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#1348 fixed install_execd fails to start sge_execd daemon due to missing spool folder Dave Love <…> chrisdag

I just built 8.0.0a on a CentOS 5.6 x86_64 machine

While running the install scripts I ran into a repeatable issue. The install_execd script fails to start the sge_execd daemon - it complains about a missing "./active_jobs" folder inside the directory defined to be the exechost spool directory.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Install qmaster normally, I used all the defaults except for choosing classic spooling and not installing the start-on-boot-scripts
  1. Run ./install_execd and accept all the default suggestions for execd spoool location. This error will appear:

{{{Grid Engine execution daemon startup

Starting execution daemon. Please wait ...

Shutting down Grid Engine execution daemon

ls: /opt/sge/default/spool/dag/active_jobs: No such file or directory

Hit <RETURN> to continue >>


Not a fatal error as you can manually go into $CELL/common/ and manually run the sgeexecd start script and things will work fine.

However this may freak out new SGE users/installers

#1345 fixed admin mail may contain non-printing characters Dave Love <…> dlove

See et seq.

#1344 fixed email2trac broken dlove dlove

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