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#1569 worksforme qsub delay Narsimha Narsimha

Hi all,

I am facing an issue with qsub command, when a script is issued with qsub as shown below:-

time qsub Your job 12973 ("") has been submitted

real 0m59.665s user 0m0.126s sys 0m39.754s

It took 59 sec to generate the job id. Initially there is no delay. Since a week, we are facing this issue.

Kindly suggest how to resolve the issue.

#1564 invalid md5 sums for downloadable RPMs dlove futurity


I was wondering if you happened to have the md5sums for the CentOS / RedHat? RPMs?

My boss is very careful when it comes to installing software and wants to make sure the RPMs in your repository are the ones that you expect them to be, and haven’t been modified by a hacker since you uploaded them. Hence the md5sums to prove that they haven’t been tampered with.

Sorry if these are already available on your website, but I was unable to see them.

Kind regards


#1560 fixed Project usage sometimes doubles after qmaster restart Dave Love <…> markdixon

Just found a fun interaction between these two fixes:

  • #1549 (Project usage is not saved across qmaster restarts)
  • #1551 (Spool not flushed at qmaster exit)

Project usage *does* sometimes make it into the project spool object ready for a qmaster restart - when the spool is flushed at qmaster exit for one.

This means that these fixes together mean the project usage is doubled across an ordinary qmaster restart, instead of zeroed.

We could:

1 Revert #1549 (but then project usage will be lost if the qmaster crashes). 2 Revert #1549 and periodically flush project objects to disk, like it does for user objects. 3 Not to flush project usage at qmaster exit (but there might be other ways it ends up in there, e.g. modification of project definition). 4 Stop storing usage in the project spool objects completely.

Sorry for this pain.

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