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#1012 IZ71: test if delivery of queue based signals to execd repeated endlessly new task testsuite
#1013 IZ72: test for Gridengine IZ 1773 is needed new task testsuite
#1019 IZ78: nfs v4 installation and usage should be tested new task testsuite
#1023 IZ82: add test for Gridengine IZ 1866 (bdb server timeout) new task testsuite
#1025 IZ84: create a test for Gridengine IZ 1876 new task testsuite
#1026 IZ85: once Gridengine IZ 1906 is done: Change description for manual test new task testsuite
#1029 IZ88: need a test for commlib closes wrong connection after SSL error new task testsuite
#1030 IZ89: need test for CR6398008 new task testsuite
#1032 IZ91: need a test for CR 6400729 new task testsuite
#1033 IZ92: need a test for qrsh -o/-e/-j new task testsuite
#1034 IZ93: need test for Gridengine IZ 1985 new task testsuite
#1038 IZ97: need a test for sgepasswd new task testsuite
#1040 IZ99: need tests for modified cluster queue matching (s3 performance improvements) new task testsuite
#1042 IZ101: Integration of juti junit tests into testsuite new task testsuite
#1047 IZ106: make qsub deadline test work new task testsuite
#1062 IZ121: Need test for CR 6452471 new task testsuite
#1073 IZ132: need test for qhost -xml new task testsuite
#1087 IZ146: Need test to meaure scheduler dispatch times for sequential soft/reservation scheduling new task testsuite
#1094 IZ153: Test job usage for parallel tasks in ARCo new task testsuite
#1107 IZ166: need test for Grid Engine IZ 376 new task testsuite
#1108 IZ167: Need test for CR 6574269 new task testsuite
#1121 IZ180: Some test produce Sleeper.e* and Sleeper.o* output files in home directory new task testsuite
#1132 IZ191: Need test suite module for IZ2564 new task testsuite
#1139 IZ198: Create a test: qstat -j does not print array task information new task testsuite
#1144 IZ203: Create the test for upgrade procedure new task testsuite
#1146 IZ205: upgrade test should test advanced cluster configuration new task testsuite
#1150 IZ209: Wrong test error behaviour for ts_log_severe and ts_log_warning new task testsuite
#1159 IZ218: invalid configuration should be tested new task testsuite
#1160 IZ219: external shutdown of a service must be tested new task testsuite
#1163 IZ222: Test bootstrap configuration setup new task testsuite
#1164 IZ223: test for install_master and install_managed host uninstall new task testsuite
#1166 IZ225: smf support shuld be tested in testsuite new task testsuite
#1168 IZ227: Need test for renewing ca certificate new task testsuite
#1169 IZ228: Restart of components should be tested new task testsuite
#1170 IZ229: Reload configuration should be tested new task testsuite
#1171 IZ230: add/remove components/services must be tested new task testsuite
#1173 IZ232: Write a test for DRMAA argument filter new task testsuite
#1181 IZ240: Need test suite module for IZ2714/CR6708763 new task testsuite
#1182 IZ241: Create a test for issue 2717 - schedd_runlog is never deleted new task testsuite
#1187 IZ246: Need initial_state of queue_configuration implementation test new task testsuite
#1211 IZ270: Need additional tests for general purpose SLOs new task testsuite
#1216 IZ275: Need test suite module for CR6288964/IZ2881 new task testsuite
#1218 IZ277: Need test for CR6793687/IZ2886 new task testsuite
#1221 IZ280: Testsuite test for hedeby issue 613 new task testsuite
#1228 IZ287: Extend Java DRMAA JUnit tests to cover native spec "" and Session.exit() before init() new task testsuite
#1233 IZ292: Need test for issue 860 (2881) new task testsuite
#1234 IZ293: Need test suite module for IZ2950/CR6244911 new task testsuite
#1242 IZ301: unsupported test in simple install mode new task testsuite
#1244 IZ303: Need test suite module for IZ 3068 new task testsuite
