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#417 IZ2225: Need test to verify category string is correctly created testsuite new enhancement normal
#418 IZ2226: Testsuite needs relevant performance test for scheduler dispatch times with resource quotas testsuite new enhancement normal
#437 IZ2305: No test exists for uninstallation of gridengine testsuite new enhancement normal
#445 IZ2333: need a csp test for windows Sun testsuite new enhancement normal
#651 IZ2959: missing testsuite test for issue 2957 testsuite new enhancement normal
#944 IZ3: Test Suite Needs To Test Qsub Responses To Dead Qmaster tests new task normal
#946 IZ5: Extend test for process limits tests new task normal
#947 IZ6: improve tight integration test tests new enhancement normal
#948 IZ7: performance test has to recognize unusual /tmp path tests new defect normal
#952 IZ11: new test for qrsh -notify <command> tests new task normal
#954 IZ13: qlogin qsh tests needed tests new task normal
#955 IZ14: Test max_u_jobs, max_jobs in combination with qsub, qrsh, qlogin, qresub tests new task normal
#957 IZ16: testsuite should test both ignore_fqdn true and false tests new task normal
#958 IZ17: testsuite install fails when default_domain is set tests new defect high
#959 IZ18: test for GE issue #360 (Userset "defaultdepartment" accepts users in CLI) tests new task normal
#960 IZ19: check submit option -C and script parsing tests new task normal
#961 IZ20: new testsuite test for Gridengine issue 380 tests new task normal
#962 IZ21: test maxujobs scheduler config functionality tests new task normal
#963 IZ22: test for Gridengine IZ 522: sge_shepherd does not exit on SIGTERM tests new task normal
#964 IZ23: new check for mail options tests new task normal
#965 IZ24: new check for -notify option tests new task normal
#966 IZ25: check changing deadline time tests new task normal
#967 IZ26: testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1087 tests new task normal
#968 IZ27: extend check system_tests/qmaster/spooling tests new enhancement normal
#969 IZ28: need testsuite test for host alias file tests new task normal
#970 IZ29: test for Gridengine IZ 1133 tests new task normal
#971 IZ30: Test for Gridengine IZ 1117: Deleted pending job appears in qstat. tests new task normal
#972 IZ31: need test for qrsh -v and qsh -v tests new task normal
#974 IZ33: need tests for Gridengine IZ 1154 tests new task normal
#975 IZ34: exec host modifications should be tested tests new task normal
#976 IZ35: create testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1175 tests new task normal
#977 IZ36: create testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1185 tests new task normal
#978 IZ37: need tests for Gridengine IZ 1081 tests new task normal
#979 IZ38: need comprehensive uninstall test tests new task normal
#980 IZ39: Verify ticket calculation test. tests new defect normal
#981 IZ40: check various error states (job/queue/host) tests new enhancement normal
#982 IZ41: need a comprehensive pe test tests new task normal
#983 IZ42: check hostgroup functionality tests new task normal
#984 IZ43: test for Gridengine IZ 1261 tests new task normal
#985 IZ44: qmaster size test should use testsuite infrastructure tests new enhancement normal
#990 IZ49: Need to test qconf return codes tests new enhancement normal
#992 IZ51: DRMAA test suite test needs to be brought up to date tests new task normal
#993 IZ52: test for issue Gridengine IZ 1449 tests new task normal
#994 IZ53: need a test for Gridengine IZ 1436 tests new task normal
#995 IZ54: testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1425 - Spooledit fails during database upgrade tests new task normal
#996 IZ55: Need test for FD_SETSIZE on Linux tests new task normal
#997 IZ56: need test: more clients connecting to qmaster than FD_SETSIZE on the particular platform tests new task normal
#998 IZ57: Reservation tests should deal net vs. gross job runtimes tests new task normal
#999 IZ58: make module tests for test_sge_mirror tests new task normal
#1000 IZ59: test needed if tight integration tmp files are deleted tests new enhancement normal
