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#1560 fixed Project usage sometimes doubles after qmaster restart Dave Love <…> markdixon

Just found a fun interaction between these two fixes:

  • #1549 (Project usage is not saved across qmaster restarts)
  • #1551 (Spool not flushed at qmaster exit)

Project usage *does* sometimes make it into the project spool object ready for a qmaster restart - when the spool is flushed at qmaster exit for one.

This means that these fixes together mean the project usage is doubled across an ordinary qmaster restart, instead of zeroed.

We could:

1 Revert #1549 (but then project usage will be lost if the qmaster crashes). 2 Revert #1549 and periodically flush project objects to disk, like it does for user objects. 3 Not to flush project usage at qmaster exit (but there might be other ways it ends up in there, e.g. modification of project definition). 4 Stop storing usage in the project spool objects completely.

Sorry for this pain.

#1558 invalid Re: [SGE-bugs] darcs patch: aimk changes needed for cygwin compile dlove

Thanks for the patch, but can you tell me how the build fails without it? It wasn't necessary when I last built with Cygwin, so I assume it's a recent change and wonder if it will fail with older Cygwin.

In case you're interested in Cygwin support more generally, I have changes to build the "native" MS Windows components, but that fails because there are a few functions missing that came from the obsolete SUA library. I can make those changes available if you or anyone else wants to work on that; I'm not sure why I didn't push them to the repo. I also had problems running execd under Cygwin, but never seriously tried to debug it.

#1557 fixed darcs patch: aimk changes needed for cygwin compile Marco Schmidt <…>…

1 patch for repository

Fri Sep 18 12:48:50 CEST 2015 Marco Schmidt <…>

  • aimk changes needed for cygwin compile



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