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#1525 Grid engine Doesn't use /sge cpuset when original cpuset filesystem used accepted wish normal sge
#1280 resource reservation failures assigned dlove high sge
#40 IZ257: communication model of interactive jobs new normal sge
#46 IZ277: error messages for file access new normal sge
#49 IZ290: handling of job names new normal sge
#60 IZ332: use of boolean and object data type new normal sge
#61 IZ334: cull functionality not available for all data types new lowest sge
#62 IZ336: h_vmem and shared memory segments new low sge
#67 IZ372: "qsub -c <intervall>" does not implicitly set 'm' flag new low sge
#70 IZ400: qalter -A during job run falsifies jobs -A account string from dispatch time new low sge
#72 IZ405: event protocol: no JATASK_DEL event sent for last task new low sge
#134 IZ749: busy qmon with large array task numbers new low sge
#135 IZ750: qconf -(A|D|M|R)attr gives wrong error message new lowest sge
#141 IZ800: qsub -t Error Message Inconsistent new lowest sge
#143 IZ843: qstat -F reports rubbish, when a load value does not match its type new low sge
#145 IZ862: qstat -f shows undocumented columns new normal sge
#150 IZ902: qsub should warn if -R y will be ignored new normal sge
#159 IZ951: race condition can cause qsub -sync to finish after qmaster maintainance shutdown new low sge
#163 IZ976: fix library dependencies new normal sge
#164 IZ977: qmaster logs job ack errors on exec hosts if load report interval is too high new lowest sge
#169 IZ1018: code does direct output to stderr new normal sge
#172 IZ1039: qmaster logs warrings even so log_level is set to log_err new low sge
#173 IZ1046: incorrect load values for virtual memory new low sge
#178 IZ1056: spooling framework needs callback to free clientdata new normal sge
#188 IZ1171: DRMAA: Allows invalid parametric job ids new lowest sge
#190 IZ1194: qconf -?attr shows weird/wrong result messages new low sge
#192 IZ1204: Wrong tmpdir configuration of cluster queue does not result in queue error new low sge
#194 IZ1236: job start error can cause slot debitation inconsistency if qmaster runs out of spool disk space new low sge
#196 IZ1250: non-root $ADMINUSER should be allowed to own files new low sge
#198 IZ1257: urgency_slots=avg notworking correctly for "-n" slot requests new low sge
#202 IZ1282: QCONF: qconf -dattr queue slots <val> <queue>@<host> doesn't work new normal sge
#204 IZ1303: cleanup profiling initialization and cleanup new normal sge
#208 IZ1322: Job start failures due to starter_method problems may not result in job errors new normal sge
#211 IZ1342: the qmaster does not log error messages, when.... new low sge
#213 IZ1375: PartialTimestamp doesn't pin the day when rolling the year or month new lowest sge
#214 IZ1377: Some GE libraries doesn't free memory at shutdown new normal sge
#220 IZ1419: LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH must be set for the DRMAA Java language binding to function new low sge
#221 IZ1421: Abort mails sent in case of DRMAA job failure are misleading new low sge
#222 IZ1432: Propagating feature set information no longer needed new normal sge
#223 IZ1437: Fixed-values as suspend threshholds do not work new low sge
#225 IZ1457: event master cleanups new high sge
#231 IZ1497: shadow failover does not happen when hostnames are aliased. new low sge
#233 IZ1517: qmaster is not accepting connections if number of execd's exceed number of file descriptors new normal sge
#234 IZ1522: Jobs don't get time to initialize signal handler before notification signals are sent new normal sge
#237 IZ1539: configurable "out of order" comments queue/host new low sge
#238 IZ1542: Scheduler info does not show requested resource for default complexes new low sge
#239 IZ1555: No options are allowed after quotes new low sge
#241 IZ1588: qstat -xml -j incorrectly reports job environment variable names new low sge
#242 IZ1589: qstat -j incorrectly reports environment variable names new lowest sge
#244 IZ1593: commlib: replace (vsn)printf to char * buffers by dstring new normal sge
#245 IZ1609: qsub/qrsh -w e validation should merely warn about load values being ignored new low sge
