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#449 IZ2355: Checkpoint filter in RQS new enhancement normal
#458 IZ2368: scheduler crashes on applying rqs for queued job new defect normal
#460 IZ2380: stdin for "qacct -f -" and commands like "qconf -Aq -" new enhancement normal
#463 IZ2385: Remaining time in qstat-display new enhancement normal
#464 IZ2386: Slow scheduling with many queue instances new enhancement normal
#470 IZ2399: Add a qprobe command. new enhancement normal
#472 IZ2403: qmaster becomes unresponsive after drmaa_control release call new defect normal
#475 IZ2423: Why button doesn't say why new defect normal
#544 IZ2651: delete PE requested with wildcards new enhancement normal
#468 IZ2395: pam and/or max locked memory new enhancement low
#466 IZ2390: queues with 0 slots suspends subordinate new defect lowest
#476 IZ2427: Automatic uninstall of qmaster host hangs inst_sge new defect lowest
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