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#1505 invalid Policy Per Job size limit for user mahesh


When user submits pe job with having cores size more than total cores of cluster it will still stuck in queue only. not exiting with error. so Is there any policy to set the job size limit for user

#1504 fixed Missing account_name documentation Dave Love <…> hepcat72

I'm a newbie and just starting to figure out SGE, so let me know if this isn't the right place for this sort of thing. My previous experience has been with PBS/Torque and SLURM. I'm adding support for SGE to a personal cluster utility script I use a lot and have been figuring out the analogous commands between SGE and the other submission systems I'm familiar with. While working on account option support, I noted a reference to the account_name definition in sge_types(5) on this page:

"The account_string should conform to the account_name definition in sge_types(5)."

However, looking through the sge_types(5) page (clicking the provided link), there's no mention of accounts.

#1495 fixed Add queue template in qmon has invalid PE "make smp" Dave Love <…> opoplawski

In qmon, click add queue. The template that comes up will have "make smp" in the Referenced PEs rather than "make" and "smp". When you go to add the queue it will complain that:

Parallel environment "make smp" does not exist

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