#1245 IZ304: Need test for IZ3081,3082,3083,3084 new task testsuite
#1246 IZ305: Need test for CR6855413/IZ3085 new task testsuite
#1247 IZ306: Cleanup/Remove current JGDI testsuite framework and/or tests new task testsuite
#1250 IZ309: Need test suite module for CR6873140/IZ3113 new task testsuite
#1260 IZ319: Need test for IZ 3204 new task testsuite
#1261 IZ320: Testsuite should check remove not needed service_tag informations on SMF hosts new task testsuite
#1274 investigate testsuite new task sge
#1282 check on removed jars &c assigned dlove task gui
#1325 Replace webconsole new task arco
#1371 check list of OGE fixes new task sge
#1372 Remove remaining BDB RPC stuff from install scripts new task sge
#1381 look at SLURM plugins new task sge
#1382 consider PAM hook new task sge
#1389 remove old processor set stuff new task sge
#1394 check possible issues with locale inconsistency reopened Dave Love <…> task sge
#2 IZ40: How to display list of accessible hosts for a user new enhancement sge
#4 IZ61: Enhancements for ckpt/reschedule facility new enhancement sge
#5 IZ73: Generalize shell start modes new enhancement sge
#6 IZ75: Need additional means to request resources separately for master task and for slave tasks new enhancement sge
#7 IZ76: Improve job logging and handling of log files new enhancement sge
#9 IZ106: Define Grid Engine host/queue/... name space in docs new enhancement sge
#24 IZ208: Summarize output in qstat and qmon for array jobs new enhancement sge
#28 IZ222: qrsh: move info from environment variables to job object new enhancement sge
#31 IZ241: job fields JB_job_identifier_list and JB_user_list new enhancement sge
#32 IZ242: job field JB_qs_args new enhancement sge
#34 IZ244: Load sensor problems are difficult to diagnose new enhancement sge
#39 IZ256: optimization of search for objects new enhancement sge
#48 IZ288: qtcsh should be able to submit jobs using qsub new enhancement sge
#50 IZ291: make setting of job_name for available for petasks new enhancement sge
#51 IZ292: qmake should set task names new enhancement sge
#53 IZ296: give more information about rejected immediate jobs new enhancement sge
#54 IZ298: path aliasing should be applied more universal new enhancement sge
#56 IZ306: primary key functionality for cull lists new enhancement sge
#59 IZ323: enable hashing for all cull data types new enhancement sge
#65 IZ361: Need better documenation in manual and man page for checkpointing new enhancement sge
#66 IZ366: need new accounting field for when a job was first eligible to run new enhancement sge
#68 IZ373: Allow load values and expressions as attribute values and load thresholds new enhancement sge
#69 IZ397: enhance and use libs/gdi/sge_usage new enhancement sge
#71 IZ404: allow qalter to modify resource requests new enhancement sge
#73 IZ406: join adminhost, submithost, exechost, local configuration new enhancement sge
#74 IZ407: manop and user objects could be joined new enhancement sge
#75 IZ409: provide all resource requests to job environment new enhancement sge
#77 IZ414: qmake does not reorder outputs from simultaneous builds new enhancement sge
#78 IZ428: allow userlists in share tree new enhancement sge
#81 IZ452: Environment variable for -M option in sge_request new enhancement sge
#82 IZ459: userset '@' notation only checks primary UNIX group new enhancement sge
#83 IZ473: Need enhancement for consumable/fixed attributes modification new enhancement sge
#84 IZ475: echo "dtterm" |qsub -V -l onlySun=1 new enhancement sge
#86 IZ488: INSTALL NOTES: Separate set of gid-ranges on a nfs-server new enhancement sge
#88 IZ517: Need mechanism to force epilog to run new enhancement sge
#89 IZ536: Record the original path of the job script new enhancement sge
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