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#346 IZ2037: Checkpointing: No checkpoint created for suspend new defect sge
#347 IZ2038: Checkpointing: Name of application level procedures in checkpointing definition new defect sge
#1144 IZ203: Create the test for upgrade procedure new task testsuite
#349 IZ2040: Checkpointing: status of rescheduled jobs is Rq, more logical is Rw new enhancement sge
#352 IZ2043: Checkpointing: Automatic creation of checkpointing directory for each job new enhancement sge
#354 IZ2045: Checkpointing: condition "s" not working as expected new defect sge
#355 IZ2047: potential qmaster sec. fault. (resurfaced) new defect sge
#1145 IZ204: ts_log_frame doesn't create line new defect testsuite
#1146 IZ205: upgrade test should test advanced cluster configuration new task testsuite
#363 IZ2068: checkpointing jobs will be rescheduled forever new defect sge
#368 IZ2074: soft requests for forced resources don't count new defect sge
#1148 IZ207: accidental confusion of testsuite configuraiton files may produce problems new defect testsuite
#374 IZ2087: No user setting for custom default_duration, i.e. not enforced h_rt/s_rt new enhancement sge
#865 IZ208: Evaluate a tool for checking resource bundles new task hedeby
#24 IZ208: Summarize output in qstat and qmon for array jobs new enhancement sge
#1149 IZ208: Test for Bug 2652: qsub -w v is always successful new enhancement testsuite
#375 IZ2096: NoResourceUsageException for deleted pending jobs new defect sge
#376 IZ2098: Qmon: Qalter changes job working dir when job was submitted using qsub -cwd new defect sge
#377 IZ2099: install procedure should propose IANA registered port numbers for sge_qmaster and sge_execd new enhancement sge
#1150 IZ209: Wrong test error behaviour for ts_log_severe and ts_log_warning new task testsuite
#961 IZ20: new testsuite test for Gridengine issue 380 new task testsuite
#380 IZ2109: sgemaster commlib error, can't connect to service with data in /sgeroot/default/spool/qmaster/jobs/00 new defect sge
#1151 IZ210: add an explanation of [] and * to the exec host selection page new enhancement testsuite
#382 IZ2113: qselect not useful if forced variables are used new enhancement sge
#1152 IZ211: Testsuite configuration - can't change the source dir new defect testsuite
#385 IZ2123: Change sge_strdup() arguments new enhancement sge
#1153 IZ212: jmx setup on SGE < 62 new defect testsuite
#1154 IZ213: Error checking after test execution is missing. new enhancement testsuite
#388 IZ2140: queue h_rt/s_rt not taken into account for running job duration when doing reservations new defect sge
#390 IZ2147: New who-clause: jobs new enhancement sge
#391 IZ2148: New what clause: range of values (a,b) or (a,b,c) new enhancement sge
#1155 IZ214: Create test for 2574 new enhancement testsuite
#1156 IZ215: Need test for 2625 new defect testsuite
#393 IZ2163: qstat user selection does not work with unix groups new defect sge
#1157 IZ216: minResource test might choose wrong host for producing resource in error state new defect testsuite
#1158 IZ217: reset_produced_error_resource procedure cannot startup execd new defect testsuite
#400 IZ2184: Job status report new feature sge
#401 IZ2186: job requests unknown resource new defect sge
#1159 IZ218: invalid configuration should be tested new task testsuite
#402 IZ2190: Java DRMAA needs LD_LIBRARY_PATH be set manually new defect sge
#404 IZ2193: Need more detailed built-in load values load sensors for operating system selection new enhancement sge
#1160 IZ219: external shutdown of a service must be tested new task testsuite
#962 IZ21: test maxujobs scheduler config functionality new task testsuite
#407 IZ2203: qsub/qrsh shall reject relative pathes with -b y if they can not resolve them with PATH new defect sge
#409 IZ2209: more than one -b not always accepted new defect sge
#1161 IZ220: Need tests for finding unused messages in properties files new enhancement testsuite
#412 IZ2213: Tight PVM integration does not work new defect sge
#1162 IZ221: Need SDM performance test new defect testsuite
#416 IZ2223: Tightly integrated interactive parallel job killed when a task fails new defect sge
