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#1250 IZ309: Need test suite module for CR6873140/IZ3113 new task testsuite
#1260 IZ319: Need test for IZ 3204 new task testsuite
#1261 IZ320: Testsuite should check remove not needed service_tag informations on SMF hosts new task testsuite
#1274 investigate testsuite new task sge
#1282 check on removed jars &c assigned dlove task gui
#1325 Replace webconsole new task arco
#1371 check list of OGE fixes new task sge
#1372 Remove remaining BDB RPC stuff from install scripts new task sge
#1381 look at SLURM plugins new task sge
#1382 consider PAM hook new task sge
#1389 remove old processor set stuff new task sge
#1394 check possible issues with locale inconsistency reopened Dave Love <…> task sge
#1 IZ24: make qsub/qrsh .qtask-file aware new patch sge
#13 IZ129: Bidirectional usermapping limits utility new patch sge
#14 IZ146: Failed migrate command leaves job running new patch sge
#228 IZ1480: HOST in installation scripts should be aname variant new patch sge
#421 IZ2236: execute node of a job via DRMAA new patch sge
#451 IZ2359: -version or -info switch for clients new patch sge
#1524 sge_execd aborts if sge cpuset/cgroup exists but is not fully initialized assigned dlove patch sge
#1620 darcs patch: debhelper compatibility level upgrade new patch sge
#1634 darcs patch: typo in cygwin compiler macros new patch sge
#1635 darcs patch: architecture variables for cygwin 64bit new patch sge
#1640 darcs patch: missing number after maxdepth new patch sge
#1641 darcs patch: add _DEFAULT_SOURCE for less deprecation messages new patch sge
#52 IZ295: job classes new feature sge
#104 IZ602: have default path for -@ options files new feature sge
#108 IZ630: shadowd should send email on takeover and error new feature sge
#152 IZ920: Need a means to facilitate workflows in a scalable and better to handle fashion new feature sge
#212 IZ1364: qstat should provide means to select available queues new feature sge
#217 IZ1391: Need means for selecting particular entities out of a set of entities new feature sge
#309 IZ1932: enabled detailed job profiling upon request new feature sge
#400 IZ2184: Job status report new feature sge
#479 IZ2454: qmod lacks means to select jobs by user new feature sge
#481 IZ2462: changes to qconf/qmon for supporting CVS or change configuration management new feature sge
#576 IZ2739: No way to remove a -notify flag, once it was set new feature sge
#578 IZ2748: Jobs with no suitable queues at all should be easier detect new feature sge
#579 IZ2749: Different sections in sge_request for each jobtype new feature sge
#647 IZ2943: Job groups for easier handling of jobs which belong together new feature sge
#725 IZ3149: need to include Hadoop integration new feature sge
#727 IZ3153: if multiple parallel environments are being requested, it's not easily possible to delete one new feature sge
#728 IZ3155: queue slot information need to be enhanced when using exclusive scheduling new feature sge
#1129 IZ188: need test for CR 6636466 new feature testsuite
#1134 IZ193: Need test for CR 6691982 (ARCo) new feature testsuite
#1183 IZ242: Need test for issue 6745913 new feature testsuite
#1300 Add HTTP interface, probably via DRMAA new dlove feature sge
#1321 $ARC set by start of execd instead of hardcoded into the binary new feature sge
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