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#1519 fixed install_execd depends on /opt/sge/util-bin/lx-amd64/spooldefaults provided by gridengine-qmaster package Dave Love <…> wish

With the RHEL7 packages installed from the Copr repo for SGE running install_execd refuses to install without the gridengine-qmaster package installed because it can't find ./util-bin/lx-amd64/spooldefaults. This file should probably be moved to the base gridengine package.

#1523 fixed Misdetecting cgroup vs cpuset naming convention dlove wish

When USE_CGROUPS is enabled the execd can misdetect whether the cpuset controlling filesystem uses the modern cgroup naming convention (cpuset.mems, cpuset.cpus) or the older cpuset convention (mems,cpus) leading to a failure to correctly initialize the cpuset.

As per this thread: And this thread:

#1527 fixed configure script bombs out with unexpected fi dlove wish

While building gridengine from darcs source under CentOS5 (autoconf 2.59) in order to test a fix to #1525 the configure script bombed complaining about a spurious fi. This appears to be a consequence of specifying an empty command [] as the action to be taken by AC_CHECK_MEMBERS rather than either no command or a do nothing command (eg :). Anyway should be a trivial patch.

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