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#457 IZ2366: incorrect / inconsistent sge_qstat behaviour (6.1u2) new high sge
#1177 IZ236: ge_stop_and_free_resources does not wait for stopped service new high testsuite
#1639 darcs patch: typo in arch_variables breaks install_qmaster new high sge
#1 IZ24: make qsub/qrsh .qtask-file aware new normal sge
#13 IZ129: Bidirectional usermapping limits utility new normal sge
#14 IZ146: Failed migrate command leaves job running new normal sge
#228 IZ1480: HOST in installation scripts should be aname variant new normal sge
#421 IZ2236: execute node of a job via DRMAA new normal sge
#451 IZ2359: -version or -info switch for clients new normal sge
#1524 sge_execd aborts if sge cpuset/cgroup exists but is not fully initialized assigned dlove normal sge
#1620 darcs patch: debhelper compatibility level upgrade new normal sge
#1634 darcs patch: typo in cygwin compiler macros new normal sge
#1635 darcs patch: architecture variables for cygwin 64bit new normal sge
#1640 darcs patch: missing number after maxdepth new normal sge
#1641 darcs patch: add _DEFAULT_SOURCE for less deprecation messages new normal sge
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