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#52 IZ295: job classes new feature sge
#104 IZ602: have default path for -@ options files new feature sge
#108 IZ630: shadowd should send email on takeover and error new feature sge
#152 IZ920: Need a means to facilitate workflows in a scalable and better to handle fashion new feature sge
#212 IZ1364: qstat should provide means to select available queues new feature sge
#217 IZ1391: Need means for selecting particular entities out of a set of entities new feature sge
#309 IZ1932: enabled detailed job profiling upon request new feature sge
#400 IZ2184: Job status report new feature sge
#479 IZ2454: qmod lacks means to select jobs by user new feature sge
#481 IZ2462: changes to qconf/qmon for supporting CVS or change configuration management new feature sge
#576 IZ2739: No way to remove a -notify flag, once it was set new feature sge
#578 IZ2748: Jobs with no suitable queues at all should be easier detect new feature sge
#579 IZ2749: Different sections in sge_request for each jobtype new feature sge
#647 IZ2943: Job groups for easier handling of jobs which belong together new feature sge
#725 IZ3149: need to include Hadoop integration new feature sge
#727 IZ3153: if multiple parallel environments are being requested, it's not easily possible to delete one new feature sge
#728 IZ3155: queue slot information need to be enhanced when using exclusive scheduling new feature sge
#1129 IZ188: need test for CR 6636466 new feature testsuite
#1134 IZ193: Need test for CR 6691982 (ARCo) new feature testsuite
#1183 IZ242: Need test for issue 6745913 new feature testsuite
#1300 Add HTTP interface, probably via DRMAA new dlove feature sge
#1321 $ARC set by start of execd instead of hardcoded into the binary new feature sge
#1 IZ24: make qsub/qrsh .qtask-file aware new patch sge
#13 IZ129: Bidirectional usermapping limits utility new patch sge
#14 IZ146: Failed migrate command leaves job running new patch sge
#228 IZ1480: HOST in installation scripts should be aname variant new patch sge
#421 IZ2236: execute node of a job via DRMAA new patch sge
#451 IZ2359: -version or -info switch for clients new patch sge
#1524 sge_execd aborts if sge cpuset/cgroup exists but is not fully initialized assigned dlove patch sge
#1620 darcs patch: debhelper compatibility level upgrade new patch sge
#1634 darcs patch: typo in cygwin compiler macros new patch sge
#1635 darcs patch: architecture variables for cygwin 64bit new patch sge
#1640 darcs patch: missing number after maxdepth new patch sge
#1641 darcs patch: add _DEFAULT_SOURCE for less deprecation messages new patch sge
#17 IZ165: Combine the objects JC_Type and SU_Type new task sge
#114 IZ649: Cleanup of qmaster setup code new task sge
#115 IZ650: Unify timed event handling new task sge
#299 IZ1896: Cleanup of daemons/sheperd/sge_fileio.c/.h new task sge
#701 IZ3090: source code contains a mass of not needed #INCLUDES new task sge
#825 sort out mirroring of darcs repos accepted dlove task hosting
#827 need spam filtering accepted dlove task hosting
#828 extra Trac facilities accepted dlove task hosting
#834 better build system new task sge
#845 IZ13: Hardcoded cluster version. new task gui
#854 IZ45: It's possible to add cloud adapter only if a Services node is selected new task gui
#859 IZ55: After removing sge-conf-62u5 module the PE view still exists new task gui
#864 IZ148: document the current decission making process new task hedeby
#865 IZ208: Evaluate a tool for checking resource bundles new task hedeby
#866 IZ225: need 'sdmadm add/remove/modify_slo' new task hedeby
#870 IZ313: improve output of usage >> options for commands using table output new task hedeby
#873 IZ459: allow list of jvms when starting up new task hedeby
#878 IZ524: wrong setup of jmx server in qmaster results in dropping of jgdi connection new task hedeby
#879 IZ529: The component state is not defined in the spec new task hedeby
#882 IZ541: Not clear error message when execute add ge adapter command as NOT SDM admin user. new task hedeby
#883 IZ549: Error messages that are not helpful enough new task hedeby
#890 IZ575: Need junit tests for GEAdapter new task hedeby
#893 IZ581: Install and startup of two equal managed host install with diff. pref. types new task hedeby
#915 IZ630: Cache in Hostname class is useless new task hedeby
#934 IZ704: problems with cloud sim host when host resolves hostname to long one new task hedeby
#944 IZ3: Test Suite Needs To Test Qsub Responses To Dead Qmaster new task testsuite
#946 IZ5: Extend test for process limits new task testsuite
#952 IZ11: new test for qrsh -notify <command> new task testsuite
#954 IZ13: qlogin qsh tests needed new task testsuite
#955 IZ14: Test max_u_jobs, max_jobs in combination with qsub, qrsh, qlogin, qresub new task testsuite
#957 IZ16: testsuite should test both ignore_fqdn true and false new task testsuite
#959 IZ18: test for GE issue #360 (Userset "defaultdepartment" accepts users in CLI) new task testsuite
#960 IZ19: check submit option -C and script parsing new task testsuite
#961 IZ20: new testsuite test for Gridengine issue 380 new task testsuite
#962 IZ21: test maxujobs scheduler config functionality new task testsuite
#963 IZ22: test for Gridengine IZ 522: sge_shepherd does not exit on SIGTERM new task testsuite
#964 IZ23: new check for mail options new task testsuite
#965 IZ24: new check for -notify option new task testsuite
#966 IZ25: check changing deadline time new task testsuite
#967 IZ26: testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1087 new task testsuite
#969 IZ28: need testsuite test for host alias file new task testsuite
#970 IZ29: test for Gridengine IZ 1133 new task testsuite
#971 IZ30: Test for Gridengine IZ 1117: Deleted pending job appears in qstat. new task testsuite
#972 IZ31: need test for qrsh -v and qsh -v new task testsuite
#974 IZ33: need tests for Gridengine IZ 1154 new task testsuite
#975 IZ34: exec host modifications should be tested new task testsuite
#976 IZ35: create testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1175 new task testsuite
#977 IZ36: create testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1185 new task testsuite
#978 IZ37: need tests for Gridengine IZ 1081 new task testsuite
#979 IZ38: need comprehensive uninstall test new task testsuite
#982 IZ41: need a comprehensive pe test new task testsuite
#983 IZ42: check hostgroup functionality new task testsuite
#984 IZ43: test for Gridengine IZ 1261 new task testsuite
#992 IZ51: DRMAA test suite test needs to be brought up to date new task testsuite
#993 IZ52: test for issue Gridengine IZ 1449 new task testsuite
#994 IZ53: need a test for Gridengine IZ 1436 new task testsuite
#995 IZ54: testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1425 - Spooledit fails during database upgrade new task testsuite
#996 IZ55: Need test for FD_SETSIZE on Linux new task testsuite
#997 IZ56: need test: more clients connecting to qmaster than FD_SETSIZE on the particular platform new task testsuite
#998 IZ57: Reservation tests should deal net vs. gross job runtimes new task testsuite
#999 IZ58: make module tests for test_sge_mirror new task testsuite
#1005 IZ64: test for Gridengine IZ 1705 new task testsuite
#1007 IZ66: resource reservation test with calendars is missing new task testsuite
#1008 IZ67: Testsuite needs to test multiple functions simultaneously new task testsuite
#1010 IZ69: Test for NFS spooling bug IZ 1752 new task testsuite
#1011 IZ70: enhance CSP testing new task testsuite
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