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#1391 warn at execd startup if spool lacks root permission new enhancement sge
#1376 use SASL? new enhancement sge
#1403 unsafe /tmp handling new defect sge
#1377 try to get things working with selinux new enhancement sge
#1351 spooled jobs files shouldn't be world-readable new defect 8.0.0e sge
#825 sort out mirroring of darcs repos accepted dlove task hosting
#1369 shim needed for linking libdrmaa with licence-incompatible code new enhancement sge
#1561 sgeee scheduler ordering the correct number of users and projects to be updated? new defect sge
#1524 sge_execd aborts if sge cpuset/cgroup exists but is not fully initialized assigned dlove patch sge
#1405 rsh_daemon comms can be broken by pam modules new defect sge
#1303 reservation made for node with invalid PE new defect sge
#1347 reschedule_unknown settings can result in all jobs being killed new defect sge
#1433 reporting data should allow correlating hosts and parallel tasks new defect sge
#1389 remove old processor set stuff new task sge
#1379 qstat sometimes shows priority 0 for waiting array jobs new defect sge
#1422 qstat et al should support -clear new enhancement sge
#1454 qstat detailed job info should show hold state new enhancement sge
#1353 qstat -xml -j output changes after a job is altered with qalter -l new defect sge
#1487 qstat -xml -explain a should structure the data inside <load-alarm-reason> with xml tags new enhancement sge
#1473 qstat -pe doesn't work for pending jobs new defect sge
#1395 qstat -g c can't be limited by -u, -U, -q, -pe, -l new defect sge
#1486 qstat -explain a fails to explain new defect sge
#1320 qstat -a <account> to limit output to certain accounts new enhancement sge
#1466 qrsub has no "-P" option new enhancement sge
#1337 qrstat should be able to report details of reservation new enhancement sge
#1470 qmaster hang when submitting pe with default max number of processors new defect sge
#1547 qconf -su <ACL> on non admin/submit host gives misleading message reopened Dave Love <…> defect sge
#1385 qalter should support JSV new enhancement sge
#1287 qalter should be able to remove requests (which qmon can) new enhancement sge
#835 provide a useful, stable API new enhancement sge
#1434 provide DRMAA 2 C library new enhancement sge
#1387 per-user consumables new enhancement sge
#1419 non-built-in remote startup doesn't handle terminal-resizing new defect sge
#1417 negative resource count printed by qquota new defect sge
#827 need spam filtering accepted dlove task hosting
#1301 more sophisticated memory accounting new enhancement sge
#1566 missing output from qquota new defect sge
#1414 misleading error message from execd "neither submit nor admin host" new defect sge
#1474 misapplication of users RQS to host request new defect sge
#1333 make hostname checking optional new enhancement sge
#1331 look into reviving postgres spooling new enhancement sge
#1381 look at SLURM plugins new task sge
#1281 logo new dlove enhancement sge
#1609 kerberos credential caches need to include the task id new defect sge
#1283 job continues when node reboots new defect sge
#1642 issues building with jemalloc 5 - cannot allocate memory in static TLS block new defect sge
#1274 investigate testsuite new task sge
#1364 intermittent qrsh failure new defect sge
#1461 inst_sge -auto does not work on SUSE 12.2 new defect sge
#1375 implement qrsh -suspend_remote new enhancement sge
#1424 implement keep_active=error to preserve shepherd files new enhancement sge
#1426 implement RSMAP complex new enhancement sge
#1425 implement PE sorting new enhancement sge
#1368 i18n fixes needed new defect sge
#1397 howto/drmaa_python.html out-of-date new defect sge
#1386 generalize request form for PEs (and others) new enhancement sge
#1411 failure with non-ASCII names new defect sge
#828 extra Trac facilities accepted dlove task hosting
#1393 exempt certain programs from execd control new enhancement sge
#1440 execd: zero-length spool files new defect sge
#1404 do a qzsh new enhancement sge
#1634 darcs patch: typo in cygwin compiler macros new patch sge
#1640 darcs patch: missing number after maxdepth new patch sge
#1620 darcs patch: debhelper compatibility level upgrade new patch sge
#1635 darcs patch: architecture variables for cygwin 64bit new patch sge
#1641 darcs patch: add _DEFAULT_SOURCE for less deprecation messages new patch sge
#1512 cpusets and multiple tasks of parallel job on same node new defect sge
#1418 continual "removing unreferenced job" new defect sge
#1382 consider PAM hook new task sge
#1421 command line doesn't override embedded for -masterq new defect sge
#1447 coding conversion for input/output data new enhancement sge
#1394 check possible issues with locale inconsistency reopened Dave Love <…> task sge
#1282 check on removed jars &c assigned dlove task gui
#1371 check list of OGE fixes new task sge
#1406 can't delete a PE when jobs use matching wildcard PE new defect sge
#834 better build system new task sge
#1310 bad xon/xoff handling by qrlogin new defect sge
#1401 avoid junit in normal java build new defect sge
#1352 allow altering consumable requests on running job (to take effect when rescheduled) new enhancement sge
#1655 all fonts in qmon GUI are squares consisting of dots new defect sge
#1322 add monitoring howto information new enhancement sge
#1606 XmTextReplaceWcs is not implemented - Qmon new defect sge
#1343 Using -q ... in qstat results in ignoring pending jobs new defect sge
#1318 Two types of RQS to limit the output new defect sge
#1342 Submitting with -w e prevents JSV from correcting the job request new defect sge
#1428 SoGE release tags in git new defect sge
#1309 Should be able to localize/standardize dates new defect sge
#1468 Setting -notify on a job makes grid engine default termination run rather than configured terminate_method new defect sge
#1378 SGE_STARTER_SHELL_PATH not defined in starter method of slaves new defect sge
#1648 SGE on Ubuntu 18 new defect sge
#1596 SGE checkpoint not suspending job - Application Level new defect sge
#1556 Resource reservation can block jobs it does not need to new enhancement sge
#1384 Requested project only rejected/test at submission time. new defect sge
#1325 Replace webconsole new task arco
#1372 Remove remaining BDB RPC stuff from install scripts new task sge
#1522 Re: usage: io new defect sge
#1398 RQS for limits not working for parallel jobs new defect sge
#1416 Qstat won't show job in queue if project is assigned. new defect sge
#1555 Problems with job verification where exclusive flag extensively used new defect sge
#1708 Pharma Sources Insight October 2020 Focuses on Pharma Landscape in China new defect sge
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