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#1373 fixed check/document sge_share_mon Dave Love <…> dlove

It seems to be the only non-qmon way of getting current share tree info. Maybe needs cleaning up as well as documenting.

#1374 fixed Add environment variable SGE_DRMAA_ALLOW_JOB_ERROR_STATE Dave Love <…> dlove


A new environment variable for DRMAA applications is introduced. If "SGE_DRMAA_ALLOW_JOB_ERROR_STATE" is present in the environment of the shell which starts the DRMAA application, then, in case of job errors, the job will enter the ob error state. Without this environment variable DRMAA jobs are not allowed to enter the job error state (which is the default behavior in earlier versions).

#1380 fixed Missing environment with "display_win_gui=true" Dave Love <…> dlove

From Thimo Neubauer.


I've got a problem with Grid Engine on Windows hosts and wanted to
check whether I'm missing something obvious or encountering a
bug. What I'm experiencing is that the usual GE environment variables
(including PE_HOSTFILE) aren't set when "-l display_win_gui=true" is
set. You can see the effect when you qsub

  /dev/fs/C/Windows/System32/cmd.exe /c "set S > c:\env.txt"

where "c:\env.txt" will contain all environment variables starting
with "S". With "display_win_gui=true" I don't see a single SGE_*
variable; without I get  SGE_CELL, SGE_ARCH, etc. like I expected. I'm
working with sources I've taken from darcs in June. Before upgrading
to 8.0.0c I've decided to review the diff: nothing in there seems like
fix to me.

I've traced the sources so far as to understand that
SGE_Helper_Service is used for the display_win_gui mode and that it
constructs an environment for the process. However I don't understand
the architecture enough to see how execd/shepherd pass information
into the helper.

My use case is a test of our Windows-GUI based application which can
initiate MPI computations. Without PE_HOSTFILE I fail to see how I can
find out which hosts I can use for the MPI run :)
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