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#609 IZ2819: PE int allocation rule should work with non-multiples new enhancement sge
#1222 IZ281: test for issue 524 regularily fails new defect testsuite
#1223 IZ282: test for issue 2419 very often has timing problems new defect testsuite
#612 IZ2834: qsh jobs are not scheduled new defect sge
#613 IZ2838: enforce limit option might fail when execd for a slave or master parallel task is restarted new defect sge
#1224 IZ283: test for issue 1803 compares pathes wrongly new defect testsuite
#1225 IZ284: backup_restore test doesn't use gzip from testsuite configuration new defect testsuite
#1226 IZ285: test for issue 2743 seems to have timing issues new defect testsuite
#619 IZ2866: JAPI/DRMAA should provide a function to retrieve the job list new enhancement sge
#1227 IZ286: smf test fails when no BDB server host or no ARCO is configured - should return unsupported new defect testsuite
#620 IZ2870: daemons should support use of IPv6 new enhancement sge
#1228 IZ287: Extend Java DRMAA JUnit tests to cover native spec "" and Session.exit() before init() new task testsuite
#623 IZ2880: error building with -shared-libs on Linux(SL/RHEL) 5.2 new defect sge
#48 IZ288: qtcsh should be able to submit jobs using qsub new enhancement sge
#627 IZ2894: SGE 6.2u2 Beta execd install failed on Windows 2008 server new defect sge
#1230 IZ289: JGDI junit_tests broken new defect testsuite
#969 IZ28: need testsuite test for host alias file new task testsuite
#631 IZ2905: arco junit test can only be build if CLASSPATH is set in users environment new defect arco
#1231 IZ290: Fix issue 1330 test new defect testsuite
#49 IZ290: handling of job names new defect sge
#636 IZ2914: classic spooling method (flatfile spooling) should be more error tolerant new defect sge
#637 IZ2916: qrsh large memory consumption in IA64 new defect sge
#50 IZ291: make setting of job_name for available for petasks new enhancement sge
#639 IZ2921: qmaster must support host renaming in a consistent way new enhancement sge
#1233 IZ292: Need test for issue 860 (2881) new task testsuite
#51 IZ292: qmake should set task names new enhancement sge
#642 IZ2935: Repeating jobs like in cron new enhancement sge
#643 IZ2936: bad error message when rsh_command config of submit host doesn't fit rsh_daemon config of exec host new defect sge
#644 IZ2937: signal handler calling not signal save functions new enhancement sge
#1234 IZ293: Need test suite module for IZ2950/CR6244911 new task testsuite
#645 IZ2941: Installing BDB server always fails with a timeout state on non-solaris systems new defect sge
#647 IZ2943: Job groups for easier handling of jobs which belong together new feature sge
#1235 IZ294: Many of the qstat xml tests are broken new defect testsuite
#648 IZ2951: Name of -e/-o $TASK_ID differs from SGE_TASK_ID in environment new defect sge
#649 IZ2955: session.init contact should consider sge_root and sge_cell key values for drmaa_init new defect sge
#651 IZ2959: missing testsuite test for issue 2957 new enhancement sge
#1236 IZ295: enhance testsuite configuration verification for classic spooling new enhancement testsuite
#52 IZ295: job classes new feature sge
#652 IZ2965: sge_peopen should be removed new defect sge
#53 IZ296: give more information about rejected immediate jobs new enhancement sge
#868 IZ296: we need -format switch that will format the cell in the table new enhancement hedeby
#1238 IZ297: throughput test waits infinetely new defect testsuite
#657 IZ2982: error writing object to spooling database new defect sge
#659 IZ2985: uniformly distributed hostlist for exclusive jobs new enhancement sge
#869 IZ298: Preserve comments and formatting in XML configuration files new enhancement hedeby
#1239 IZ298: add addition test for qhost to cover IZ 3026 new enhancement testsuite
#54 IZ298: path aliasing should be applied more universal new enhancement sge
#851 IZ29: Expressionless resource type table new enhancement gui
#970 IZ29: test for Gridengine IZ 1133 new task testsuite
#664 IZ3003: on OpenSolaris, qmon crashes after the splash screen new defect sge
#1241 IZ300: Need test for qalter -w p <jobid> new enhancement testsuite
#667 IZ3015: libs/sgeobj/sge_schedd_conf.c by far too complicated new enhancement sge
