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#1302 fixed add credits dlove dlove

Add an AUTHORS file and check at least the patches here for any names of people who contributed them.

#1297 invalid missing indexing in arco tables for postgres and oracle databases dlove

For postgres and oracle, indexing is missing on columns j_job_number, j_task_number, j_pe_task_id in the sge_job table. See, for instance,

I guess the postgres case is more important for the community than the oracle one.

#1296 wontfix ensure compatibility with 6.2u5 to pass "standards" test admin

To be able to use the name "Grid Engine", we have to pass the "standards" test in EXHIBIT B of the SISSL by running the testsuite using a (non-existent) "reference" version (see sge/LICENCES/SISSL, sge/LICENCES/standards, and sge/doc/compatibility_test.html). Although the current version should be compatible with the last of the Sun code, it may not be compatible on the wire with any released version, e.g. because of [3532] and other possible GDI changes in 6.2u6. It would be difficult to argue against compatibility with 6.2u5, as counting, so we need to get the tests running and, if necessary, introduce a compatibility mode that hides changes like [3532] and allows us to pass the test, probably dependent on an environment variable. I don't know how sustainable that will be long-term.

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