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#1083 IZ142: Need additonal change_levels for config parameters Sun framework new enhancement high
#1085 IZ144: open_remote_spawn_process does not handle "Connection reseted by peer message" Sun framework new defect high
#1113 IZ172: Testsuite doesn't use settings from testsuite_host.conf file Sun framework new defect high
#1114 IZ173: Allow the definition of the log level per method Sun framework new enhancement high
#1124 IZ183: check SGE I18N messages for non printable characters framework new enhancement high
#1135 IZ194: reject access to CHECK_ACT_LEVEL in setup_functions framework new defect high
#1147 IZ206: modification of additional configuration enhancement framework new enhancement high
#1189 IZ248: Use unified method to leave testsuite menus with "OK" or "Cancel" framework new enhancement high
#1200 IZ259: Need parallel start_remote_prog command Sun framework new enhancement high
#1206 IZ265: Need path information for host specific tools framework new enhancement high
#1213 IZ272: Need hooks for every phase of a test lifecycle Sun framework new defect high
#1237 IZ296: want to have distinst for test binaries Sun framework new enhancement high
#1240 IZ299: Running testsuite on a different host from the qmaster host framework new enhancement high
#1243 IZ302: Unexpected password question causes buffer overflow in expect framework new defect high
#1249 IZ308: Need syntax check for add_rqs and mod_rqs Sun framework new enhancement high
#1253 IZ312: set_config_and_propagate not working if execd has no local spooldir configured framework new defect high
#1256 IZ315: Need host lock framework Sun framework new defect high
#945 IZ4: need host parameter "xterm" framework new enhancement normal
#949 IZ8: rename host property "java" to "java14" framework new enhancement normal
#950 IZ9: improved testsuite output functions framework new enhancement normal
#951 IZ10: remove set_error framework new defect normal
#953 IZ12: installation on a filesystem where root has no write access framework new enhancement normal
#956 IZ15: testsuite should create man pages framework new enhancement normal
#973 IZ32: get_complex_version is no longer needed framework new enhancement normal
#987 IZ46: testsuite commandline option "zones" framework new enhancement normal
#988 IZ47: it is possible to configure multiple java compile hosts framework new defect normal
#989 IZ48: Specify preferred exec host for test runs framework new enhancement normal
#991 IZ50: testsuite has problems, when root has not write permissions framework new defect normal
#1001 IZ60: Testsuite menu items 5 and 6 (displaying check information) are broken framework new defect normal
#1002 IZ61: Testsuite menu item 8 (create check report) is broken framework new defect normal
#1004 IZ63: incorrect message "cannot shutdown qmaster" with master_debug mode framework new defect normal
#1014 IZ73: testsuite doesn't build drmaa.jar framework new defect normal
#1015 IZ74: parse updated messages files framework new enhancement normal
#1017 IZ76: testsuite has to create host_alias file framework new enhancement normal
#1018 IZ77: store filesystem properties in testsuite configuration framework new enhancement normal
#1024 IZ83: re-init/re-install is not supported for additional checktrees framework new enhancement normal
#1027 IZ86: add_checkpointobj should have fast_add option framework new enhancement normal
#1028 IZ87: handle_vi_edit for qconf -mhgrp @allhosts reports wrong message on incorrect file framework new defect normal
#1035 IZ94: parse_qstat does not process correctly last entry framework new defect normal
#1036 IZ95: enhance / cleanup handle_vi_edit framework new enhancement normal
#1037 IZ96: cleanup get_spool_dir functions framework new enhancement normal
#1039 IZ98: 32-bit binaries must be tested on 64-bit platforms framework new enhancement normal
#1041 IZ100: there should be a means to reinitialize testsuite mail counter framework new enhancement normal
#1045 IZ104: enable testsuite to use local users on Windows hosts Sun framework new enhancement normal
#1046 IZ105: make commands dump core on memory errors NetBSD framework new defect normal
#1048 IZ107: raise an error, if a command outputs an error message, but returns 0 framework new enhancement normal
#1060 IZ119: redirect Grid Engine mails framework new enhancement normal
