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#216 IZ1390: commlib default timeout values should be configurable communication new enhancement normal
#233 IZ1517: qmaster is not accepting connections if number of execd's exceed number of file descriptors communication new defect normal
#297 IZ1893: endpoint not unique message should be created after connection test communication new defect normal
#317 IZ1953: enhance version checking of components Sun communication new enhancement normal
#477 IZ2431: need a flag to disable connection timeout in commlib Sun communication new enhancement normal
#714 IZ3118: Delegate Kerberos credentials for built-in rsh/rlongin methods Linux communication new enhancement normal
#742 IZ3177: "max_unheard" parameter not working as expected communication new defect normal
#595 IZ2786: Clients return unpredictable error message if qmaster is not available communication new defect low
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