#1003 IZ62: tight integration test should check if all processes are killed tests new enhancement normal
#1005 IZ64: test for Gridengine IZ 1705 tests new task normal
#1006 IZ65: the array job resource reservation test is broken tests new defect normal
#1007 IZ66: resource reservation test with calendars is missing tests new task normal
#1008 IZ67: Testsuite needs to test multiple functions simultaneously tests new task normal
#1009 IZ68: resource reservation test enhancement tests new enhancement normal
#1010 IZ69: Test for NFS spooling bug IZ 1752 tests new task normal
#1011 IZ70: enhance CSP testing tests new task normal
#1012 IZ71: test if delivery of queue based signals to execd repeated endlessly tests new task normal
#1013 IZ72: test for Gridengine IZ 1773 is needed tests new task normal
#1016 IZ75: tight_integration test using the mpi rsh wrapper tests new enhancement normal
#1019 IZ78: nfs v4 installation and usage should be tested tests new task normal
#1020 IZ79: autoinstall test has to verify prerequisits tests new enhancement normal
#1021 IZ80: DRMAA C and Java language binding tests should be stand-alone tests new enhancement low
#1022 IZ81: qalter test needs to be extended tests new enhancement normal
#1023 IZ82: add test for Gridengine IZ 1866 (bdb server timeout) tests new task normal
#1025 IZ84: create a test for Gridengine IZ 1876 tests new task normal
#1026 IZ85: once Gridengine IZ 1906 is done: Change description for manual test tests new task normal
#1029 IZ88: need a test for commlib closes wrong connection after SSL error tests new task normal
#1030 IZ89: need test for CR6398008 tests new task normal
#1031 IZ90: ticket calculation test (Gridengine IZ 1956, 1550, 2003) tests new enhancement normal
#1032 IZ91: need a test for CR 6400729 tests new task normal
#1033 IZ92: need a test for qrsh -o/-e/-j tests new task normal
#1034 IZ93: need test for Gridengine IZ 1985 tests new task normal
#1038 IZ97: need a test for sgepasswd tests new task normal
#1040 IZ99: need tests for modified cluster queue matching (s3 performance improvements) tests new task normal
#1042 IZ101: Integration of juti junit tests into testsuite tests new task normal
#1043 IZ102: Need test for qsub -sync y with many jobs in the system tests new enhancement normal
#1044 IZ103: need a test for online usage Sun tests new defect normal
#1047 IZ106: make qsub deadline test work tests new task normal
#1049 IZ108: cleanup consumable_resources test tests new enhancement normal
#1050 IZ109: job_environment fails on some architectures tests new defect normal
#1051 IZ110: problems with environment inheritation tests new defect normal
#1052 IZ111: path_alias test should support darwin automounter prefix Mac tests new defect normal
#1053 IZ112: Arco dbwriter/job_log tests should also test tight integrated jobs tests new enhancement normal
#1054 IZ113: Need tests comparing qacct output with content of ARCo database tests new enhancement normal
#1055 IZ114: enhance drmaa test tests new enhancement normal
#1056 IZ115: add test for SGE_BACKGND_MODE flag of N1 Grid Engine Helper Service tests new enhancement normal
#1057 IZ116: qstat_option_pe test broken Sun tests new defect normal
#1058 IZ117: Test qstat_option_s is broken Sun tests new defect normal
#1059 IZ118: get_job_state() is hiding jobs Sun tests new defect normal
#1061 IZ120: test queue settings not appropriate for running tight_integration_massive() on small clusters Sun tests new defect normal
#1062 IZ121: Need test for CR 6452471 Sun tests new task normal
#1064 IZ123: qstat -xml test Sun tests new enhancement normal
#1066 IZ125: Need test for CR 6396036 patch Sun tests new defect normal
#1067 IZ126: Need testsuite test for qstat -F -xml Sun tests new defect normal
#1068 IZ127: Need to enhance resource quota tests to cover jobs requestiing parallel wildcards tests new task low
#1069 IZ128: Test for Cull UNIQUE entries Sun tests new defect normal
#1070 IZ129: Need sched_conf(5) schedd_job_info job_list test tests new enhancement normal
#1071 IZ130: resource reservation test might not cover the intended test case tests new defect high
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