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#1101 IZ160: Check all configured hosts can login to qmaster without supplying credentials new enhancement testsuite
#1103 IZ162: need host configuration parameter for jvm startup parameters new enhancement testsuite
#1109 IZ168: Add a option to disable using testsuite_trash directory new enhancement testsuite
#1112 IZ171: Memory leak detection with parallel scheduling new enhancement testsuite
#1119 IZ178: need test for Issue 1257 / CR 6670917 new enhancement testsuite
#1120 IZ179: make sure changes to global testsuite config files do not overwrite more recent versions new enhancement testsuite
#1137 IZ196: Need test that ensures -q does not break -masterq again new enhancement testsuite
#1140 IZ199: Need test for CR 6718447 - commlib errors of the connection between shepherd and qrsh client are not printed to stderr new enhancement testsuite
#1141 IZ200: Need test to cover bug 2628 new enhancement testsuite
#1149 IZ208: Test for Bug 2652: qsub -w v is always successful new enhancement testsuite
#1151 IZ210: add an explanation of [] and * to the exec host selection page new enhancement testsuite
#1154 IZ213: Error checking after test execution is missing. new enhancement testsuite
#1155 IZ214: Create test for 2574 new enhancement testsuite
#1161 IZ220: Need tests for finding unused messages in properties files new enhancement testsuite
#1165 IZ224: support parallel sdmadm command on one host new enhancement testsuite
#1167 IZ226: TS resource/reset needs to be enhanced to test "-s" switch new enhancement testsuite
#1179 IZ238: Need test suite module for CR 6708763 new enhancement testsuite
#1184 IZ243: Create functional tests for qresub client new enhancement testsuite
#1185 IZ244: Multiple hedeby distributions versions handling in testsuite new enhancement testsuite
#1188 IZ247: need extensive test for qalter -w [vp] new enhancement testsuite
#1191 IZ250: Need test for issue 2707 new enhancement testsuite
#1192 IZ251: Need test for issue 2710 new enhancement testsuite
#1193 IZ252: Need test for issue 2709 new enhancement testsuite
#1194 IZ253: Teststuite categories should be enhanced new enhancement testsuite
#1203 IZ262: Read passwords from a file new enhancement testsuite
#1204 IZ263: Add "leave test immediately" item to Ctrl-C menu new enhancement testsuite
#1217 IZ276: building linux 24 binaries for distribution testing new enhancement testsuite
#1236 IZ295: enhance testsuite configuration verification for classic spooling new enhancement testsuite
#1239 IZ298: add addition test for qhost to cover IZ 3026 new enhancement testsuite
#1241 IZ300: Need test for qalter -w p <jobid> new enhancement testsuite
#1251 IZ310: add option to run 32bit binaries on 64bit platform new enhancement testsuite
#1255 IZ314: Need information if host is virtual or not in host config new enhancement testsuite
#1257 IZ316: Severe-error mails should also contain the arco configuration new enhancement testsuite
#1258 IZ317: Need test for forbidden "subordinate_list" configurations in queue config new enhancement testsuite
#1259 IZ318: Need test for CR 6894171 - corrupted spooling BDB new enhancement testsuite
#1263 IZ322: Implement several test scenarios for slotwise preemption tests new enhancement testsuite
#1269 IZ3285: Qmon doesn't follow GUI style for RQS definition new enhancement sge
#1270 IZ3286: No option to limit checkpointing access to users new enhancement sge
#1281 logo new dlove enhancement sge
#1287 qalter should be able to remove requests (which qmon can) new enhancement sge
#1290 IZ3292: More than one $TMPDIR at different locations and persistent new enhancement sge
#1299 Additional architecture em64t new enhancement sge
#1301 more sophisticated memory accounting new enhancement sge
#1305 Build dependencies doc new enhancement sge
#1320 qstat -a <account> to limit output to certain accounts new enhancement sge
#1322 add monitoring howto information new enhancement sge
#1331 look into reviving postgres spooling new enhancement sge
#1333 make hostname checking optional new enhancement sge
#1337 qrstat should be able to report details of reservation new enhancement sge
#1352 allow altering consumable requests on running job (to take effect when rescheduled) new enhancement sge
#1354 Job reservation with wildcards in PE names doesn't work correctly new enhancement sge
#1355 Custom suspend/terminate methods should allow custom warnings for `qsub -notify` new enhancement sge
#1369 shim needed for linking libdrmaa with licence-incompatible code new enhancement sge
#1375 implement qrsh -suspend_remote new enhancement sge
#1376 use SASL? new enhancement sge
#1377 try to get things working with selinux new enhancement sge
#1385 qalter should support JSV new enhancement sge
#1386 generalize request form for PEs (and others) new enhancement sge
#1387 per-user consumables new enhancement sge
#1391 warn at execd startup if spool lacks root permission new enhancement sge
#1393 exempt certain programs from execd control new enhancement sge
#1404 do a qzsh new enhancement sge
#1422 qstat et al should support -clear new enhancement sge
#1424 implement keep_active=error to preserve shepherd files new enhancement sge
#1425 implement PE sorting new enhancement sge
#1426 implement RSMAP complex new enhancement sge
#1427 Limit RAM usage via cgroups on linux new enhancement sge
#1434 provide DRMAA 2 C library new enhancement sge
#1447 coding conversion for input/output data new enhancement sge
#1454 qstat detailed job info should show hold state new enhancement sge
#1464 Need enhancement in the JSV documentation new enhancement sge
#1466 qrsub has no "-P" option new enhancement sge
#1487 qstat -xml -explain a should structure the data inside <load-alarm-reason> with xml tags new enhancement sge
#1556 Resource reservation can block jobs it does not need to new enhancement sge
#1559 Flag to qstat to view only jobs of a project new enhancement sge
#1571 Automating execd installations new enhancement sge
#1687 Clarification on how SGE cpu is calculated in the accounting new enhancement sge
#40 IZ257: communication model of interactive jobs new defect sge
#46 IZ277: error messages for file access new defect sge
#49 IZ290: handling of job names new defect sge
#60 IZ332: use of boolean and object data type new defect sge
#145 IZ862: qstat -f shows undocumented columns new defect sge
#150 IZ902: qsub should warn if -R y will be ignored new defect sge
#163 IZ976: fix library dependencies new defect sge
#169 IZ1018: code does direct output to stderr new defect sge
#178 IZ1056: spooling framework needs callback to free clientdata new defect sge
#202 IZ1282: QCONF: qconf -dattr queue slots <val> <queue>@<host> doesn't work new defect sge
#204 IZ1303: cleanup profiling initialization and cleanup new defect sge
#208 IZ1322: Job start failures due to starter_method problems may not result in job errors new defect sge
#214 IZ1377: Some GE libraries doesn't free memory at shutdown new defect sge
#222 IZ1432: Propagating feature set information no longer needed new defect sge
#233 IZ1517: qmaster is not accepting connections if number of execd's exceed number of file descriptors new defect sge
#234 IZ1522: Jobs don't get time to initialize signal handler before notification signals are sent new defect sge
#244 IZ1593: commlib: replace (vsn)printf to char * buffers by dstring new defect sge
#247 IZ1613: existing values in scripts/ break staging for many people new defect sge
#249 IZ1634: Suspend/Resume Problems on RedHet 3.0 new defect sge
#252 IZ1681: killed master task with tight integration does not kill slave jobs in special case new defect sge
#258 IZ1707: sge_follow in case of a remove order might create a task new defect sge
#260 IZ1716: errorprone: pthread_once() should not need be run before GET_SPECIFIC() new defect sge
#261 IZ1719: compiling with user mapping does not work new defect sge
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