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#1519 fixed install_execd depends on /opt/sge/util-bin/lx-amd64/spooldefaults provided by gridengine-qmaster package Dave Love <…> wish

With the RHEL7 packages installed from the Copr repo for SGE running install_execd refuses to install without the gridengine-qmaster package installed because it can't find ./util-bin/lx-amd64/spooldefaults. This file should probably be moved to the base gridengine package.

#1517 fixed sge_ca only does partial matches against GECOS data Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> markdixon


When the sge_ca tool supplied with grid engine is used to create a new certificate, it uses the supplied GECOS data to check if a certificate with the same common name already exists.

That check only does a partial match on CN=<gecos info>, so if a new certificate's GECOS data matches the start of another certificate's GECOS data, it will refuse to create the certificate.

e.g. the cert created by the first command below prevents the second cert from being created:

$SGE_ROOT/util/sgeCA/sge_ca -user "user1:Bobby:bobby@somewhere" $SGE_ROOT/util/sgeCA/sge_ca -user "user2:Bob:bob@somewhere"

The attached patch fixes this, prepared against 8.1.8.



#1516 fixed Fixes for aimk issues on Mac OS X dlove tourist

The OS X build is broken as aimk and arch are not properly getting the release version info. Both are using "uname -r" and this will give numbers like 13.4 rather than 10.9 or some meaningful number that's expected below. A few edits set us right however, using "sw_vers" rather than uname and dealing with the fact that OS X's deadline doesn't use -f the same way:

diff dist/util/arch ~/Downloads/sge-8.1.8/source/dist/util/arch 107d106 < osrelease=/usr/bin/sw_vers -productVersion 109c108 < i386 | x86_64) ---


114,117c113 < 10.[2-9].*) < darwin_machine=x64 < ;; < 10.10.*) ---


132d127 <

diff ~/Downloads/sge-8.1.8/source/ 39d38 < case "darwin-x64": 97,101c96 < if ( $buildarch == "darwin-x64" ) then < set JAVAC_BIN = readlink "$JAVAC_BIN" < else < set JAVAC_BIN = readlink -f "$JAVAC_BIN" < endif ---

set JAVAC_BIN = readlink -f "$JAVAC_BIN"

diff aimk ~/Downloads/sge-8.1.8/source/aimk 458a459

1090d1090 < set REL = /usr/bin/sw_vers -productVersion

A few more things will be needed still to have a successful build, but they're at later stages and will be in a different ticket.


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