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#832 fixed use recent source for qtcsh and qmake dlove dlove

qtcsh and qmake are based on ancient sources. Should derive a patch in each case and apply that to a checkin of recent sources. I have such a patch for qmake, currently untested.

#1458 wontfix urgency_slots should apply to parallel jobs requesting a fixed number of slots wish

rrcontr is multiplied by urgency slots where a range is requested but when pe_min=pe_max then the actaul number of slots requested. This does not appear to be a very useful behavior. Having jobs where pe_min=pe_max also use the urgency_slots figure would lead to more consistent behavior.

#831 fixed update tickets from issuezilla dlove dlove

IZ tickets from hedeby, nbgui, and testsuite need adding. ALso need a way to pull updates from IZ at least semi-automatically.

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