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#172 IZ1039: qmaster logs warrings even so log_level is set to log_err new defect sge
#173 IZ1046: incorrect load values for virtual memory new defect sge
#181 IZ1085: Controlling ulimits via command line switch new feature sge
#189 IZ1189: qconf -sds should check qi and host group consistency new enhancement sge
#190 IZ1194: qconf -?attr shows weird/wrong result messages new defect sge
#192 IZ1204: Wrong tmpdir configuration of cluster queue does not result in queue error new defect sge
#12 IZ121: Capabilities to enhance the Event Client Interface new enhancement sge
#194 IZ1236: job start error can cause slot debitation inconsistency if qmaster runs out of spool disk space new defect sge
#195 IZ1237: Allow qstat output to be sortable new enhancement sge
#196 IZ1250: non-root $ADMINUSER should be allowed to own files new defect sge
#198 IZ1257: urgency_slots=avg notworking correctly for "-n" slot requests new defect sge
#1068 IZ127: Need to enhance resource quota tests to cover jobs requestiing parallel wildcards new task testsuite
#211 IZ1342: the qmaster does not log error messages, when.... new defect sge
#1076 IZ135: 26 -> 4 :Error when modifying additional checktree directory items new defect testsuite
#219 IZ1415: shell_start_mode should be changed to unix_behavior new enhancement sge
#220 IZ1419: LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH must be set for the DRMAA Java language binding to function new defect sge
#221 IZ1421: Abort mails sent in case of DRMAA job failure are misleading new defect sge
#223 IZ1437: Fixed-values as suspend threshholds do not work new defect sge
#231 IZ1497: shadow failover does not happen when hostnames are aliased. new defect sge
#232 IZ1499: Enhance recomputation of consumables new enhancement sge
#237 IZ1539: configurable "out of order" comments queue/host new defect sge
#238 IZ1542: Scheduler info does not show requested resource for default complexes new defect sge
#239 IZ1555: No options are allowed after quotes new defect sge
#241 IZ1588: qstat -xml -j incorrectly reports job environment variable names new defect sge
#847 IZ15: The configuration of System Overview is chaotic new enhancement gui
#245 IZ1609: qsub/qrsh -w e validation should merely warn about load values being ignored new defect sge
#1104 IZ163: testsuite_trash directory should be removed if it gets to big new enhancement testsuite
#251 IZ1645: qsub -sync y wait forever if evenclient was killed new defect sge
#1105 IZ164: testsuite should check the local /tmp directories at startup new enhancement testsuite
#1106 IZ165: Need test for issue 2387 new task testsuite
#18 IZ166: TMP/TMPDIR env vars with SGE_ prefix new enhancement sge
#254 IZ1685: changing priority of job array in qmon new defect sge
#848 IZ16: Improper icon for SDM options new enhancement gui
#256 IZ1701: misleading execd_spool_dir change message for local spooldirectories new defect sge
#257 IZ1704: Unsupported property setters throw InvalidArgumentException new defect sge
#262 IZ1721: qconf -tsm prints wrong messages when no scheduler is running new defect sge
#268 IZ1745: global consumable are not working as load threshold with pe jobs new defect sge
#1116 IZ175: SGE installer cannot remove spool dir if arco was installed new defect testsuite
#274 IZ1791: accounting exec node is incorrectly filled in with inf new defect sge
#1122 IZ181: copy_certs test - TCL error when no submit_only host set up in the cluster new defect testsuite
#279 IZ1827: qconf -mq <name> wrongly modifies the queue <name> new defect sge
#280 IZ1829: invalid load values in reporting file new defect sge
#285 IZ1849: Quote parser allows unmatched quotes new defect sge
#1125 IZ184: Test for issue 2520 new enhancement testsuite
#1126 IZ185: Need test for issue 2521 new defect testsuite
#291 IZ1864: meaning of 00:00:00 should be unified among flush_time, accounting_flush_time, and sharelog new enhancement sge
#1127 IZ186: Need test for issue 2522 new defect testsuite
#1128 IZ187: Need test for issue 2526 new defect testsuite
#296 IZ1888: qconf -mc allows duplicate shortcuts new defect sge
#300 IZ1902: insufficient handling of job errors with large array jobs causes huge numbers of mails be sent new defect sge
#302 IZ1906: invalid mailer/qlogin/rsh/rlogin configuration does not result in error state of queue instances new defect sge
