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#1504 fixed Missing account_name documentation Dave Love <…> hepcat72

I'm a newbie and just starting to figure out SGE, so let me know if this isn't the right place for this sort of thing. My previous experience has been with PBS/Torque and SLURM. I'm adding support for SGE to a personal cluster utility script I use a lot and have been figuring out the analogous commands between SGE and the other submission systems I'm familiar with. While working on account option support, I noted a reference to the account_name definition in sge_types(5) on this page:

"The account_string should conform to the account_name definition in sge_types(5)."

However, looking through the sge_types(5) page (clicking the provided link), there's no mention of accounts.

#1507 fixed qmake crash with buffer overflow Dave Love <…> tourist

Hi from jon.stahl@…:

I was seeing a qmake crash with a buffer overflow segfault on CentOS 6.5 x86_64.

I was able to resolve it by the following patch:


if(gethostname(hostbuffer, 1023) != 0) {


if(gethostname(hostbuffer, sizeof hostbuffer) != 0) {

#1511 fixed execd does not remember core binding assignments across restart Dave Love <…> markdixon


At the moment, the execd make decisions on what cores are bound when a job requests them.

If the execd is restarted without killing running jobs, it forgets what cores it has assigned to what job. This means that it can assign the same cores to a new job before being freed by the old one.

The core binding information is held on the execd in the execd_spool_dir, so it should be possible to read it on startup.

Alternatively, moving the core binding decisions into the qmaster would fix both this (and #1479), but obviously is a much bigger job.


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