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#730 IZ3157: qhost fails to recognize user defined complex resources new defect sge
#732 IZ3159: Array jobs: allow multiple ranges, correct delimiter handling new enhancement sge
#734 IZ3161: allow specification of comments for queue states new enhancement sge
#735 IZ3162: Suspendable flag for jobs: -s y/n new enhancement sge
#736 IZ3165: inst_sge -bup/-rst does not support BDB RPC spooling and local qmaster_spool_dir new defect sge
#737 IZ3166: Prolog/Epilog for a parallel job which runs on all nodes new enhancement sge
#1257 IZ316: Severe-error mails should also contain the arco configuration new enhancement testsuite
#742 IZ3177: "max_unheard" parameter not working as expected new defect sge
#1258 IZ317: Need test for forbidden "subordinate_list" configurations in queue config new enhancement testsuite
#1259 IZ318: Need test for CR 6894171 - corrupted spooling BDB new enhancement testsuite
#750 IZ3195: GUI installer does not kill install script when pressing the cancel button new defect sge
#1260 IZ319: Need test for IZ 3204 new task testsuite
#852 IZ31: UOE when creating new SDM system conection new defect gui
#972 IZ31: need test for qrsh -v and qsh -v new task testsuite
#751 IZ3201: qrsh ignores -o and -e new defect sge
#752 IZ3202: -noshell and -shell no should be made synonyms new enhancement sge
#753 IZ3203: qconf -aprj should accept project name new defect sge
#755 IZ3207: Forced deletion of job does not unsuspend job in "slotwise preemtion state" new defect sge
#756 IZ3208: Slotwise preemption is ignored if calendar suspends/unsuspends qinstance new defect sge
#1261 IZ320: Testsuite should check remove not needed service_tag informations on SMF hosts new task testsuite
#758 IZ3210: Slotwise preemtion configuration for new host part of a hostgroup is ignored new defect sge
#759 IZ3211: Deadline (-dl date_time) option's behavior in combination with (-now yes/no) inconsistent new defect sge
#760 IZ3212: default_duration INFINITY in scheduler shouldn't start backfilling new defect sge
#765 IZ3218: showq client shows wrong amount of hosts new defect sge
#766 IZ3219: Parallel jobs failing randomly on solaris machines new defect sge
#768 IZ3224: qstat -j <jobid> should list start_time and/or wallclock time for running jobs new enhancement sge
#770 IZ3227: AR shouldn't be scheduled to already disabled queues at time of submission new defect sge
#771 IZ3229: JSV specified in sge_request not consistently called for interactive QMON jobs new defect sge
#1263 IZ322: Implement several test scenarios for slotwise preemption tests new enhancement testsuite
#772 IZ3230: "qsub" crashes when user information is unknown new defect sge
#774 IZ3232: qmon removes slotwise subordination definition new defect sge
#59 IZ323: enable hashing for all cull data types new enhancement sge
#778 IZ3240: "qmod -cj" should work on submit hosts also new defect sge
#779 IZ3241: Job does not lock on exited with 100 error code when submitted using drmaa new defect sge
#780 IZ3242: SGE 6.2u5 "qconf -Arqs doesn't show all resource quota sets added. new defect sge
#783 IZ3245: Walltime estimation for qstat new enhancement sge
#786 IZ3248: Should not use adjusted load average for suspending jobs new defect sge
#787 IZ3249: PE mismatch between AR and the submitted job using it results in wrong allocation new defect sge
#791 IZ3253: Wrong assigments of jobs; scheduler ignores resource requests new defect sge
#793 IZ3255: qstat reports PE "only offers 2147483647 slots" when out of per-job consumable new defect sge
#798 IZ3260: Prolog and Epilog entries should allow more than one script new defect sge
#809 IZ3272: Slotwise preemption slot usage controls (rqs, host complex) do not work properly new defect sge
#810 IZ3273: global sge_qstat "-u *" can't be limited by a personal ~/.sge_qstat "-u reuti" new defect sge
#813 IZ3276: qrsh -inherit should allow -q to select a queue out of the granted ones new enhancement sge
#815 IZ3278: PE entry "job_is_first_task" lowers number of tasks on slave nodes new defect sge
#816 IZ3279: Description of "job_is_first_task" in `man sge_pe` should be rephrased new defect sge
#817 IZ3281: consumable JOB handled as YES during scheduling, but correctly charged at execution time new defect sge