#668 IZ3019: gui-installer: use gethostbyname and gethostbyaddr binaries instead of Java InetAddress class new defect sge
#1242 IZ301: unsupported test in simple install mode new task testsuite
#669 IZ3021: problem with queue assignments and PE jobs new defect sge
#670 IZ3022: Keep count of time spent non-suspended new enhancement sge
#671 IZ3029: configuring tmpdir to a NFS directory on which root has no rights results in failing jobs new defect sge
#672 IZ3030: gui-installer: validation should detect a case when binaries are missing for host arch new enhancement sge
#673 IZ3032: CE_consumable in Mac version not compatible with PC new defect sge
#675 IZ3036: init scripts need hardening new defect sge
#1244 IZ303: Need test suite module for IZ 3068 new task testsuite
#1245 IZ304: Need test for IZ3081,3082,3083,3084 new task testsuite
#683 IZ3052: Job Submission Window load and save config does not work new defect sge
#1246 IZ305: Need test for CR6855413/IZ3085 new task testsuite
#688 IZ3067: on Windows, the display_win_gui features works only if enable_windomacc=true is set new defect sge
#1247 IZ306: Cleanup/Remove current JGDI testsuite framework and/or tests new task testsuite
#56 IZ306: primary key functionality for cull lists new enhancement sge
#696 IZ3081: execd installation on Windows doesn't provide global spool dir as default, even if it's local new defect sge
#697 IZ3082: windows exec autoinstall fails if spooldir was already created with wrong perms/ownership new defect sge
#698 IZ3083: autoinstall of Windows exec host hangs in GetLocalSpoolDir new defect sge
#699 IZ3084: Windows exechost install failed to create the local spooldir new defect sge
#701 IZ3090: source code contains a mass of not needed #INCLUDES new task sge
#702 IZ3092: expose requested shell through an environment variable new enhancement sge
#703 IZ3093: add X11-forwarding to builtin interactive job support new enhancement sge
#705 IZ3099: all clients segfault when run against a 6.2u3 server new defect sge
#1250 IZ309: Need test suite module for CR6873140/IZ3113 new task testsuite
#971 IZ30: Test for Gridengine IZ 1117: Deleted pending job appears in qstat. new task testsuite
#706 IZ3100: in interactive jobs, tty or pty handles Ctrl-Z wrongly new defect sge
#707 IZ3101: qconf -aattr overrides list attributes in queue instances new defect sge
#1251 IZ310: add option to run 32bit binaries on 64bit platform new enhancement testsuite
#711 IZ3114: qsub -sync jobs that exit immediately after a failover are not removed new defect sge
#713 IZ3116: JGDI failed with setting reportVarialbes new defect sge
#714 IZ3118: Delegate Kerberos credentials for built-in rsh/rlongin methods new enhancement sge
#715 IZ3119: drmaa_init() can cause the application to exit new defect sge
#717 IZ3134: When a job specified in another jobs -hold_jid failes with any non-zero exit code the dependent job should exit new enhancement sge
#718 IZ3135: Execd installation succeeds even if there is execd already running on the same port new defect sge
#719 IZ3137: qrsh jobs mysteriously hang new defect sge
#870 IZ313: improve output of usage >> options for commands using table output new task hedeby
#1254 IZ313: issue_1161 test fails new defect testsuite
#722 IZ3146: resource reservation is broken with SGE calendar new defect sge
#725 IZ3149: need to include Hadoop integration new feature sge
#1255 IZ314: Need information if host is virtual or not in host config new enhancement testsuite
#727 IZ3153: if multiple parallel environments are being requested, it's not easily possible to delete one new feature sge
#728 IZ3155: queue slot information need to be enhanced when using exclusive scheduling new feature sge
#729 IZ3156: error message: config file is not available on exec host new enhancement sge
#730 IZ3157: qhost fails to recognize user defined complex resources new defect sge
#732 IZ3159: Array jobs: allow multiple ranges, correct delimiter handling new enhancement sge
#734 IZ3161: allow specification of comments for queue states new enhancement sge
#735 IZ3162: Suspendable flag for jobs: -s y/n new enhancement sge
#736 IZ3165: inst_sge -bup/-rst does not support BDB RPC spooling and local qmaster_spool_dir new defect sge
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