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#229 IZ1482: ignore_fqdn=false should imply execd_spool_dir with fqdn new enhancement sge
#864 IZ148: document the current decission making process new task hedeby
#1089 IZ148: qconf -mc accepts erroneous resource entries without an urgency; qmon gives (poor) error message new defect testsuite
#1090 IZ149: Need test for issue #2387 new enhancement testsuite
#955 IZ14: Test max_u_jobs, max_jobs in combination with qsub, qrsh, qlogin, qresub new task testsuite
#846 IZ14: The previously opened monitor panels are closed after restart of Inspect new defect gui
#1091 IZ150: job_start test is broken new defect testsuite
#233 IZ1517: qmaster is not accepting connections if number of execd's exceed number of file descriptors new defect sge
#1092 IZ151: Need test for INFINITY default_duration new enhancement testsuite
#234 IZ1522: Jobs don't get time to initialize signal handler before notification signals are sent new defect sge
#1093 IZ152: testsuite shall cleanup test global variables after the check new enhancement testsuite
#235 IZ1530: Enhancement on 'qstat' ... new enhancement sge
#1094 IZ153: Test job usage for parallel tasks in ARCo new task testsuite
#1098 IZ157: The config_generic should take an additional parameter, how many instances can be specified new enhancement testsuite
#1099 IZ158: Test display test doesn't use the user defined DISPLAY variable new defect testsuite
#244 IZ1593: commlib: replace (vsn)printf to char * buffers by dstring new defect sge
#1100 IZ159: additional cluster support problem with additional compile parameters new defect testsuite
#956 IZ15: testsuite should create man pages new enhancement testsuite
#1101 IZ160: Check all configured hosts can login to qmaster without supplying credentials new enhancement testsuite
#247 IZ1613: existing values in scripts/ break staging for many people new defect sge
#1103 IZ162: need host configuration parameter for jvm startup parameters new enhancement testsuite
#249 IZ1634: Suspend/Resume Problems on RedHet 3.0 new defect sge
#17 IZ165: Combine the objects JC_Type and SU_Type new task sge
#1107 IZ166: need test for Grid Engine IZ 376 new task testsuite
#1108 IZ167: Need test for CR 6574269 new task testsuite
#252 IZ1681: killed master task with tight integration does not kill slave jobs in special case new defect sge
#1109 IZ168: Add a option to disable using testsuite_trash directory new enhancement testsuite
#1110 IZ169: add menu item for stop cluster, compile, distins binaries, start cluster new defect testsuite
#957 IZ16: testsuite should test both ignore_fqdn true and false new task testsuite
#258 IZ1707: sge_follow in case of a remove order might create a task new defect sge
#259 IZ1708: need filters for qping -dump new enhancement sge
#1111 IZ170: remove ts_def_con connection wrapping for CHECK_USER new defect testsuite
#260 IZ1716: errorprone: pthread_once() should not need be run before GET_SPECIFIC() new defect sge
#261 IZ1719: compiling with user mapping does not work new defect sge
#1112 IZ171: Memory leak detection with parallel scheduling new enhancement testsuite
#263 IZ1723: inst_sge must run from $SGE_ROOT, even if $SGE_ROOT is set new enhancement sge
#264 IZ1725: qmon crashes with message "bus error" if running remote to X windows in 24 bit mode. new defect sge
#265 IZ1726: qmon crashes when trying to add an execution host. new defect sge
#267 IZ1743: Job life-cycle information in reporting(5) file should be easily accessable via CLI new enhancement sge
#1115 IZ174: testsuite problem upgrading conf from 1.13/1.14 to 1.16 new defect testsuite
#269 IZ1755: sge_getservbynam_r() is not reentrant new defect sge
#270 IZ1759: scheduler ignores load_thresholds with pe jobs new defect sge
#1118 IZ177: Testsuite should support jmx_ssl=false when installing sdm new defect testsuite
#1119 IZ178: need test for Issue 1257 / CR 6670917 new enhancement testsuite
#273 IZ1790: shepherd does not wait for terminate_method to complete new defect sge
#275 IZ1797: Load sensors from script don't work with "-w e" new defect sge
#1120 IZ179: make sure changes to global testsuite config files do not overwrite more recent versions new enhancement testsuite
#277 IZ1808: usage_scaling for cluster queues new enhancement sge
#1121 IZ180: Some test produce Sleeper.e* and Sleeper.o* output files in home directory new task testsuite
