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#1042 IZ101: Integration of juti junit tests into testsuite tests new task normal
#1043 IZ102: Need test for qsub -sync y with many jobs in the system tests new enhancement normal
#1044 IZ103: need a test for online usage Sun tests new defect normal
#1047 IZ106: make qsub deadline test work tests new task normal
#1049 IZ108: cleanup consumable_resources test tests new enhancement normal
#1050 IZ109: job_environment fails on some architectures tests new defect normal
#1051 IZ110: problems with environment inheritation tests new defect normal
#1052 IZ111: path_alias test should support darwin automounter prefix Mac tests new defect normal
#1053 IZ112: Arco dbwriter/job_log tests should also test tight integrated jobs tests new enhancement normal
#1054 IZ113: Need tests comparing qacct output with content of ARCo database tests new enhancement normal
#1055 IZ114: enhance drmaa test tests new enhancement normal
#1056 IZ115: add test for SGE_BACKGND_MODE flag of N1 Grid Engine Helper Service tests new enhancement normal
#1057 IZ116: qstat_option_pe test broken Sun tests new defect normal
#1058 IZ117: Test qstat_option_s is broken Sun tests new defect normal
#1059 IZ118: get_job_state() is hiding jobs Sun tests new defect normal
#952 IZ11: new test for qrsh -notify <command> tests new task normal
#1061 IZ120: test queue settings not appropriate for running tight_integration_massive() on small clusters Sun tests new defect normal
#1062 IZ121: Need test for CR 6452471 Sun tests new task normal
#1064 IZ123: qstat -xml test Sun tests new enhancement normal
#1066 IZ125: Need test for CR 6396036 patch Sun tests new defect normal
#1067 IZ126: Need testsuite test for qstat -F -xml Sun tests new defect normal
#1068 IZ127: Need to enhance resource quota tests to cover jobs requestiing parallel wildcards tests new task low
#1069 IZ128: Test for Cull UNIQUE entries Sun tests new defect normal
#1070 IZ129: Need sched_conf(5) schedd_job_info job_list test tests new enhancement normal
#1071 IZ130: resource reservation test might not cover the intended test case tests new defect high
#1072 IZ131: Need test for CR 6541085 Sun tests new defect normal
#1073 IZ132: need test for qhost -xml tests new task normal
#1075 IZ134: Need RR/BF test with allocation rule '1' and RQS as bottleneck tests new enhancement normal
#1077 IZ136: Enhancement for system_tests/scheduler/resource_reservation needed tests new enhancement high
#954 IZ13: qlogin qsh tests needed tests new task normal
#1081 IZ140: Need test for #2345 tests new enhancement high
#1086 IZ145: Need test for array job environment with -t 1-N:N tests new task high
#1087 IZ146: Need test to meaure scheduler dispatch times for sequential soft/reservation scheduling tests new task normal
#1089 IZ148: qconf -mc accepts erroneous resource entries without an urgency; qmon gives (poor) error message tests new defect normal
#1090 IZ149: Need test for issue #2387 tests new enhancement normal
#955 IZ14: Test max_u_jobs, max_jobs in combination with qsub, qrsh, qlogin, qresub tests new task normal
#1091 IZ150: job_start test is broken tests new defect normal
#1092 IZ151: Need test for INFINITY default_duration tests new enhancement normal
#1094 IZ153: Test job usage for parallel tasks in ARCo Sun tests new task normal
#1095 IZ154: need test for Grid Engine IZ 2418 tests new task high
#1096 IZ155: need test for Grid Engine IZ 2419 tests new task high
#1097 IZ156: create testsuite test for intermediate accounting records tests new task high
#1102 IZ161: drmaaj test: 1 of the JUnit tests is broken tests new defect high
#1106 IZ165: Need test for issue 2387 tests new task low
#1107 IZ166: need test for Grid Engine IZ 376 tests new task normal
#1108 IZ167: Need test for CR 6574269 tests new task normal
#957 IZ16: testsuite should test both ignore_fqdn true and false tests new task normal
#1112 IZ171: Memory leak detection with parallel scheduling tests new enhancement normal
#1118 IZ177: Testsuite should support jmx_ssl=false when installing sdm tests new defect normal
#1119 IZ178: need test for Issue 1257 / CR 6670917 tests new enhancement normal
