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#1346 "running job ... that was not supposed to be there" after node dies new normal sge
#1341 -M and other options in .sge_request not over-ridden by qsub command line new normal sge
#1460 Admin user missing new normal sge
#1622 Array jobs (tasks) being killed without log entries new normal sge
#1567 Automatic job suspension, tight integration and bad cleanup new normal sge
#1312 Behavior of -e/-o inconsistent new normal sge
#2468 Bitcoin £13,709.52 new normal sge
#2469 Bitcoin £13,709.52 new normal sge
#1707 Can't access to the git mirrors on gitlab. new normal sge
#1319 Computing urgency for consumable=JOB new normal sge
#1715 Connect with API Suppliers at CPhI China Virtual Expo Connect new normal sge
#1718 Connect with Natural Extracts Suppliers at CPhI China Virtual Expo Connect new normal sge
#1479 Core binding problems for multiple tasks on same node reopened wish normal sge
#1548 DRMAA Interface Truncating Environmental Variables after = new normal sge
#1431 DRMAA can "reconnect" with a bogus session key new normal sge
#1562 Dbwriter .SQLException: Subquery returns more than 1 row new high sge
#1607 Do not ignore SIGCHLD new normal sge
#1535 Document email bug/patch submission better new dlove normal hosting
#1534 Email2trac allows accepting tickets on behalf of third party new dlove normal hosting
#1415 Error building tcsh (Curses Error) new normal sge
#1317 Event for "unheard": send email new normal sge
#1717 Explore your exclusive experience at Virtual Expo Connect new normal sge
#1525 Grid engine Doesn't use /sge cpuset when original cpuset filesystem used accepted wish normal sge
#169 IZ1018: code does direct output to stderr new normal sge
#172 IZ1039: qmaster logs warrings even so log_level is set to log_err new low sge
#1044 IZ103: need a test for online usage new normal testsuite
#173 IZ1046: incorrect load values for virtual memory new low sge
#178 IZ1056: spooling framework needs callback to free clientdata new normal sge
#1046 IZ105: make commands dump core on memory errors new normal testsuite
#1050 IZ109: job_environment fails on some architectures new normal testsuite
#951 IZ10: remove set_error new normal testsuite
#1051 IZ110: problems with environment inheritation new normal testsuite
#1052 IZ111: path_alias test should support darwin automounter prefix new normal testsuite
#1057 IZ116: qstat_option_pe test broken new normal testsuite
#188 IZ1171: DRMAA: Allows invalid parametric job ids new lowest sge
#1058 IZ117: Test qstat_option_s is broken new normal testsuite
#1059 IZ118: get_job_state() is hiding jobs new normal testsuite
#190 IZ1194: qconf -?attr shows weird/wrong result messages new low sge
#844 IZ11: Inconsistent startup/shut down service menu item states new normal gui
#192 IZ1204: Wrong tmpdir configuration of cluster queue does not result in queue error new low sge
#1061 IZ120: test queue settings not appropriate for running tight_integration_massive() on small clusters new normal testsuite
#194 IZ1236: job start error can cause slot debitation inconsistency if qmaster runs out of spool disk space new low sge
#196 IZ1250: non-root $ADMINUSER should be allowed to own files new low sge
#198 IZ1257: urgency_slots=avg notworking correctly for "-n" slot requests new low sge
#1066 IZ125: Need test for CR 6396036 new normal testsuite
#1067 IZ126: Need testsuite test for qstat -F -xml new normal testsuite
#202 IZ1282: QCONF: qconf -dattr queue slots <val> <queue>@<host> doesn't work new normal sge
#1069 IZ128: Test for Cull UNIQUE entries new normal testsuite
#204 IZ1303: cleanup profiling initialization and cleanup new normal sge
#1071 IZ130: resource reservation test might not cover the intended test case new high testsuite
#1072 IZ131: Need test for CR 6541085 new normal testsuite
#208 IZ1322: Job start failures due to starter_method problems may not result in job errors new normal sge
#211 IZ1342: the qmaster does not log error messages, when.... new low sge
#1076 IZ135: 26 -> 4 :Error when modifying additional checktree directory items new low testsuite
