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#1449 fixed Behavior of checkpoint_method on job termination Dave Love <…> wish

If a job is terminated (with ENABLE_ADDGRP_KILL=true )while it is being checkpointed the ckpt_command is not killed by grid engine. This can cause issues with some checkpointing tools (eg ompi-checkpoint command from openmpi when used with blcr) which don't terminate if you kill the processes it is trying to checkpoint. This isn't too hard to work around but should be documented.

Possibly one could delay termination of a job until after ckpt_command has finished running.

#1448 fixed Grid engine scripts are run with user defined shell Dave Love <…> wish

Various scripts (eg checkpoint_method) are run with the shell specified by the user at least when running in posix_compliant mode. This can cause them to fail if the 'shell' doesn't implement a shell like -c option(eg perl). In addition the checkpoint script at least does not get killed when the job dies so a user could specify their program as the shell to bypass time(and possibly other) limits.

#1445 fixed qstat -j does not show 'r' flag in checkpoint_attr Dave Love <…> wish

Whether a checkpointing job has the 'r' flag set is not visible in the checkpoint_attr field when using qstat -j <jobid>. The equivalent information is available in numeric form with qstat -xml -j <jobid>. This should be visible both ways.

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