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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#826 sort out patch application accepted task high hosting
#829 need copyright link in site footer new task high hosting
#1280 resource reservation failures assigned defect high sge
#825 sort out mirroring of darcs repos accepted task normal hosting
#827 need spam filtering accepted task normal hosting
#828 extra Trac facilities accepted task normal hosting
#1281 logo new enhancement normal sge
#1282 check on removed jars &c assigned task normal gui
#1300 Add HTTP interface, probably via DRMAA new feature normal sge
#1524 sge_execd aborts if sge cpuset/cgroup exists but is not fully initialized assigned patch normal sge
#1534 Email2trac allows accepting tickets on behalf of third party new defect normal hosting
#1535 Document email bug/patch submission better new defect normal hosting
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