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#1593 fixed sge_ca should use sha256 signatures by default tourist

Current versions of openssl (e.g. the one in RHEL/CentOS 7) have deprecated older, less secure signature algorithms. This includes md5, which is used by default by sge_ca when running in CSP mode. The result of this is hard-to-diagnose failures when trying to run in CSP mode on such a distribution. Examples include sge_qmaster failing to start on CentOS 7, and a CentOS 7 submit host failing when trying to talk to a CentOS 6 queue master.

Changing the default signature algorithm to sha256 seems to entirely resolve this issue.

#1517 fixed sge_ca only does partial matches against GECOS data Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> markdixon


When the sge_ca tool supplied with grid engine is used to create a new certificate, it uses the supplied GECOS data to check if a certificate with the same common name already exists.

That check only does a partial match on CN=<gecos info>, so if a new certificate's GECOS data matches the start of another certificate's GECOS data, it will refuse to create the certificate.

e.g. the cert created by the first command below prevents the second cert from being created:

$SGE_ROOT/util/sgeCA/sge_ca -user "user1:Bobby:bobby@somewhere" $SGE_ROOT/util/sgeCA/sge_ca -user "user2:Bob:bob@somewhere"

The attached patch fixes this, prepared against 8.1.8.



#1530 fixed sge-common_8.1.8_all.deb FTBFS dlove wish

Trivial problem - missing newline. I shall be using this ticket to practice getting darcs to e-mail patches to trac

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