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#1621 fixed darcs patch: bugfix and enhance maintainer scripts Marco

1 patch for repository

patch b00275c58da4229557d5f8417a5db0914dce5c9f Author:… Date: Mon Nov 13 18:23:30 CET 2017

  • bugfix and enhance maintainer scripts

Enhance: Before removing there should no sge process running. Inform about running processes.

Bugfix: postinst does not handle an aborted remove correctly. The default case breaks the script.

Enhance: make backup of default directory before purging it.

Enhance: remove init scripts on purge.

Bugfix: non-local sgeadmin can not be removed and should not stop the removal of the package.



#1569 worksforme qsub delay Narsimha Narsimha

Hi all,

I am facing an issue with qsub command, when a script is issued with qsub as shown below:-

time qsub Your job 12973 ("") has been submitted

real 0m59.665s user 0m0.126s sys 0m39.754s

It took 59 sec to generate the job id. Initially there is no delay. Since a week, we are facing this issue.

Kindly suggest how to resolve the issue.

#1570 invalid FIFO Model in SGE Narsimha Narsimha

Dear Team,

Kindly help me out for the implementation of FIFO in the Grid Engine as per the job ids.

Awaiting for reply.

Thanks, Narsimha.

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