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#907 IZ604: sdmadm memory usage too high new enhancement high
#913 IZ620: A hmacc user role has to be created new enhancement high
#925 IZ680: Introduce differentiator for autodiscovered/added and removed/destroyed resource events new enhancement high
#927 IZ683: expose loaded modules description per jvm new enhancement high
#1199 IZ258: parallelize sdm related steps new enhancement high
#860 IZ74: intelligent crash recovery feature new enhancement normal
#864 IZ148: document the current decission making process new task normal
#877 IZ522: resource provider ignores administrative removal of resource new defect normal
#905 IZ602: "sdmadm sdj -j <VM_NAME> -h localhost" can result in JVM process left running new defect normal
#918 IZ648: "UndeclaredThrowableException" when registering/unregistering listener to Configuration Service new defect normal
#919 IZ653: JVM startup fails when started under sdmadmin user account with not-helpful message new defect normal
#1176 IZ235: Unsecured hedeby system installation fails new defect normal
#887 IZ560: JVM refuses to start with message "Fork of jvm executor_vm failed: {1}" new defect low
#894 IZ588: gridengine adapter does not support permanent request slo new defect low
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