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#1579 fixed Re: [SGE-bugs] qconf - not an admin host dlove

Chris Webb <christopher.webb@…> writes:

This information can be still be obtained from qmon on non-admin hosts so I assume this is not deliberate. I wonder if it was due to the fix for #1547?

Yes, thanks. I'll have to re-do that -- obviously not thinking straight.

#1558 invalid Re: [SGE-bugs] darcs patch: aimk changes needed for cygwin compile dlove

Thanks for the patch, but can you tell me how the build fails without it? It wasn't necessary when I last built with Cygwin, so I assume it's a recent change and wonder if it will fail with older Cygwin.

In case you're interested in Cygwin support more generally, I have changes to build the "native" MS Windows components, but that fails because there are a few functions missing that came from the obsolete SUA library. I can make those changes available if you or anyone else wants to work on that; I'm not sure why I didn't push them to the repo. I also had problems running execd under Cygwin, but never seriously tried to debug it.

#1506 duplicate Re: [SGE-bugs] SoGE 8.1.6 GUI Crash hyattdj@…


I am running into the same problem, did not see a solution posted...did you ever solve it? I had it working and had to restart the install, cannot remember if I ran into this on my first install

I am using centos6.4, I can run xclock and export it to my desktop which is windows 8

I could not figure out how to use the gui is not a script Thanks

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