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#1589 fixed [PATCH] Remove connection limit based on FD_SETSIZE Daniel Kobras <d.kobras@…> sckobras

The changeset (Assume POSIX poll available) got rid of the conditional USE_POLL, but the changes to cl_commlib.c contained two glitches where #ifndef USE_POLL was treated like #ifdef USE_POLL, ie. the preprocessor directives were removed, but the enclosed code block was not. As a result, the releases 8.1.7 up to 8.1.9 impose a connection limit based on FD_SETSIZE, even though poll() is used instead of select(). The attached patch removes both leftover hunks from the original changeset, which means that connections are limited by resource constraints again, as they should be. It fixes connection problems in larger environments with 1000 or more hosts.

#1588 fixed compiling SGE for CentOS7 Dave Love <…> angela.sommer

./aimk -spool-classic -spool-targets

stops with error:

./libspoolloader.a(sge_spooling_loader.o): In function `spool_create_dynamic_context': sge_spooling_loader.c:(.text+0x45): undefined reference to `spool_dynamic_create_context' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: * [test_performance] Error 1

Could you help me with that? best reagrds Angela

#1587 fixed compiling sge for CentOS 7 angela.sommer

Hallo, using precompiled packages (with qnon) there's a problem with, which is not available for CentOS7. Do you have a solution in that case?

Thank you

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