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#879 IZ529: The component state is not defined in the spec new normal hedeby
#993 IZ52: test for issue Gridengine IZ 1449 new normal testsuite
#994 IZ53: need a test for Gridengine IZ 1436 new normal testsuite
#882 IZ541: Not clear error message when execute add ge adapter command as NOT SDM admin user. new normal hedeby
#883 IZ549: Error messages that are not helpful enough new normal hedeby
#995 IZ54: testsuite test for Gridengine IZ 1425 - Spooledit fails during database upgrade new normal testsuite
#859 IZ55: After removing sge-conf-62u5 module the PE view still exists new normal gui
#996 IZ55: Need test for FD_SETSIZE on Linux new normal testsuite
#997 IZ56: need test: more clients connecting to qmaster than FD_SETSIZE on the particular platform new normal testsuite
#889 IZ572: Evaluate all equals/hashCode methods new high hedeby
#890 IZ575: Need junit tests for GEAdapter new normal hedeby
#998 IZ57: Reservation tests should deal net vs. gross job runtimes new normal testsuite
#893 IZ581: Install and startup of two equal managed host install with diff. pref. types new normal hedeby
#999 IZ58: make module tests for test_sge_mirror new normal testsuite
#896 IZ590: commands show only table headers as output new low hedeby
#897 IZ591: Missing -s option for show_service new low hedeby
#898 IZ592: System allows to add services to unmanaged hosts new low hedeby
#899 IZ593: Service is not tested when resource is blacklisted for it. new low hedeby
#900 IZ594: sdmadm add_resource command does not allow -r parameter with host list new low hedeby
#946 IZ5: Extend test for process limits new normal testsuite
#909 IZ607: Thread may not terminate if its interrupt flag is cleared new high hedeby
#910 IZ610: JVM memory/file descriptor monitor new high hedeby
#915 IZ630: Cache in Hostname class is useless new normal hedeby
#114 IZ649: Cleanup of qmaster setup code new normal sge
#1005 IZ64: test for Gridengine IZ 1705 new normal testsuite
#115 IZ650: Unify timed event handling new normal sge
#1007 IZ66: resource reservation test with calendars is missing new normal testsuite
#1008 IZ67: Testsuite needs to test multiple functions simultaneously new normal testsuite
#926 IZ681: RP junit tests need a cleanup new high hedeby
#1010 IZ69: Test for NFS spooling bug IZ 1752 new normal testsuite
#934 IZ704: problems with cloud sim host when host resolves hostname to long one new normal hedeby
#1011 IZ70: enhance CSP testing new normal testsuite
#1012 IZ71: test if delivery of queue based signals to execd repeated endlessly new normal testsuite
#1013 IZ72: test for Gridengine IZ 1773 is needed new normal testsuite
#1019 IZ78: nfs v4 installation and usage should be tested new normal testsuite
#1023 IZ82: add test for Gridengine IZ 1866 (bdb server timeout) new normal testsuite
#1025 IZ84: create a test for Gridengine IZ 1876 new normal testsuite
#1026 IZ85: once Gridengine IZ 1906 is done: Change description for manual test new normal testsuite
#146 IZ870: drmaa.h doc needs clarified new lowest sge
#1029 IZ88: need a test for commlib closes wrong connection after SSL error new normal testsuite
#1030 IZ89: need test for CR6398008 new normal testsuite
#1032 IZ91: need a test for CR 6400729 new normal testsuite
#1033 IZ92: need a test for qrsh -o/-e/-j new normal testsuite
#1034 IZ93: need test for Gridengine IZ 1985 new normal testsuite
#1038 IZ97: need a test for sgepasswd new normal testsuite
#1040 IZ99: need tests for modified cluster queue matching (s3 performance improvements) new normal testsuite
#1372 Remove remaining BDB RPC stuff from install scripts new normal sge
#1325 Replace webconsole new normal arco
#833 add a debian build directory new low sge
#834 better build system new normal sge
#1371 check list of OGE fixes new normal sge
#1282 check on removed jars &c assigned dlove normal gui
#1394 check possible issues with locale inconsistency reopened Dave Love <…> normal sge
#1382 consider PAM hook new normal sge
#828 extra Trac facilities accepted dlove normal hosting
#1274 investigate testsuite new normal sge
#1381 look at SLURM plugins new normal sge
#829 need copyright link in site footer new dlove high hosting
#827 need spam filtering accepted dlove normal hosting
#822 qmon image-related cleanup new low sge
#1389 remove old processor set stuff new normal sge
#825 sort out mirroring of darcs repos accepted dlove normal hosting
#826 sort out patch application accepted dlove high hosting
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