#304 IZ1915: Binary job submitted with wrong path to binary doesn't go into error state new defect sge
#305 IZ1918: default_duration is wrongly assumed as job runtime even if queue_conf(5) s_rt/h_rt rlimit is smaller new defect sge
#306 IZ1919: inst_sge -ux fails if host does not belong to any queues but it belongs to a HostGroup. new defect sge
#311 IZ1938: qstat should display jobs on hung/halted machines as unknown istead of runnning new enhancement sge
#318 IZ1954: Apply job priorities to cluster queues new enhancement sge
#1136 IZ195: new test for IZ 2567 new defect testsuite
#324 IZ1966: qconf -Mattr reports too many error lines new defect sge
#326 IZ1968: qconf reports too many error lines new defect sge
#21 IZ196: improve qconf -muser sanitity checking wrt access permission to default project new enhancement sge
#328 IZ1973: consider support for running a script with an embedded -t option new enhancement sge
#329 IZ1975: qconf -Msconf reports too many error lines new defect sge
#332 IZ1982: qconf -Mq reports too many error lines new defect sge
#333 IZ1983: qconf -Mu reports too many error lines new defect sge
#1143 IZ202: "install system" doesn't install in other runlevel than "short" new defect testsuite
#365 IZ2071: qstat -r and qstat -f -r have inconsistent jobs listings reopened defect sge
#366 IZ2072: qstat -urg and qstat -f -urg have inconsistent jobs listing new defect sge
#23 IZ207: Summarize events for array task transactions new enhancement sge
#392 IZ2155: no useful error message from qsh when X permissions are missing new defect sge
#394 IZ2165: job modifications with qalter are not reflected in the ARCo database new defect arco
#26 IZ216: Acct file logs mapped user not submitting user new enhancement sge
#397 IZ2176: qconf -shgrp "*" option missing new enhancement sge
#398 IZ2177: qconf -se "*" option missing new enhancement sge
#399 IZ2179: Qconf parser doesn't handle inline comments new defect sge
#27 IZ217: Please add job script and args to the accounting file new enhancement sge
#406 IZ2199: all queue instances were used without reason new defect sge
#410 IZ2210: use of build-in complex calendar should be prohibited new defect sge
#413 IZ2214: Deprecated variables CQ_processors, QU_processors not used in code new task sge
#415 IZ2218: Add new option -name to uidgid binary to return username new enhancement sge
#425 IZ2246: Changing column name does not update the graphic view new defect arco
#29 IZ224: qstat -j redesign new enhancement sge
#429 IZ2256: global shell_start_mode is ignored new defect sge
#468 IZ2395: pam and/or max locked memory new enhancement sge
#478 IZ2447: automatically terminate idle interactive jobs new enhancement sge
#489 IZ2493: Qmaster restart takes long time after short duration maintainance shutdown new defect sge
#1195 IZ254: testsuite module tests not working new task testsuite
#1196 IZ255: Need a test written to verify gridengine IZ 2755 new task testsuite
#1197 IZ256: qrsh -w v needs to return a message and correct exit code new task testsuite
#1198 IZ257: qconf -Aconf modifies already existing config. new task testsuite
#538 IZ2637: support -v and -h switch in qsh and qrsh without command new enhancement sge
#542 IZ2643: accounting and online usage of interactive jobs are wrong on hp11 and hp1164 new defect sge
#543 IZ2645: qalter -q "" should allow removing a hard (or soft) queue list of a job new enhancement sge
#548 IZ2664: for GUI jobs, no usage data except wallclock time is retrieved new defect sge
#554 IZ2671: algebraic expressions in the pe slot range new enhancement sge
#561 IZ2692: with new (builtin) IJS, qrsh without command and qlogin should support -wd and -cwd new enhancement sge
#562 IZ2695: on Linux, interactive jobs are not properly terminated when they exceed resource limits new defect sge
#565 IZ2703: if the Execd installation can't start the Execd, the installer should print hints new defect sge
#566 IZ2704: on Windows, the installation should check if the installing user is really the Administrator new defect sge
#570 IZ2718: delete $TMPDIR of a parallel job after the job has finished, not after slave task has finished new enhancement sge
#571 IZ2719: allow wildcards and ranges for more flexible PE definitions new enhancement sge
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