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#1313 duplicate .sge_quota not working Reuti

The man page of qquota states in the FILES section to have files like $HOME/.sge_qquota to allow default arguments to qquota. This is not working. E.g. putting a plain:

\-u *

inside yields:

error: ERROR! invalid option argument "*"

It's the same for any username. On the command line it's working though.

#1311 fixed and don't honor host_aliases Reuti

In case an entry exists for the qmaster machine in $SGE_ROOT/default/common/host_aliases, the scripts in $SGE_ROOT/util/upgrade_modules named and won't work, as they are using only the hostname. The SGE name of the qmatser machine should be used instead, i.e.:

HOST=$SGE_ROOT/utilbin/$ARCH/gethostname -aname

instead of the "-name" option.

#1308 fixed need recipe to build herd dlove

I couldn't make the herd stuff build with hadoop installed. Unfortunately I've lost the error, but it looked as if the hadoop classes weren't being picked up, even though they seemed to be in the right place.

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