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#489 IZ2493: Qmaster restart takes long time after short duration maintainance shutdown new defect sge
#538 IZ2637: support -v and -h switch in qsh and qrsh without command new enhancement sge
#542 IZ2643: accounting and online usage of interactive jobs are wrong on hp11 and hp1164 new defect sge
#543 IZ2645: qalter -q "" should allow removing a hard (or soft) queue list of a job new enhancement sge
#548 IZ2664: for GUI jobs, no usage data except wallclock time is retrieved new defect sge
#554 IZ2671: algebraic expressions in the pe slot range new enhancement sge
#561 IZ2692: with new (builtin) IJS, qrsh without command and qlogin should support -wd and -cwd new enhancement sge
#562 IZ2695: on Linux, interactive jobs are not properly terminated when they exceed resource limits new defect sge
#565 IZ2703: if the Execd installation can't start the Execd, the installer should print hints new defect sge
#566 IZ2704: on Windows, the installation should check if the installing user is really the Administrator new defect sge
#570 IZ2718: delete $TMPDIR of a parallel job after the job has finished, not after slave task has finished new enhancement sge
#571 IZ2719: allow wildcards and ranges for more flexible PE definitions new enhancement sge
#572 IZ2721: pid file should not have execute rights new defect sge
#574 IZ2729: some commands don't print an error message on unknown commandline options new defect sge
#582 IZ2760: USE_QSUB_GID feature doesn't work on Windows hosts new defect sge
#595 IZ2786: Clients return unpredictable error message if qmaster is not available new defect sge
#611 IZ2828: using "defaultdepartment" as "acl" in a project doesn't work new defect sge
#622 IZ2872: need to be able to limit number of hosts via RQS new enhancement sge
#624 IZ2891: Restrict interactive jobs to certain users new enhancement sge
#625 IZ2892: need option to populate queue slot counts with execd core counts new enhancement sge
#626 IZ2893: DRMAA should support wildcarded job names new defect sge
#633 IZ2907: execd intallation on Windows doesn't provide global spool dir as default, even if it's local new defect sge
#634 IZ2911: wrong logging in qmaster's messages file if unknown execd tries to register new defect sge
#635 IZ2913: delayed job deletion when spooling on NFS new defect sge
#638 IZ2918: Exporting to PDF fails if the modified existing query hasn't been saved new defect arco
#640 IZ2922: hostname string which contains ip representation only supported when FQDN is enabled new defect sge
#654 IZ2968: cleanup incosistent definition of RM variable in install script framework new task sge
#661 IZ2990: Shadowd uninstallation should remove SMF service if exists new defect sge
#663 IZ3001: when JAVA_HOME is not set certificate creation does not work new defect sge
#666 IZ3011: using qmon for qalter job not compatible with standard jsv settings new defect sge
#674 IZ3035: ENABLE_ADDGRP_KILL does not work for qrsh with command new defect sge
#677 IZ3044: add keep alive message to protocol between qrsh client and shepherd for builtin mechanism new enhancement sge
#684 IZ3054: job reprioritization doesn't work as expected when there are jobs with and without tickets new defect sge
#685 IZ3060: in order to connect through a firewall, qrsh/qlogin should use only specified port numbers new enhancement sge
#687 IZ3065: provide means to select between old and new (builtin) IJS method for each interactive job new enhancement sge
#689 IZ3069: discrepancy between man page and behaviour of "qconf -dq $QUEUE" new defect sge
#692 IZ3074: end job with SIGINT instead of SIGKILL if qrsh <command> was quit with Ctrl-C new defect sge
#694 IZ3077: master task of larger parallel job might exceed h_vmem limit new defect sge
#731 IZ3158: job context should be exported into job's environment new defect sge
#738 IZ3169: Improper marking array job as a job in hold during loading submit dialog in qmon new defect sge
#754 IZ3206: qconf -sq does not show correct value for subordinate_list in combination with slotwise preemtion new defect sge