#213 IZ1375: PartialTimestamp doesn't pin the day when rolling the year or month new lowest sge
#214 IZ1377: Some GE libraries doesn't free memory at shutdown new normal sge
#1078 IZ137: Strange errors when the $USER env.variable is not set new normal testsuite
#1079 IZ138: The testsuite should check dir/file access rights for local spooled dir new normal testsuite
#220 IZ1419: LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH must be set for the DRMAA Java language binding to function new low sge
#221 IZ1421: Abort mails sent in case of DRMAA job failure are misleading new low sge
#222 IZ1432: Propagating feature set information no longer needed new normal sge
#223 IZ1437: Fixed-values as suspend threshholds do not work new low sge
#1084 IZ143: compile_source() ignores compile errors new normal testsuite
#1085 IZ144: open_remote_spawn_process does not handle "Connection reseted by peer message" new high testsuite
#225 IZ1457: event master cleanups new high sge
#1088 IZ147: config_generic should add ports into user configuration new normal testsuite
#1089 IZ148: qconf -mc accepts erroneous resource entries without an urgency; qmon gives (poor) error message new normal testsuite
#231 IZ1497: shadow failover does not happen when hostnames are aliased. new low sge
#846 IZ14: The previously opened monitor panels are closed after restart of Inspect new normal gui
#1091 IZ150: job_start test is broken new normal testsuite
#233 IZ1517: qmaster is not accepting connections if number of execd's exceed number of file descriptors new normal sge
#234 IZ1522: Jobs don't get time to initialize signal handler before notification signals are sent new normal sge
#237 IZ1539: configurable "out of order" comments queue/host new low sge
#238 IZ1542: Scheduler info does not show requested resource for default complexes new low sge
#239 IZ1555: No options are allowed after quotes new low sge
#241 IZ1588: qstat -xml -j incorrectly reports job environment variable names new low sge
#242 IZ1589: qstat -j incorrectly reports environment variable names new lowest sge
#1099 IZ158: Test display test doesn't use the user defined DISPLAY variable new normal testsuite
#244 IZ1593: commlib: replace (vsn)printf to char * buffers by dstring new normal sge
#1100 IZ159: additional cluster support problem with additional compile parameters new normal testsuite
#245 IZ1609: qsub/qrsh -w e validation should merely warn about load values being ignored new low sge
#247 IZ1613: existing values in scripts/ break staging for many people new normal sge
#1102 IZ161: drmaaj test: 1 of the JUnit tests is broken new high testsuite
#249 IZ1634: Suspend/Resume Problems on RedHet 3.0 new normal sge
#250 IZ1641: Integer values can be stored for boolean variables new lowest sge
#251 IZ1645: qsub -sync y wait forever if evenclient was killed new low sge
#252 IZ1681: killed master task with tight integration does not kill slave jobs in special case new normal sge
#253 IZ1684: weird behaviour with empty files new lowest sge
#254 IZ1685: changing priority of job array in qmon new low sge
#1110 IZ169: add menu item for stop cluster, compile, distins binaries, start cluster new normal testsuite
#256 IZ1701: misleading execd_spool_dir change message for local spooldirectories new low sge
#257 IZ1704: Unsupported property setters throw InvalidArgumentException new low sge
#258 IZ1707: sge_follow in case of a remove order might create a task new normal sge
#1111 IZ170: remove ts_def_con connection wrapping for CHECK_USER new normal testsuite
#260 IZ1716: errorprone: pthread_once() should not need be run before GET_SPECIFIC() new normal sge
#261 IZ1719: compiling with user mapping does not work new normal sge
#262 IZ1721: qconf -tsm prints wrong messages when no scheduler is running new low sge
#264 IZ1725: qmon crashes with message "bus error" if running remote to X windows in 24 bit mode. new normal sge
#265 IZ1726: qmon crashes when trying to add an execution host. new normal sge
#1113 IZ172: Testsuite doesn't use settings from testsuite_host.conf file new high testsuite
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