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#1311 fixed and don't honor host_aliases Reuti

In case an entry exists for the qmaster machine in $SGE_ROOT/default/common/host_aliases, the scripts in $SGE_ROOT/util/upgrade_modules named and won't work, as they are using only the hostname. The SGE name of the qmatser machine should be used instead, i.e.:

HOST=$SGE_ROOT/utilbin/$ARCH/gethostname -aname

instead of the "-name" option.

#1313 duplicate .sge_quota not working Reuti

The man page of qquota states in the FILES section to have files like $HOME/.sge_qquota to allow default arguments to qquota. This is not working. E.g. putting a plain:

\-u *

inside yields:

error: ERROR! invalid option argument "*"

It's the same for any username. On the command line it's working though.

#1314 fixed Inconsistent documentation Reuti

Due to the fact that GridEngine? is different from SUN GridEngine?, several entries in the man pages list GE_TASK_ID or .ge_qquota but this has to be interpolated to read SGE_TASK_ID and .sge_qquota The real names should be put there. I think the reason is that these entries a derived at time of compilation from the product name.

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