#1065 IZ124: Adding the global configuration of databases used by ARCo module Sun framework new enhancement normal
#1074 IZ133: testsuite configuration procedures should use config_generic framework new enhancement normal
#1078 IZ137: Strange errors when the $USER env.variable is not set framework new defect normal
#1079 IZ138: The testsuite should check dir/file access rights for local spooled dir framework new defect normal
#1080 IZ139: Testsuite should support additional cell clusters using the same hosts Sun framework new enhancement normal
#1084 IZ143: compile_source() ignores compile errors Sun framework new defect normal
#1088 IZ147: config_generic should add ports into user configuration framework new defect normal
#1093 IZ152: testsuite shall cleanup test global variables after the check framework new enhancement normal
#1098 IZ157: The config_generic should take an additional parameter, how many instances can be specified framework new enhancement normal
#1099 IZ158: Test display test doesn't use the user defined DISPLAY variable framework new defect normal
#1100 IZ159: additional cluster support problem with additional compile parameters framework new defect normal
#1101 IZ160: Check all configured hosts can login to qmaster without supplying credentials framework new enhancement normal
#1103 IZ162: need host configuration parameter for jvm startup parameters framework new enhancement normal
#1109 IZ168: Add a option to disable using testsuite_trash directory framework new enhancement normal
#1110 IZ169: add menu item for stop cluster, compile, distins binaries, start cluster framework new defect normal
#1111 IZ170: remove ts_def_con connection wrapping for CHECK_USER framework new defect normal
#1115 IZ174: testsuite problem upgrading conf from 1.13/1.14 to 1.16 Sun framework new defect normal
#1120 IZ179: make sure changes to global testsuite config files do not overwrite more recent versions framework new enhancement normal
#1123 IZ182: Wrong number of incomplete tests shown in the testsuite menu framework new defect normal
#1130 IZ189: password test doesn't test password if a Windows host is in the cluster Sun framework new defect normal
#1131 IZ190: Testsuite can't delete SGE_ROOT directory Sun framework new defect normal
#1133 IZ192: CSP key cleanup function is missing framework new defect normal
#1145 IZ204: ts_log_frame doesn't create line framework new defect normal
#1148 IZ207: accidental confusion of testsuite configuraiton files may produce problems framework new defect normal
#1150 IZ209: Wrong test error behaviour for ts_log_severe and ts_log_warning framework new task normal
#1151 IZ210: add an explanation of [] and * to the exec host selection page framework new enhancement normal
#1152 IZ211: Testsuite configuration - can't change the source dir framework new defect normal
#1154 IZ213: Error checking after test execution is missing. Sun framework new enhancement normal
#1194 IZ253: Teststuite categories should be enhanced framework new enhancement normal
#1203 IZ262: Read passwords from a file framework new enhancement normal
#1204 IZ263: Add "leave test immediately" item to Ctrl-C menu framework new enhancement normal
#1210 IZ269: when a Windows host is added to an already set up cluster, testsuite doesn't ask for the Windows users passwords framework new defect normal
#1217 IZ276: building linux 24 binaries for distribution testing Sun framework new enhancement normal
#1236 IZ295: enhance testsuite configuration verification for classic spooling Sun framework new enhancement normal
#1247 IZ306: Cleanup/Remove current JGDI testsuite framework and/or tests Sun framework new task normal
#1251 IZ310: add option to run 32bit binaries on 64bit platform framework new enhancement normal
#1255 IZ314: Need information if host is virtual or not in host config Sun framework new enhancement normal
#1076 IZ135: 26 -> 4 :Error when modifying additional checktree directory items framework new defect low
#1104 IZ163: testsuite_trash directory should be removed if it gets to big framework new enhancement low
#1105 IZ164: testsuite should check the local /tmp directories at startup framework new enhancement low
#1116 IZ175: SGE installer cannot remove spool dir if arco was installed framework new defect low
#1143 IZ202: "install system" doesn't install in other runlevel than "short" Sun framework new defect low
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