
#167 IZ1014: QSUB: qsub -sync y -S blah never returns Sun SunOS clients new enhancement normal
#186 IZ1116: qstat -g t enhancement to group output by job clients new enhancement normal
#200 IZ1272: qconf -mconf is accepting everything PC Linux clients new enhancement normal
#202 IZ1282: QCONF: qconf -dattr queue slots <val> <queue>@<host> doesn't work clients new defect normal
#205 IZ1309: variables with space characters in scriptfiles clients new enhancement normal
#209 IZ1326: Default qstat output should not exceed 80 columns clients new enhancement normal
#212 IZ1364: qstat should provide means to select available queues clients new feature normal
#235 IZ1530: Enhancement on 'qstat' ... clients new enhancement normal
#259 IZ1708: need filters for qping -dump clients new enhancement normal
#267 IZ1743: Job life-cycle information in reporting(5) file should be easily accessable via CLI clients new enhancement normal
#275 IZ1797: Load sensors from script don't work with "-w e" PC Linux clients new defect normal
#338 IZ2002: Queue request -l from sge_request can't be overridden through command line clients new defect normal
#382 IZ2113: qselect not useful if forced variables are used clients new enhancement normal
#393 IZ2163: qstat user selection does not work with unix groups Sun clients new defect normal
#407 IZ2203: qsub/qrsh shall reject relative pathes with -b y if they can not resolve them with PATH clients new defect normal
#409 IZ2209: more than one -b not always accepted clients new defect normal
#431 IZ2271: setpgrp fails in script if run too early clients new defect normal
#432 IZ2281: qstat -f -ext does not show status line description Sun clients new defect normal
#442 IZ2330: qsub -ar should accept not only AR-id but also AR-name clients new enhancement normal
#451 IZ2359: -version or -info switch for clients patch clients new patch normal
#460 IZ2380: stdin for "qacct -f -" and commands like "qconf -Aq -" clients new enhancement normal
#461 IZ2381: qhost -h global does not report global values only patch clients new enhancement normal
#463 IZ2385: Remaining time in qstat-display clients new enhancement normal
#471 IZ2402: need way to coschedule jobs that share data clients new enhancement normal
#479 IZ2454: qmod lacks means to select jobs by user clients new feature normal
#484 IZ2473: qselect should be able to negate queries Sun clients new enhancement normal
#488 IZ2489: Wildcard operations should not fail - warn & continue clients new enhancement normal
#494 IZ2512: qstat returns invalid XML (invalid encoding) clients new defect normal
#497 IZ2534: qquota output garbeld, important data missing Linux clients new defect normal
#506 IZ2550: qrsh does not work with ssh in RHEL5 Linux clients new defect normal
#509 IZ2554: qstat should have a header showing the range of listed jobs clients new enhancement normal
#512 IZ2558: need the ability to modify advance reservations clients new enhancement normal
#513 IZ2559: need the ability to filter jobs in qstat by AR clients new enhancement normal
#531 IZ2627: resource quota tester Sun clients new enhancement normal
#533 IZ2631: qhost should support host groups Sun clients new enhancement normal
#544 IZ2651: delete PE requested with wildcards clients new enhancement normal
#550 IZ2666: resource quota sets should support "all but" limits clients new enhancement normal
#564 IZ2702: qsub incorrectly reports that job could not be submitted clients new defect normal
#567 IZ2711: Jobs should be able to relinquish requested resources before completion clients new enhancement normal
#576 IZ2739: No way to remove a -notify flag, once it was set clients new feature normal
#578 IZ2748: Jobs with no suitable queues at all should be easier detect clients new feature normal
#584 IZ2763: Short complex names are not expanded/honored for thresholds clients new defect normal
#597 IZ2792: qhost -hs {a|u} to select hosts in the specified state clients new enhancement normal
#605 IZ2812: qhost -F and qstat -F should show reserved resources for a running AR clients new enhancement normal
#612 IZ2834: qsh jobs are not scheduled HP HP-UX clients new defect normal
#645 IZ2941: Installing BDB server always fails with a timeout state on non-solaris systems Sun clients new defect normal
#648 IZ2951: Name of -e/-o $TASK_ID differs from SGE_TASK_ID in environment clients new defect normal
#672 IZ3030: gui-installer: validation should detect a case when binaries are missing for host arch Sun clients new enhancement normal
#673 IZ3032: CE_consumable in Mac version not compatible with PC Macintosh clients new defect normal
#705 IZ3099: all clients segfault when run against a 6.2u3 server Sun Solaris clients new defect normal
#706 IZ3100: in interactive jobs, tty or pty handles Ctrl-Z wrongly Sun Solaris clients new defect normal
#707 IZ3101: qconf -aattr overrides list attributes in queue instances clients new defect normal
#711 IZ3114: qsub -sync jobs that exit immediately after a failover are not removed clients new defect normal
#727 IZ3153: if multiple parallel environments are being requested, it's not easily possible to delete one clients new feature normal
#728 IZ3155: queue slot information need to be enhanced when using exclusive scheduling clients new feature normal
#730 IZ3157: qhost fails to recognize user defined complex resources clients new defect normal
#732 IZ3159: Array jobs: allow multiple ranges, correct delimiter handling Macintosh clients new enhancement normal
#734 IZ3161: allow specification of comments for queue states clients new enhancement normal
#752 IZ3202: -noshell and -shell no should be made synonyms clients new enhancement normal
#753 IZ3203: qconf -aprj should accept project name clients new defect normal
#759 IZ3211: Deadline (-dl date_time) option's behavior in combination with (-now yes/no) inconsistent Macintosh clients new defect normal
#765 IZ3218: showq client shows wrong amount of hosts clients new defect normal
#768 IZ3224: qstat -j <jobid> should list start_time and/or wallclock time for running jobs clients new enhancement normal
#772 IZ3230: "qsub" crashes when user information is unknown Sun Solaris clients patch new defect normal
#783 IZ3245: Walltime estimation for qstat clients new enhancement normal
#810 IZ3273: global sge_qstat "-u *" can't be limited by a personal ~/.sge_qstat "-u reuti" clients new defect normal
#813 IZ3276: qrsh -inherit should allow -q to select a queue out of the granted ones clients new enhancement normal
#866 IZ225: need 'sdmadm add/remove/modify_slo' Sun cli new task normal
#868 IZ296: we need -format switch that will format the cell in the table Sun cli new enhancement normal
#870 IZ313: improve output of usage >> options for commands using table output Sun cli new task normal
#871 IZ396: Provide parallel install managed host framework cli new enhancement normal
#873 IZ459: allow list of jvms when starting up cli new task normal
#875 IZ499: Need scriptable interface for modifing the configuration Sun cli new enhancement normal
#881 IZ535: Mac OS must be case sensitive to install master host Sun cli new defect normal
#882 IZ541: Not clear error message when execute add ge adapter command as NOT SDM admin user. cli new task normal
#883 IZ549: Error messages that are not helpful enough cli new task normal
#886 IZ557: Uninstall problems for managed hosts cli new defect normal
#892 IZ580: install master host and install managed host commands fail when system name specified as enviromental variable but not as -s global argument Sun cli new defect normal
#895 IZ589: Two default systems can coexist and one may mask the other Sun cli new defect normal
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