#958 IZ17: testsuite install fails when default_domain is set tests new defect high
#1121 IZ180: Some test produce Sleeper.e* and Sleeper.o* output files in home directory tests new task normal
#1122 IZ181: copy_certs test - TCL error when no submit_only host set up in the cluster tests new defect low
#1125 IZ184: Test for issue 2520 Sun tests new enhancement low
#1126 IZ185: Need test for issue 2521 Sun tests new defect low
#1127 IZ186: Need test for issue 2522 Sun tests new defect low
#1128 IZ187: Need test for issue 2526 Sun tests new defect low
#1129 IZ188: need test for CR 6636466 Sun tests new feature normal
#959 IZ18: test for GE issue #360 (Userset "defaultdepartment" accepts users in CLI) tests new task normal
#1132 IZ191: Need test suite module for IZ2564 tests new task normal
#1134 IZ193: Need test for CR 6691982 (ARCo) Sun tests new feature normal
#1136 IZ195: new test for IZ 2567 Sun tests new defect low
#1137 IZ196: Need test that ensures -q does not break -masterq again tests new enhancement normal
#1138 IZ197: qrsh -cwd pwd test compares pathes with automount prefix tests new defect normal
#1139 IZ198: Create a test: qstat -j does not print array task information Sun tests new task normal
#1140 IZ199: Need test for CR 6718447 - commlib errors of the connection between shepherd and qrsh client are not printed to stderr tests new enhancement normal
#960 IZ19: check submit option -C and script parsing tests new task normal
#1141 IZ200: Need test to cover bug 2628 tests new enhancement normal
#1144 IZ203: Create the test for upgrade procedure tests new task normal
#1146 IZ205: upgrade test should test advanced cluster configuration tests new task normal
#1149 IZ208: Test for Bug 2652: qsub -w v is always successful Sun tests new enhancement normal
#961 IZ20: new testsuite test for Gridengine issue 380 tests new task normal
#1153 IZ212: jmx setup on SGE < 62 tests new defect normal
#1155 IZ214: Create test for 2574 Sun tests new enhancement normal
#1156 IZ215: Need test for 2625 Sun tests new defect normal
#962 IZ21: test maxujobs scheduler config functionality tests new task normal
#417 IZ2225: Need test to verify category string is correctly created testsuite new enhancement normal
#418 IZ2226: Testsuite needs relevant performance test for scheduler dispatch times with resource quotas testsuite new enhancement normal
#963 IZ22: test for Gridengine IZ 522: sge_shepherd does not exit on SIGTERM tests new task normal
#437 IZ2305: No test exists for uninstallation of gridengine testsuite new enhancement normal
#1173 IZ232: Write a test for DRMAA argument filter Sun tests new task normal
#445 IZ2333: need a csp test for windows Sun testsuite new enhancement normal
#1174 IZ233: Testsuite install_core_system test ignores ignore_fqdn setting Sun tests new defect high
#1175 IZ234: drmaaj tests have to be improved Sun tests new enhancement high
#1178 IZ237: Need a test for issue 2694 Sun tests new feature high
#1179 IZ238: Need test suite module for CR 6708763 tests new enhancement normal
#964 IZ23: new check for mail options tests new task normal
#1181 IZ240: Need test suite module for IZ2714/CR6708763 tests new task normal
#1182 IZ241: Create a test for issue 2717 - schedd_runlog is never deleted Sun tests new task normal
#1183 IZ242: Need test for issue 6745913 Sun tests new feature normal
#1184 IZ243: Create functional tests for qresub client Sun tests new enhancement normal
#1186 IZ245: Not enabled tests in the testsuite tests new defect normal
#1187 IZ246: Need initial_state of queue_configuration implementation test Sun tests new task normal
#1188 IZ247: need extensive test for qalter -w [vp] Sun tests new enhancement normal
#965 IZ24: new check for -notify option tests new task normal
#1191 IZ250: Need test for issue 2707 tests new enhancement normal
#1192 IZ251: Need test for issue 2710 tests new enhancement normal
#1193 IZ252: Need test for issue 2709 tests new enhancement normal
#1195 IZ254: testsuite module tests not working tests new task low
#1196 IZ255: Need a test written to verify gridengine IZ 2755 Sun tests new task low
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