#247 IZ1613: existing values in scripts/ break staging for many people new normal sge
#249 IZ1634: Suspend/Resume Problems on RedHet 3.0 new normal sge
#250 IZ1641: Integer values can be stored for boolean variables new lowest sge
#251 IZ1645: qsub -sync y wait forever if evenclient was killed new low sge
#252 IZ1681: killed master task with tight integration does not kill slave jobs in special case new normal sge
#253 IZ1684: weird behaviour with empty files new lowest sge
#254 IZ1685: changing priority of job array in qmon new low sge
#256 IZ1701: misleading execd_spool_dir change message for local spooldirectories new low sge
#257 IZ1704: Unsupported property setters throw InvalidArgumentException new low sge
#258 IZ1707: sge_follow in case of a remove order might create a task new normal sge
#260 IZ1716: errorprone: pthread_once() should not need be run before GET_SPECIFIC() new normal sge
#261 IZ1719: compiling with user mapping does not work new normal sge
#262 IZ1721: qconf -tsm prints wrong messages when no scheduler is running new low sge
#264 IZ1725: qmon crashes with message "bus error" if running remote to X windows in 24 bit mode. new normal sge
#265 IZ1726: qmon crashes when trying to add an execution host. new normal sge
#268 IZ1745: global consumable are not working as load threshold with pe jobs new low sge
#269 IZ1755: sge_getservbynam_r() is not reentrant new normal sge
#270 IZ1759: scheduler ignores load_thresholds with pe jobs new normal sge
#273 IZ1790: shepherd does not wait for terminate_method to complete new normal sge
#274 IZ1791: accounting exec node is incorrectly filled in with inf new low sge
#275 IZ1797: Load sensors from script don't work with "-w e" new normal sge
#278 IZ1824: strange job structure parsing new normal sge
#279 IZ1827: qconf -mq <name> wrongly modifies the queue <name> new low sge
#280 IZ1829: invalid load values in reporting file new low sge
#281 IZ1830: Spool directory missing contents new normal sge
#282 IZ1836: qmaster packs two sigkill in one packbuffer for one job new normal sge
#284 IZ1843: qconf -cq should be renamed new normal sge
#285 IZ1849: Quote parser allows unmatched quotes new low sge
#286 IZ1851: Quotes rules need to be made explicit new normal sge
#287 IZ1853: maxujobs in sched_conf(5) can break resource reservation and backfilling new normal sge
#288 IZ1855: flush_time=0:0:0 is treated as 0:0:15 new lowest sge
#292 IZ1865: qconf accepts and stores invalid time format new lowest sge
#296 IZ1888: qconf -mc allows duplicate shortcuts new low sge
#297 IZ1893: endpoint not unique message should be created after connection test new normal sge
#300 IZ1902: insufficient handling of job errors with large array jobs causes huge numbers of mails be sent new low sge
#302 IZ1906: invalid mailer/qlogin/rsh/rlogin configuration does not result in error state of queue instances new low sge
#304 IZ1915: Binary job submitted with wrong path to binary doesn't go into error state new low sge
#305 IZ1918: default_duration is wrongly assumed as job runtime even if queue_conf(5) s_rt/h_rt rlimit is smaller new low sge
#306 IZ1919: inst_sge -ux fails if host does not belong to any queues but it belongs to a HostGroup. new low sge
#307 IZ1926: no info messages in execd messages file new normal sge
#308 IZ1929: shepherd trace file doesn't contain all trace information new normal sge
#310 IZ1937: suborinated queue will not be suspended in special cases new high sge
#312 IZ1939: qmaster -help requires that admin user exits new lowest sge
#313 IZ1948: qrsh man page doesn't explain which options don't work with interactive jobs new normal sge
#315 IZ1951: waiting for jobs which never ran will produce a resource usage error new normal sge
#319 IZ1960: h_cpu not working for Tight Integrated jobs new normal sge
#320 IZ1961: Slide bars in "Ratio between Sort of functional tickets" panel do not keep the values inserted by the user new normal sge
#322 IZ1964: qdel failes to delete processes that spawn a new process group with interactive jobs new normal sge
#324 IZ1966: qconf -Mattr reports too many error lines new low sge
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