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#100 IZ584: qrsh jobs must support rescheduling upon resource shortage (exit 99 rescheduling) qmaster new enhancement high
#310 IZ1937: suborinated queue will not be suspended in special cases Sun qmaster new defect high
#483 IZ2471: Sattr switch to qconf qmaster new enhancement high
#510 IZ2556: "failed receiving gdi request" due to message backlog with large qmake jobs PC Linux qmaster new defect high
#598 IZ2794: qmaster kills all running jobs because of job state 65536 Linux qmaster new defect high
#615 IZ2842: listener threads get stuck in cl_commlib_receive_message PC Linux qmaster new defect high
#679 IZ3047: JSV scripts should have access to qstat information qmaster new enhancement high
#4 IZ61: Enhancements for ckpt/reschedule facility qmaster new enhancement normal
#7 IZ76: Improve job logging and handling of log files qmaster new enhancement normal
#13 IZ129: Bidirectional usermapping limits utility PC Linux qmaster new patch normal
#50 IZ291: make setting of job_name for available for petasks qmaster new enhancement normal
#52 IZ295: job classes qmaster new feature normal
#81 IZ452: Environment variable for -M option in sge_request Sun SunOS qmaster new enhancement normal
#82 IZ459: userset '@' notation only checks primary UNIX group qmaster new enhancement normal
#89 IZ536: Record the original path of the job script qmaster new enhancement normal
#91 IZ543: job classes could be enabled upon resource availability qmaster new enhancement normal
#101 IZ594: Allow to set user name SGE mail is from qmaster new enhancement normal
#108 IZ630: shadowd should send email on takeover and error qmaster new feature normal
#110 IZ640: there's no way to set a default e-mail domain qmaster new enhancement normal
#112 IZ645: enable explicit migration independent of suspend qmaster new enhancement normal
#199 IZ1259: Enhancements of the checkpointing interface qmaster new enhancement normal
#217 IZ1391: Need means for selecting particular entities out of a set of entities qmaster new feature normal
#261 IZ1719: compiling with user mapping does not work qmaster new defect normal
#269 IZ1755: sge_getservbynam_r() is not reentrant qmaster new defect normal
#278 IZ1824: strange job structure parsing Sun qmaster new defect normal
#290 IZ1863: global host config reporting_params: flush_time=00:00:00 should disable buffering qmaster new enhancement normal
#309 IZ1932: enabled detailed job profiling upon request qmaster new feature normal
#319 IZ1960: h_cpu not working for Tight Integrated jobs Linux qmaster new defect normal
#334 IZ1984: an execd can always kill another execd as admin Sun qmaster new defect normal
#345 IZ2036: Need two types of "disabled" qmaster new enhancement normal
#355 IZ2047: potential qmaster sec. fault. (resurfaced) Sun Solaris qmaster new defect normal
#380 IZ2109: sgemaster commlib error, can't connect to service with data in /sgeroot/default/spool/qmaster/jobs/00 Linux qmaster new defect normal
#416 IZ2223: Tightly integrated interactive parallel job killed when a task fails Linux qmaster new defect normal
#449 IZ2355: Checkpoint filter in RQS qmaster new enhancement normal
#473 IZ2412: Flatfile QI directory deletion occurs outside of spooling framework qmaster new defect normal
#480 IZ2456: have hostname in qmaster/schedd pid files qmaster new enhancement normal
#487 IZ2488: Checkpoint cleanup after qdel of pending job qmaster new enhancement normal
#500 IZ2539: reprioritize disappears after sge_qmaster restart qmaster new defect normal
#501 IZ2540: qmaster failover should not change the state of any queue qmaster new defect normal
#502 IZ2541: missing admin user produces no error message Sun qmaster new defect normal
#505 IZ2547: qconf -mq parsing problem in queue override value qmaster new defect normal
#518 IZ2576: repeated queue instance error reasons accumulate in qstat -j <jobid> output qmaster new defect normal
#527 IZ2613: qconf -kej does not wait for job termination before killing execd qmaster new defect normal
#534 IZ2632: add support for dynamic host groups Sun qmaster new enhancement normal
#555 IZ2673: shadow daemon failover does not reenable qmaster in SMF qmaster new enhancement normal
#563 IZ2699: SGE services should only start when started by root or admin user qmaster new defect normal
#599 IZ2802: Classic spooling operations for sequential jobs could be more efficient qmaster new defect normal
#636 IZ2914: classic spooling method (flatfile spooling) should be more error tolerant qmaster new defect normal
