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#372 IZ2078: Add scheduling and execution timeout for interactive and batch jobs scheduling new enhancement high
#520 IZ2583: INT resources don't have integer behavior Sun scheduling new defect high
#680 IZ3048: Enable a user-controlled limit number to limit a group of running jobs owned by the user scheduling new enhancement high
#801 IZ3263: Qdel With Array Task Dependencies Problem PC Linux scheduling new defect high
#6 IZ75: Need additional means to request resources separately for master task and for slave tasks scheduling new enhancement normal
#53 IZ296: give more information about rejected immediate jobs scheduling new enhancement normal
#68 IZ373: Allow load values and expressions as attribute values and load thresholds scheduling new enhancement normal
#78 IZ428: allow userlists in share tree scheduling new enhancement normal
#92 IZ548: Want suspend/release thresholds scheduling new enhancement normal
#97 IZ567: sgeee fair share via share tree - cannot ignore projects scheduling new enhancement normal
#152 IZ920: Need a means to facilitate workflows in a scalable and better to handle fashion scheduling new feature normal
#153 IZ921: Jobs blocked by -a <time> shall also be considered by resource reservation scheduling new enhancement normal
#197 IZ1254: Entry in PE to change multiplication of resource limits Linux scheduling new enhancement normal
#201 IZ1273: consumable not working as suspend thresholds scheduling new enhancement normal
#206 IZ1311: PE should stay in once selected cluster-queue and PE seqno scheduling new enhancement normal
#270 IZ1759: scheduler ignores load_thresholds with pe jobs scheduling new defect normal
#277 IZ1808: usage_scaling for cluster queues scheduling new enhancement normal
#287 IZ1853: maxujobs in sched_conf(5) can break resource reservation and backfilling Sun scheduling new defect normal
#331 IZ1979: Option needed to start a job immediately, regardless resource restrictions (run now at this machine) Sun scheduling new enhancement normal
#336 IZ1989: qsub -now y incorrectly submits to Interactive Queue scheduling new enhancement normal
#337 IZ1992: Enable slots to be used as -l scheduling new enhancement normal
#342 IZ2031: shadow master fails to take over if scheduler dies scheduling new defect normal
#368 IZ2074: soft requests for forced resources don't count scheduling new defect normal
#388 IZ2140: queue h_rt/s_rt not taken into account for running job duration when doing reservations scheduling new defect normal
#400 IZ2184: Job status report scheduling new feature normal
#401 IZ2186: job requests unknown resource Sun Linux scheduling new defect normal
#422 IZ2237: Global load values can't be used in dynamic limits scheduling new enhancement normal
#423 IZ2242: Inadequate job_info messages for resource quotas with parallel jobs scheduling new defect normal
#427 IZ2252: make qstat verbose about waiting job because of active rqs scheduling new enhancement normal
#428 IZ2255: parallel jobs can exceed resource quotas if resources are allocated from multiple queues scheduling new defect normal
#443 IZ2331: Unexpected selection order with $fill_up and -masterq scheduling new defect normal
#444 IZ2332: Enhance PE slot allocation to support multiples of N scheduling new enhancement normal
#458 IZ2368: scheduler crashes on applying rqs for queued job PC Linux scheduling new defect normal
#464 IZ2386: Slow scheduling with many queue instances scheduling new enhancement normal
#469 IZ2398: scheduler internal host caching does not regard short hostnames vs. fqdn hostname scheduling new defect normal
#470 IZ2399: Add a qprobe command. scheduling new enhancement normal
#493 IZ2511: Scheduler does not look ahead wrts calendar with disabled resource reservation scheduling new defect normal
#499 IZ2538: Using RQS makes scheduling by seqno to disregard some nodes Macintosh scheduling new defect normal
#524 IZ2603: qsub option -q breaks -masterq scheduling new defect normal
#539 IZ2638: advance reserations should support project based access lists scheduling new enhancement normal
#540 IZ2639: Advance Reservation should be able to handle host outages scheduling new enhancement normal
#549 IZ2665: targeted resource share (usage) is always zero PC Linux scheduling new defect normal
#583 IZ2761: Jobs not scheduled because of "-l NONE" scheduling new defect normal
#585 IZ2764: Add ability to limit number of queued jobs per user scheduling new enhancement normal
#609 IZ2819: PE int allocation rule should work with non-multiples scheduling new enhancement normal
#642 IZ2935: Repeating jobs like in cron scheduling new enhancement normal
#659 IZ2985: uniformly distributed hostlist for exclusive jobs scheduling new enhancement normal
#669 IZ3021: problem with queue assignments and PE jobs scheduling new defect normal
#717 IZ3134: When a job specified in another jobs -hold_jid failes with any non-zero exit code the dependent job should exit scheduling new enhancement normal
#722 IZ3146: resource reservation is broken with SGE calendar scheduling new defect normal
#725 IZ3149: need to include Hadoop integration scheduling new feature normal
#760 IZ3212: default_duration INFINITY in scheduler shouldn't start backfilling Macintosh scheduling new defect normal
#770 IZ3227: AR shouldn't be scheduled to already disabled queues at time of submission scheduling new defect normal
#786 IZ3248: Should not use adjusted load average for suspending jobs PC Windows scheduling new defect normal
#787 IZ3249: PE mismatch between AR and the submitted job using it results in wrong allocation Macintosh scheduling new defect normal
#791 IZ3253: Wrong assigments of jobs; scheduler ignores resource requests scheduling new defect normal
#793 IZ3255: qstat reports PE "only offers 2147483647 slots" when out of per-job consumable Sun Linux scheduling new defect normal
#817 IZ3281: consumable JOB handled as YES during scheduling, but correctly charged at execution time scheduling new defect normal
#198 IZ1257: urgency_slots=avg notworking correctly for "-n" slot requests scheduling new defect low
#223 IZ1437: Fixed-values as suspend threshholds do not work scheduling new defect low
#238 IZ1542: Scheduler info does not show requested resource for default complexes scheduling new defect low
#268 IZ1745: global consumable are not working as load threshold with pe jobs scheduling new defect low
#305 IZ1918: default_duration is wrongly assumed as job runtime even if queue_conf(5) s_rt/h_rt rlimit is smaller scheduling new defect low
#318 IZ1954: Apply job priorities to cluster queues scheduling new enhancement low
#58 IZ320: improve load formula syntax scheduling new enhancement lowest
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