#417 IZ2225: Need test to verify category string is correctly created new enhancement sge
#418 IZ2226: Testsuite needs relevant performance test for scheduler dispatch times with resource quotas new enhancement sge
#419 IZ2228: Installation fails on extra-secure servers new defect sge
#1163 IZ222: Test bootstrap configuration setup new task testsuite
#28 IZ222: qrsh: move info from environment variables to job object new enhancement sge
#421 IZ2236: execute node of a job via DRMAA new patch sge
#422 IZ2237: Global load values can't be used in dynamic limits new enhancement sge
#1164 IZ223: test for install_master and install_managed host uninstall new task testsuite
#423 IZ2242: Inadequate job_info messages for resource quotas with parallel jobs new defect sge
#1165 IZ224: support parallel sdmadm command on one host new enhancement testsuite
#427 IZ2252: make qstat verbose about waiting job because of active rqs new enhancement sge
#428 IZ2255: parallel jobs can exceed resource quotas if resources are allocated from multiple queues new defect sge
#430 IZ2259: SGE does not work if primary group is not in local files new defect sge
#866 IZ225: need 'sdmadm add/remove/modify_slo' new task hedeby
#1166 IZ225: smf support shuld be tested in testsuite new task testsuite
#1167 IZ226: TS resource/reset needs to be enhanced to test "-s" switch new enhancement testsuite
#431 IZ2271: setpgrp fails in script if run too early new defect sge
#1168 IZ227: Need test for renewing ca certificate new task testsuite
#432 IZ2281: qstat -f -ext does not show status line description new defect sge
#433 IZ2286: INHERIT_ENV and SET_LIB_PATH should be removed new defect sge
#1169 IZ228: Restart of components should be tested new task testsuite
#1170 IZ229: Reload configuration should be tested new task testsuite
#850 IZ22: Disabled Help button on create/modify connection dialogs new defect gui
#963 IZ22: test for Gridengine IZ 522: sge_shepherd does not exit on SIGTERM new task testsuite
#437 IZ2305: No test exists for uninstallation of gridengine new enhancement sge
#1171 IZ230: add/remove components/services must be tested new task testsuite
#441 IZ2322: Cleanup spoolb library usage for spoolinit and spooledit new defect sge
#1173 IZ232: Write a test for DRMAA argument filter new task testsuite
#442 IZ2330: qsub -ar should accept not only AR-id but also AR-name new enhancement sge
#443 IZ2331: Unexpected selection order with $fill_up and -masterq new defect sge
#444 IZ2332: Enhance PE slot allocation to support multiples of N new enhancement sge
#445 IZ2333: need a csp test for windows new enhancement sge
#447 IZ2340: Reporting should use the setFetchSize() on ResultSet new enhancement arco
#449 IZ2355: Checkpoint filter in RQS new enhancement sge
#451 IZ2359: -version or -info switch for clients new patch sge
#1176 IZ235: Unsecured hedeby system installation fails new defect testsuite
#453 IZ2361: Local exec host configuration will only load when global configuration is changed new defect sge
#458 IZ2368: scheduler crashes on applying rqs for queued job new defect sge
#460 IZ2380: stdin for "qacct -f -" and commands like "qconf -Aq -" new enhancement sge
#461 IZ2381: qhost -h global does not report global values only new enhancement sge
#462 IZ2384: More than one wildcard in a resource quota gives confusing output new defect sge
#463 IZ2385: Remaining time in qstat-display new enhancement sge
#464 IZ2386: Slow scheduling with many queue instances new enhancement sge
#465 IZ2388: Job specifics including scripts should be archived for better administration/debugging/tracking. new enhancement sge
#1179 IZ238: Need test suite module for CR 6708763 new enhancement testsuite
#469 IZ2398: scheduler internal host caching does not regard short hostnames vs. fqdn hostname new defect sge
#470 IZ2399: Add a qprobe command. new enhancement sge
#964 IZ23: new check for mail options new task testsuite
#471 IZ2402: need way to coschedule jobs that share data new enhancement sge
#472 IZ2403: qmaster becomes unresponsive after drmaa_control release call new defect sge
#1181 IZ240: Need test suite module for IZ2714/CR6708763 new task testsuite
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