#757 IZ3209: Wrong error message for invalid slotwise preemtion configuration new defect sge
#763 IZ3215: Run jobs at absolute times (one-shot AR) new enhancement sge
#782 IZ3244: lGetList():JAT_usage_list error in parallel job new defect sge
#796 IZ3258: need a way for parllel jobs to express that the tasks require the same wildcarded complex value new enhancement sge
#840 IZ2: Missing keyboard shorcuts for toolbar menu items new defect gui
#843 IZ7: Inconsistent title for Edit Connection dialog. new defect gui
#847 IZ15: The configuration of System Overview is chaotic new enhancement gui
#848 IZ16: Improper icon for SDM options new enhancement gui
#853 IZ37: Missing large toolbar icons new defect gui
#856 IZ52: Missing plugin descriptions new defect gui
#857 IZ53: Wrong build value on Details dialog new defect gui
#872 IZ449: Remove hostname extention for pid files new task hedeby
#876 IZ517: we can use a service tag api that is bundled with java 6 for our ST support in SDM new enhancement hedeby
#884 IZ552: Global command line option -l not working correctly new defect hedeby
#885 IZ553: Ignored options in managed host install using user preferences new defect hedeby
#887 IZ560: JVM refuses to start with message "Fork of jvm executor_vm failed: {1}" new defect hedeby
#888 IZ564: Unhelpful error message with wrong permissions on bootstrap dir new defect hedeby
#891 IZ578: Add GE adapter service cli command should have table output new defect hedeby
#894 IZ588: gridengine adapter does not support permanent request slo new defect hedeby
#896 IZ590: commands show only table headers as output new task hedeby
#897 IZ591: Missing -s option for show_service new task hedeby
#898 IZ592: System allows to add services to unmanaged hosts new task hedeby
#899 IZ593: Service is not tested when resource is blacklisted for it. new task hedeby
#900 IZ594: sdmadm add_resource command does not allow -r parameter with host list new task hedeby
#903 IZ599: NPE while executing show_blacklist command new defect hedeby
#904 IZ600: Unhelpful error messages when executing startup_jvm new defect hedeby
#920 IZ657: Modify component command allows to configure components with wrong configuration type new defect hedeby
#932 IZ702: Wrong error message when wrong value for cs_url paramater is set new defect hedeby
#1021 IZ80: DRMAA C and Java language binding tests should be stand-alone new enhancement testsuite
#1068 IZ127: Need to enhance resource quota tests to cover jobs requestiing parallel wildcards new task testsuite
#1076 IZ135: 26 -> 4 :Error when modifying additional checktree directory items new defect testsuite
#1104 IZ163: testsuite_trash directory should be removed if it gets to big new enhancement testsuite
#1105 IZ164: testsuite should check the local /tmp directories at startup new enhancement testsuite
#1106 IZ165: Need test for issue 2387 new task testsuite
#1116 IZ175: SGE installer cannot remove spool dir if arco was installed new defect testsuite
#1122 IZ181: copy_certs test - TCL error when no submit_only host set up in the cluster new defect testsuite
#1125 IZ184: Test for issue 2520 new enhancement testsuite
#1126 IZ185: Need test for issue 2521 new defect testsuite
#1127 IZ186: Need test for issue 2522 new defect testsuite
#1128 IZ187: Need test for issue 2526 new defect testsuite
#1136 IZ195: new test for IZ 2567 new defect testsuite
#1143 IZ202: "install system" doesn't install in other runlevel than "short" new defect testsuite
#1195 IZ254: testsuite module tests not working new task testsuite
#1196 IZ255: Need a test written to verify gridengine IZ 2755 new task testsuite
#1197 IZ256: qrsh -w v needs to return a message and correct exit code new task testsuite
#1198 IZ257: qconf -Aconf modifies already existing config. new task testsuite
#1212 IZ271: backup_restore test should check if backup file exists after backup and exit immediately if not new defect testsuite
#1264 IZ323: need TS test for Hadop integration new enhancement testsuite
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