#278 IZ1824: strange job structure parsing new defect sge
#1123 IZ182: Wrong number of incomplete tests shown in the testsuite menu new defect testsuite
#281 IZ1830: Spool directory missing contents new defect sge
#282 IZ1836: qmaster packs two sigkill in one packbuffer for one job new defect sge
#284 IZ1843: qconf -cq should be renamed new defect sge
#286 IZ1851: Quotes rules need to be made explicit new defect sge
#287 IZ1853: maxujobs in sched_conf(5) can break resource reservation and backfilling new defect sge
#290 IZ1863: global host config reporting_params: flush_time=00:00:00 should disable buffering new enhancement sge
#1129 IZ188: need test for CR 6636466 new feature testsuite
#297 IZ1893: endpoint not unique message should be created after connection test new defect sge
#299 IZ1896: Cleanup of daemons/sheperd/sge_fileio.c/.h new task sge
#1130 IZ189: password test doesn't test password if a Windows host is in the cluster new defect testsuite
#959 IZ18: test for GE issue #360 (Userset "defaultdepartment" accepts users in CLI) new task testsuite
#301 IZ1903: drmaa_synchronize() should work with jobs from outside the current session new enhancement sge
#1131 IZ190: Testsuite can't delete SGE_ROOT directory new defect testsuite
#1132 IZ191: Need test suite module for IZ2564 new task testsuite
#307 IZ1926: no info messages in execd messages file new defect sge
#308 IZ1929: shepherd trace file doesn't contain all trace information new defect sge
#1133 IZ192: CSP key cleanup function is missing new defect testsuite
#309 IZ1932: enabled detailed job profiling upon request new feature sge
#1134 IZ193: Need test for CR 6691982 (ARCo) new feature testsuite
#313 IZ1948: qrsh man page doesn't explain which options don't work with interactive jobs new defect sge
#315 IZ1951: waiting for jobs which never ran will produce a resource usage error new defect sge
#316 IZ1952: cluster-hosts like cluster-queues for easy exec host management new enhancement sge
#317 IZ1953: enhance version checking of components new enhancement sge
#319 IZ1960: h_cpu not working for Tight Integrated jobs new defect sge
#320 IZ1961: Slide bars in "Ratio between Sort of functional tickets" panel do not keep the values inserted by the user new defect sge
#322 IZ1964: qdel failes to delete processes that spawn a new process group with interactive jobs new defect sge
#1137 IZ196: Need test that ensures -q does not break -masterq again new enhancement testsuite
#331 IZ1979: Option needed to start a job immediately, regardless resource restrictions (run now at this machine) new enhancement sge
#1138 IZ197: qrsh -cwd pwd test compares pathes with automount prefix new defect testsuite
#334 IZ1984: an execd can always kill another execd as admin new defect sge
#336 IZ1989: qsub -now y incorrectly submits to Interactive Queue new enhancement sge
#1139 IZ198: Create a test: qstat -j does not print array task information new task testsuite
#337 IZ1992: Enable slots to be used as -l new enhancement sge
#1140 IZ199: Need test for CR 6718447 - commlib errors of the connection between shepherd and qrsh client are not printed to stderr new enhancement testsuite
#849 IZ19: Browse button for file path text input fields on New Connection dialog new enhancement gui
#960 IZ19: check submit option -C and script parsing new task testsuite
#839 IZ1: Shift+F10 does not bring up a context menu for nodes in the navigator new defect gui
#338 IZ2002: Queue request -l from sge_request can't be overridden through command line new defect sge
#1141 IZ200: Need test to cover bug 2628 new enhancement testsuite
#339 IZ2014: Matlab jobs don't finish new defect sge
#341 IZ2027: qmon crashes on lx24-ia64 new defect sge
#342 IZ2031: shadow master fails to take over if scheduler dies new defect sge
#343 IZ2033: Possible memory leak with libdrmaa new defect sge
#345 IZ2036: Need two types of "disabled" new enhancement sge
#346 IZ2037: Checkpointing: No checkpoint created for suspend new defect sge
#347 IZ2038: Checkpointing: Name of application level procedures in checkpointing definition new defect sge
#1144 IZ203: Create the test for upgrade procedure new task testsuite
#349 IZ2040: Checkpointing: status of rescheduled jobs is Rq, more logical is Rw new enhancement sge
#352 IZ2043: Checkpointing: Automatic creation of checkpointing directory for each job new enhancement sge
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