#818 IZ3282: Changed h_rt not effective for `qmod -rj` or checkpoint migration new defect sge
#1268 IZ3284: Subordinated suspended queues can't be "suspended" or "unsuspended" new defect sge
#1269 IZ3285: Qmon doesn't follow GUI style for RQS definition new enhancement sge
#1270 IZ3286: No option to limit checkpointing access to users new enhancement sge
#1290 IZ3292: More than one $TMPDIR at different locations and persistent new enhancement sge
#1291 IZ3293: *_command can contain NONE, but it still tries to start new defect sge
#1329 IZ3297: Using a pseudo variable to qsub -wd changes output path instead of working directory new defect sge
#1330 IZ3298: AR use INFINITY time when no -d/-e is specified new defect sge
#973 IZ32: get_complex_version is no longer needed new enhancement testsuite
#60 IZ332: use of boolean and object data type new defect sge
#974 IZ33: need tests for Gridengine IZ 1154 new task testsuite
#975 IZ34: exec host modifications should be tested new task testsuite
#976 IZ35: create testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1175 new task testsuite
#65 IZ361: Need better documenation in manual and man page for checkpointing new enhancement sge
#66 IZ366: need new accounting field for when a job was first eligible to run new enhancement sge
#977 IZ36: create testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1185 new task testsuite
#68 IZ373: Allow load values and expressions as attribute values and load thresholds new enhancement sge
#978 IZ37: need tests for Gridengine IZ 1081 new task testsuite
#979 IZ38: need comprehensive uninstall test new task testsuite
#871 IZ396: Provide parallel install managed host framework new enhancement hedeby
#69 IZ397: enhance and use libs/gdi/sge_usage new enhancement sge
#980 IZ39: Verify ticket calculation test. new defect testsuite
#944 IZ3: Test Suite Needs To Test Qsub Responses To Dead Qmaster new task testsuite
#71 IZ404: allow qalter to modify resource requests new enhancement sge
#73 IZ406: join adminhost, submithost, exechost, local configuration new enhancement sge
#74 IZ407: manop and user objects could be joined new enhancement sge
#75 IZ409: provide all resource requests to job environment new enhancement sge
#2 IZ40: How to display list of accessible hosts for a user new enhancement sge
#981 IZ40: check various error states (job/queue/host) new enhancement testsuite
#77 IZ414: qmake does not reorder outputs from simultaneous builds new enhancement sge
#982 IZ41: need a comprehensive pe test new task testsuite
#78 IZ428: allow userlists in share tree new enhancement sge
#983 IZ42: check hostgroup functionality new task testsuite
#984 IZ43: test for Gridengine IZ 1261 new task testsuite
#985 IZ44: qmaster size test should use testsuite infrastructure new enhancement testsuite
#81 IZ452: Environment variable for -M option in sge_request new enhancement sge
#873 IZ459: allow list of jvms when starting up new task hedeby
#82 IZ459: userset '@' notation only checks primary UNIX group new enhancement sge
#854 IZ45: It's possible to add cloud adapter only if a Services node is selected new task gui
#987 IZ46: testsuite commandline option "zones" new enhancement testsuite
#83 IZ473: Need enhancement for consumable/fixed attributes modification new enhancement sge
#84 IZ475: echo "dtterm" |qsub -V -l onlySun=1 new enhancement sge
#988 IZ47: it is possible to configure multiple java compile hosts new defect testsuite
#86 IZ488: INSTALL NOTES: Separate set of gid-ranges on a nfs-server new enhancement sge
#989 IZ48: Specify preferred exec host for test runs new enhancement testsuite
#875 IZ499: Need scriptable interface for modifing the configuration new enhancement hedeby
#990 IZ49: Need to test qconf return codes new enhancement testsuite
#945 IZ4: need host parameter "xterm" new enhancement testsuite
#991 IZ50: testsuite has problems, when root has not write permissions new defect testsuite
#88 IZ517: Need mechanism to force epilog to run new enhancement sge
#855 IZ51: ClassNotFoundException - PEWizardAction new defect gui
#992 IZ51: DRMAA test suite test needs to be brought up to date new task testsuite
#877 IZ522: resource provider ignores administrative removal of resource new defect hedeby
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