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#650 IZ2956: The getJobProgramStatus method should not return exception if job is completed successfully. drmaa new enhancement high
#147 IZ873: make use of drmaa_init() 'contact' for library bootstrapping drmaa new enhancement normal
#301 IZ1903: drmaa_synchronize() should work with jobs from outside the current session drmaa new enhancement normal
#315 IZ1951: waiting for jobs which never ran will produce a resource usage error drmaa new defect normal
#343 IZ2033: Possible memory leak with libdrmaa PC Linux drmaa new defect normal
#375 IZ2096: NoResourceUsageException for deleted pending jobs drmaa new defect normal
#402 IZ2190: Java DRMAA needs LD_LIBRARY_PATH be set manually drmaa new defect normal
#421 IZ2236: execute node of a job via DRMAA drmaa new patch normal
#472 IZ2403: qmaster becomes unresponsive after drmaa_control release call PC Linux drmaa new defect normal
#519 IZ2581: DRMAA event client stops after qmaster restart drmaa new defect normal
#606 IZ2813: DRMAA_PLACEHOLDER_HD as working directory causes the job to fail drmaa new defect normal
#607 IZ2814: Removing a job causes DRMAA to behave in a non-compliant way drmaa new defect normal
#608 IZ2818: DRMAA jobs should be able to find out their session drmaa new enhancement normal
#619 IZ2866: JAPI/DRMAA should provide a function to retrieve the job list drmaa new enhancement normal
#649 IZ2955: session.init contact should consider sge_root and sge_cell key values for drmaa_init drmaa new defect normal
#715 IZ3119: drmaa_init() can cause the application to exit drmaa new defect normal
#779 IZ3241: Job does not lock on exited with 100 error code when submitted using drmaa drmaa new defect normal
#1300 Add HTTP interface, probably via DRMAA drmaa http new dlove feature normal
#156 IZ943: DRMAA optional job template attributes should be supported drmaa new enhancement low
#220 IZ1419: LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH must be set for the DRMAA Java language binding to function SGI IRIX drmaa new defect low
#221 IZ1421: Abort mails sent in case of DRMAA job failure are misleading drmaa new defect low
#257 IZ1704: Unsupported property setters throw InvalidArgumentException drmaa new defect low
#328 IZ1973: consider support for running a script with an embedded -t option drmaa new enhancement low
#626 IZ2893: DRMAA should support wildcarded job names drmaa new defect low
#146 IZ870: drmaa.h doc needs clarified PC Windows drmaa new task lowest
#188 IZ1171: DRMAA: Allows invalid parametric job ids drmaa new defect lowest
#213 IZ1375: PartialTimestamp doesn't pin the day when rolling the year or month drmaa new defect lowest
#618 IZ2865: contact string interpretation should happen in japi_init() drmaa new enhancement lowest
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