#647 IZ2943: Job groups for easier handling of jobs which belong together qmaster new feature normal
#657 IZ2982: error writing object to spooling database PC Linux qmaster new defect normal
#737 IZ3166: Prolog/Epilog for a parallel job which runs on all nodes qmaster new enhancement normal
#755 IZ3207: Forced deletion of job does not unsuspend job in "slotwise preemtion state" Macintosh qmaster new defect normal
#756 IZ3208: Slotwise preemption is ignored if calendar suspends/unsuspends qinstance Macintosh qmaster new defect normal
#758 IZ3210: Slotwise preemtion configuration for new host part of a hostgroup is ignored Macintosh qmaster new defect normal
#774 IZ3232: qmon removes slotwise subordination definition qmaster new defect normal
#778 IZ3240: "qmod -cj" should work on submit hosts also qmaster new defect normal
#809 IZ3272: Slotwise preemption slot usage controls (rqs, host complex) do not work properly qmaster new defect normal
#818 IZ3282: Changed h_rt not effective for `qmod -rj` or checkpoint migration qmaster new defect normal
#1291 IZ3293: *_command can contain NONE, but it still tries to start qmaster new defect normal
#1470 qmaster hang when submitting pe with default max number of processors Linux qmaster new defect normal
#12 IZ121: Capabilities to enhance the Event Client Interface qmaster new enhancement low
#21 IZ196: improve qconf -muser sanitity checking wrt access permission to default project qmaster new enhancement low
#23 IZ207: Summarize events for array task transactions qmaster new enhancement low
#26 IZ216: Acct file logs mapped user not submitting user PC Linux qmaster new enhancement low
#80 IZ447: No start time/end time in accounting for jobs that ran at crashed machines qmaster new enhancement low
#159 IZ951: race condition can cause qsub -sync to finish after qmaster maintainance shutdown qmaster new defect low
#172 IZ1039: qmaster logs warrings even so log_level is set to log_err qmaster new defect low
#181 IZ1085: Controlling ulimits via command line switch PC qmaster new feature low
#194 IZ1236: job start error can cause slot debitation inconsistency if qmaster runs out of spool disk space qmaster new defect low
#211 IZ1342: the qmaster does not log error messages, when.... qmaster new defect low
#219 IZ1415: shell_start_mode should be changed to unix_behavior qmaster new enhancement low
#262 IZ1721: qconf -tsm prints wrong messages when no scheduler is running Sun qmaster new defect low
#280 IZ1829: invalid load values in reporting file qmaster new defect low
#291 IZ1864: meaning of 00:00:00 should be unified among flush_time, accounting_flush_time, and sharelog qmaster new enhancement low
#300 IZ1902: insufficient handling of job errors with large array jobs causes huge numbers of mails be sent qmaster new defect low
#302 IZ1906: invalid mailer/qlogin/rsh/rlogin configuration does not result in error state of queue instances Sun qmaster new defect low
#311 IZ1938: qstat should display jobs on hung/halted machines as unknown istead of runnning Sun qmaster new enhancement low
#406 IZ2199: all queue instances were used without reason Sun Solaris qmaster new defect low
#489 IZ2493: Qmaster restart takes long time after short duration maintainance shutdown qmaster new defect low
#571 IZ2719: allow wildcards and ranges for more flexible PE definitions qmaster new enhancement low
#622 IZ2872: need to be able to limit number of hosts via RQS qmaster new enhancement low
#634 IZ2911: wrong logging in qmaster's messages file if unknown execd tries to register qmaster new defect low
#754 IZ3206: qconf -sq does not show correct value for subordinate_list in combination with slotwise preemtion Macintosh qmaster new defect low
#757 IZ3209: Wrong error message for invalid slotwise preemtion configuration Macintosh qmaster new defect low
#25 IZ209: Summarize answer messages for array jobs qmaster new enhancement lowest
#79 IZ444: interface for sge_log: get/set debuglevel, get/set outputfile qmaster new enhancement lowest
#164 IZ977: qmaster logs job ack errors on exec hosts if load report interval is too high qmaster new defect lowest
#176 IZ1051: User specified job prolog/epilog PC Linux qmaster new feature lowest
#250 IZ1641: Integer values can be stored for boolean variables qmaster new defect lowest
#288 IZ1855: flush_time=0:0:0 is treated as 0:0:15 qmaster new defect lowest
#312 IZ1939: qmaster -help requires that admin user exits Sun qmaster new defect lowest
#466 IZ2390: queues with 0 slots suspends subordinate qmaster new defect lowest
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